Top 20 Restaurants In North 24 Parganas, Kolkata

Top 20 Restaurants in North 24 Parganas Kolkata
Top 20 Restaurants in North 24 Parganas Kolkata

North 24 Parganas is one of the flourishing districts in West Bengal. They have many good restaurants. Biryani is very popular in this part of the region. The food habits vary from district to district. Barrackpore and Barasat are two of the most important areas of this region. This region contains both traditional and western restaurants. The places are very close to Kolkata and hence greatly influenced by a variety of cultures. If you stay in Kolkata, try to visit this part of Bengal, and you will surely not miss it.

1. Dada Boudi Restaurant

This place has a different fan following when it comes to the biryani. Chicken and especially mutton biryani of dada boudi is world-famous. Dark succulent aloo cooked in onion juices, aromatic rice with khoya and lots of biryani masala. This has to be the best biryani not only of this region but also of the whole of Bengal.front-hoarding

2. D Bapi 

Another biryani specialist located in Barasat. Two hundred grams of the mutton piece is the trademark of this place. This place has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The chicken chap and other side dishes are also worth trying.images

3. Ambrosia Restaurant

Located in the heart of Baranagar is a small cozy restaurant that serves Indian, Chinese cuisine. The most recommended items of this place are Chicken Fried Rice and Chilli Chicken. It is located very close to Baranagar Railway Station.p54677-15537720665c9cae228a637

4. Bhojohori Manna

The place has a very traditional vibe. This place serves authentic Bengali cuisine. Every food here is exceptional, but the most recommended items here are the Gondhoraj chicken, Dab Chingri, Ellish. bhojohori-manna (1)

5. Rang de Basanti Dhaba

This place is located in Sodepur. This place is quite happening and vibrant. It has all the qualities of a Dhaba fusion with lights. It serves good quality north Indian food. Their flatbread is so deliciously good and worth all the hype.fe1 (1)

6. Pizza Hut 

Everyone has heard of Pizza Hut. This place has waited a lot to get its Pizza Hut. A very well-known franchise that serves freshly made pizzas. This place is very easily accessible. Their pan pizzas and garlic bread are very delicious.outlet-from-outside

7. Domino’s Pizza

Another common name but has to be on the list permanent. They are known for maintaining their quality for a very long time. Their new pizzas like Cheese dominator, Four Cheese pizza is something you should try.domino-s-pizza

8. Haldiram’s

A pure vegetarian restaurant which is famous for its north Indian thali and South Indian platter. They serve almost everything from pizzas, burgers, noodles to north Indian gravies and south Indian cuisine.Haldirams-store-pic4

9. Mouchak

It is a family restaurant located in Barasat. They serve good quality fresh food. They are primarily famous for their chicken preparations. The prices are affordable, and the shop is hygienic and hence families love to come here and enjoy food.unnamed-largejpg

10. Kwality Wall’s Swirl

The shop is famous for its variation in the field of ice cream and sundaes. They serve a wide range of desserts. Their chocolate hazelnut strawberry ice cream is a must-try. This is one of the famous brands in India and indeed provides us with happy memories.chocolate-magnum-swirl

11. Bhikharam Chandmal

This is one of the biggest brands in bhujiya, samosas, kachoris, and traditional Marwari sweets. They have also started selling thalis which makes it even more flexible. It is located near Midland Hospital near the 11no bus

12. Baba ka Dhaba

Do not be confused it with Delhi’s Baba ka Dhaba. This is purely a different franchise. It is one of those few dhabas that sell biryani. This place is well known for its kebabs and starters. Their north Indian gravies are also delicious and worth trying.bkb-696×392

13. Chowman

It is one of the traditional Chinese restaurants serving good quality Chinese dishes. Wok-fried rice, garlic chicken, and chicken Manchurian are their favorite food items. The ambiance and staff support are outstanding and if you are a Chinese lover, you should check out this place.Chowman_0

14. Food Village

Located at 3 point crossing in Dunlop. It is a good restaurant that serves quality and hygienic places. The Chinese and North Indian dishes are the ones in which they ace. The service is quite good. Their fried rice, and Kofta Dilruba are very

15. Buddha Bites

This place is also known for its good quality Chinese dishes. It is slightly expensive but there is no compromise with the taste whatsoever. Their chicken preparations are really good. The ambiance is very traditional and lightens up the mood efficiently.p54311-15746707695ddb91b1ad8bb

16. Monginis

It is a very popular brand. Who has not cut a monginis cake on their birthday? Their cakes are fresh. Their most popular items are chicken and veg patties and chocolate truffle. They sell good quality food at a very genuine rate.5da0886e3dc1e916a83abb74_1570801774125

17. Wow Momo

This place is well known for its pan-fried momos, Darjeeling steamed momos and chocolate momos. They always have something new to offer. Their brand new tandoori momos are also worth trying. fried-momos18. 6 Ballygunge place

A traditional Bengali restaurant that is well known for its thalis. This restaurant has many branches and is flourishing very well. Their luchi and alurdom are very delicious. There is a homely feel in each of their preparations. Their chingri malai curry is the most recommended of the lot.inside19. Mainland China

It is known for maintaining Chinese tradition. From furniture, interior to ingredients, everything is so authentic. Their chefs are well trained which is reflected in their taste and presentation. The service is more or less good, but you might find things a bit overpriced.p1709-15305460515b3a4783456bf 20. Mio Amore

This place was the one on which people were dependent when Monginis was not there. They are also known for their excellent quality cakes and patties. They serve fresh and quality items.  Chicken tit-bit and Choco-chip cookies are their most sellers.unnamed (1)