Top 20 Sea Food Restaurants In Cunningham Bangalore

top 20 sea food restaurants in cunningham bangalore

Seafood cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines from around the world. There are just so many varieties of seafood and so many ways to have them! Bangalore being an off-the-coast city does not mean that it does not have some fantastic seafood dishes for us to indulge in. The seafood collection of Bangalore offers the residents and tourists alike some finger-licking, delicious dishes ranging from prawns, crabs, mussels, lobsters, fish, squid, and much more.

The seafood restaurants in Bangalore will present you with mind-blowing dishes with fantastic sauces and gravies made with the best masalas of India and some of the world’s most famous cuisines.

1. The Banjara Melting Pot

The Banjara Melting Pot is known for its Sea Food, Chinese, and North Indian cuisines. Their seafood menu includes a variety of dishes including crab, prawns, calamari eggs, clams, squid, and many different fishes. These dishes are served in various appetizing forms like steamed, grilled, and tandoori styles along with soups and coastal style dishes. The restaurant provides a good ambiance and nice décor along with its tasty food.

The Banjara Melting Pot

2. Shezan Restaurant

Shezan Restaurant at Cunningham Bangalore is a vintage restaurant offering cuisines like seafood, continental, Chinese and North Indian food. Their seafood menu specializes in prawns and fishes being served as appetizers, gravies, sizzlers, chow mien, and fried rice. Their special seafood dishes include ‘Fish/Prawn Kalimirch’, ‘Fish/Prawn Makhanwala’, ‘Fish/Prawn Hydrerabadi’, and ‘Fish/Prawn Curry’.

Shezan Restaurant

3. Biso Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

The Biso Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is known for its calm and cozy ambiance, good service, and great food. They are located in the citrus hotel and are a 24-hour coffee shop along with their multi-cuisine restaurant. They serve pan-Asian and Mediterranean food along with the North Indian and the south Indian cuisine. You can either dine indoors or dine in the garden area while basking in the afternoon sun.

4. Skylit

Skylit Restaurant located in Citrus Hotel is the perfect place for a romantic dine-out under the sky. It is a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view and an amazing ambiance. It is a multi-Cuisine restaurant serving 8 non-veg platters and 8 veg platters with a lavish buffet including 10 desserts. Their main seafood dish is Grilled Barbequed Prawns.

Skylit 1

5. Aqua Grill – Rusty Nail

Aqua Grill- Rusty Nail is a restaurant offering a wide range of products and services to cater to its customers’ needs. They serve continental cuisine, seafood dishes, and steaks. They are known for their outdoor seating arrangement, romantic ambiance, and poolside dining provisions. Aqua grill provides bar facilities along with an amazing bar menu.

Aqua Grill – Rusty Nail

6. Imperial Restaurant

The Imperial Restaurant offers a wide variety of cuisines such as Mughlai, North Indian, biryani, Chinese, seafood, ice creams, desserts, and beverages. The restaurant’s seafood menu has a huge range of delicious dishes ranging from biryanis to gravies, starters, and appetizers. They include prawn biryani, fish biryani, fish Manchurian, golden fried prawns, and many, many more special seafood dishes.

Imperial Restaurant

7. Feast India Company

Feast India Company is a very good restaurant serving very nice, authentic food with the Awadhi taste. They serve authentic seafood dishes including sole fish, pomfret, and tiger prawns with a variety of customer chosen flavors and tastes. They offer a variety of ‘salans’ in the seafood category too including the ‘jinga salan’ and ‘bengali fish curry’.

Feast India Company

8. Pasta Street

Pasta Street, a café style restaurant for elegantly cooked food serves a wide range of veg and non-veg dishes with a very well laid out menu. Their special seafood dishes include the ‘diced basa fish fillet marinated in basil pesto, grilled and served with pan tossed vegetables’ and a non-veg platter including fried calamari along with other chicken dishes.

Pasta Street

9. Fish Factory

The ‘Fish Factory’ Restaurant is one of the renowned seafood restaurants of Bangalore, located in citrus hotels, Cunningham, Bangalore. Here, they only serve their customers the fresh catch of the day. This place is a heaven for seafood lovers. The seating area is semi-alfresco in the citrus hotel, decorated with greenery. Here, you can sit, unwind, relax and enjoy drinks along with their incredible seafood dishes.

Fish Factory

10. Chung’s Chinese Corner

Chung’s Chinese Corner is a Chinese restaurant serving a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, seafood, pan-Asian, and American cuisines. Their menu includes a huge variety of seafood dishes served in the form of noodles, fried appetizers, saucy appetizers, koi thai, fuyong, and soups. Their main seafood proteins are prawns and a variety of fish.

Chungs Chinese Corner

11. Suzy Q By 1522

Suzy Q By 1522 is the sassiest bar in town! They serve some delicious, hearty food, delightful cocktails, and more with plenty of sass to go with it! As many say, ‘This is the perfect place to live it up and drink it down’. Their seafood menu includes some delectable dishes that seafood lovers can’t say no to! The ‘Prawn Ambot Tik Curry’ and the ‘Oyster Sauce served with an incredible course of chicken or prawns’ are two of the many seafood dishes to name.

Suzy Q By 1522

12. The Konkan Seafood Restaurant

The Konkan Seafood Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant designed like an old colonial dining room, with subtle furniture made of wood. This restaurant serves the best, authentic Mangalorean seafood delicacies including a variety of fish food, prawns, squid, and much more. The cuisines served here are Indian, seafood, and Asian. Their seafood is made with fresh ingredients every day. Two few of their must-try dishes are their ‘prawn ghee roast’ and the ‘pomfret tawa dish’.

The Konkan Seafood Restaurant

13. Eden Park Restaurant

Eden Park Restaurant is an all-day casual dining restaurant serving a variety of cuisines including the north Indian, Chinese, seafood, and fast-food cuisine. This casual restaurant located on Cunningham road has adapted a whole new approach away from all the loud music and bad crowds. Their cottage-like structure gives it a unique and beautiful look, with all of its greenery. This is an ideal place for friends and family, offering soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts to everyone’s liking!

Eden Park Restaurant

14. Yataii

Yataii is an authentic and contemporary Japanese-style restaurant located in Shangri-La Hotel. The Yataii restaurant serves high-quality, authentic Japanese cuisine. This restaurant creates a unique Japanese dining atmosphere that is both inviting and relaxing. The inspiration for this restaurant is taken from Zen philosophy. A few of their popular dishes are the ‘shashimi’, ‘sushi’, ‘dimsums’, and much more.


15. Kingfisher Hut

The Kingfisher Hut is a restaurant with an extremely alluring nightlife. This place is perfect for people looking for an escape from their daily, busy routines, especially the young crowd. The groovy music, the delicious food, and the mind-blowing ambiance make sure to give you a night that you won’t forget. It’s a great place for making some memories that you will cherish for life.

Kingfisher Hut

16. Sea Rock

Sea Rock is a traditional Mangalorean seafood specialty restaurant serving quintessential seafood at affordable prices. This place is a complete delight for all the seafood lovers in town! This place gives off the perfect Mangalorean vibes with the on-point décor and paintings on the wall. They offer a great choice in their seafood dishes, with a variety to pick from.

Sea Rock

17. Sana-Di-Ge Bengaluru

Sana-Di-Ge is a dine-out seafood restaurant on cunningham road. They serve some fabulous coastal dishes that are a must-try! This place lives up to its name- Sana-Di-Ge, which means a lamp lit on auspicious occasions across the coastal belt of Karnataka. The place is well decorated with electric lamps all around giving a lovely coastal vibe to the restaurant.

Sana Di Ge Bengaluru

18. Bhavani Seafood Restaurant

Bhavani Seafood Restaurant is a seafood serving restaurant that serves amazing dishes with vibrant flavors and super appetizing looks. Bhavani Seafood Restaurant uses fresh ingredients from the sea to produce lovely meals filled with finger-licking flavors for their customers every day. If you are a seafood lover, this place is a must-try for you!

Bhavani Seafood Restaurant

19. Karavali Lunch Home

The Karavali Lunch Home is a decent-sized restaurant serving a variety of coastal food dishes. Their fish curry and crab sukkha are a must-try. The food here is near-authentic coastal delights priced within an affordable range. The staff here are friendly, quick, and highly responsive, and will recommend to you some of the best dishes in the restaurant.

Karavali Lunch Home

20. Coorg Spicy Kadai

The Coorg Spicy Kadai is a restaurant serving north Indian and south Indian seafood and cuisines along with beverages. The restaurant is open twenty-four hours round their food includes the authentic taste of Coorg.

Coorg Spicy Kadai