Top 20 Snack Items To Try In Sion, Mumbai

Top 20 Snack Items To Try In Sion Mumbai
Top 20 Snack Items To Try In Sion Mumbai

Sion is situated in Central Mumbai and attracts college students to try their delectable snacks. Sion is a hidden gem for delicious food. From the best samosas to some filling thalis, there is something unique about this place. Here’s a list of Top 20 snack items to munch on in Sion, Mumbai:

1. Chole Samosa 

Chole Samosa is a famous street-side snack. A crunchy samosa pocket is drenched in a pool of chole along with lots of sweet tamarind chutney and onions. Hotel Guru Kripa sells some yummy Chole Samosa, which you just can’t miss out on!

Chole Samosa

2. Chole Puri 

Manjeet Chole Puri Wala is a perfect restaurant for homesick North Indians. It is well known for its Chole Bhature, Chole Kulche, Chole Puri and much more. Chole Puri is a combo of deep-fried puri served with a gravy of chole along with pickles and onions.

Chole Puri

3. Ragda Pattice

Hotel Guru Kripa in Sion serves some toothsome Ragda Pattice at their outlet. Ragda Pattice is a crispy Tikki made of mashed potatoes, green peas, chillies, crushed in a plate full of ragda and topped with chutneys, coriander, onions and sev.

Ragda Pattice

4. Chinese Samosa

A1 Samosa in Sion sells the most unique samosas you will ever find in Mumbai. The Chinese Samosa has a filling of noodles, capsicum, spring onions, carrots with lots of soy sauce. It has a tasty garlicky flavour. Do try Chinese samosa if you are a desi Chinese lover.

Chinese Samosa

5. Schezwan Cheese Mayo Frankie

A roti filled with schezwan sauce, mayo, potato mixture, onions and drizzled with lots of cheese. Every bite is filled with a pack of flavours. Try a Frankie at A1 Frankie near SIES college.

Schezwan Cheese Mayo Frankie

6. Aloo Cheese Toast

You will find a vast menu on a variety of snacks at Shree Krishna Snacks and Juice Center. Aloo Cheese Toast is a Bombay sandwich topped with butter and cheese. It is served with chutney.

Aloo Cheese Toast

7. Aloo Handi 

Aloo Handi is the most unique and unusual street food in Mumbai. ‘Handi’ is made out of potato scoops topped with boiled chana, chopped onions, tamarind chutney and sprinkle chaat masala over it. You will find this small stall near Sion Circle.

Aloo Handi

8. Surmai Masala Fry Thali

If you are a true seafood lover, you should head to Sion Lunch Home. This place serves some delicious food thalis for years. Their Surmai Masala Fry Thali includes a huge piece of fried surmai along with chapatis, salan, sol kadi, papad, onions and lemon. Enjoy a whole thali with your family.

Surmai Masala Fry Thali

9. Pav Bhaji

Poojari Pav bhaji serves some mouth-watering Pav Bhaji near Guru Nanak High School. The quantity is great and they serve it with butter pav, onion, coriander and lemon.

Pav Bhaji 2

10. Chocolate Cheese Grill Sandwich

Vaishnavi Snacks corner in Sion east sells delicious sandwiches and Frankies. They have a wide range of toast and grill sandwiches. Try out their Chocolate Cheese Grill sandwich if you are craving some molten chocolate.

Chocolate Cheese Grill Sandwich

11. Mawa Samosa 

Mawa Samosa is one of the best-selling samosas at A1 samosa. It has a filling of sweet mawa soaked in ghee. It has a brown grainy texture. It is a must-try!

Mawa Samosa

12. Nachos With Salsa

Crispy tortilla chips topped with our favourite cheese sauce along with tomato salsa sauce and green bell peppers. Try this all-time favourite Mexican snack at Café Istaa.

Nachos With Salsa

13. Vada Pav

Satish Vada Pav near Sion Circle sells some piping hot vada pavs. He sells vada pav for 5 rupees for school-going kids. The snack is served with spicy sukhi chutney.

Vada Pav 1

14. Cheese Waffer Pav

A small stall near old SIES college, Sion serves some unique and scrumptious snacks. A pav is cut from between and topped with mayo, pizza sauce, crispy wafers and lots of cheese. This snack is famous among college students.

Cheese Waffer Pav

15. Alfredo Pasta

Café Istaa serves some best-selling pastas too. Alfredo pasta is cooked in a creamy cheese sauce and flavoured in roasted garlic and pepper.

Alfredo Pasta

16. Pani Puri

Guru Kripa Pani Puri House gives out unique Pani Puri to try like paneer pani puri, cheese corn pani puri, Kolkata style puchka, moong and ragda pani puri. They also sell a variety of chaats. Do visit this place in Sion West.

Pani Puri 1

17. Mushroom Tikka Kebab

New Madras Lunch Home near Sion railway station serves some appetizing finger food. Mushroom buttons are marinated and are cooked in a tandoor to give it a tandoori smoke. It is served with chutney.

Mushroom Tikka Kebab

18. Mysore Masala Dosa

Annai Dosa Corner serves yummy dosas in Sion. Mysore Masala Dosa is served with potato mixture and Mysore chutney along with coconut chutney and sambhar.

Mysore Masala Dosa

19. Jar Cakes

Creamy Express at Sion sells some mouth-watering jar cakes. Mango jar cake and Oreo jar cake are top sellings. Along with jar cakes they are also known for their cream cupcakes.

Jar Cakes

20. Baked Samosa

Perfect snack for fitness freaks! A1 Samosa also sells baked samosa at their outlet. An oil-free samosa with a filling of masala mashed potato baked till crisp.

Baked Samosa