Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Matunga And Sion

Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Matunga and Sion

1. Ramashray

Around the corner, located near the Matunga railway station, an old but much in demand by the people. This restaurant serves authentic South Indian cuisine that includes a variety of Dosas, Idli, Vada’s, Upma, etc. A perfect and different fusion combination of Sheeran’s such as Chocolate Shea, Mango Sheera, Pineapple Sheera are one of the specialties of Ramashray. Having a simple but a clean and hygiene ambiance. This pocket-friendly restaurant serves even at 5 am in the morning.


2. Arya Bhavan

Another restaurant located in front of Matunga railway station. Serves authentic South Indian food. With the increase in demand by the customers, making a step towards the creating standards simple restaurant turns into an air-conditioned one. It is famous for its Coin Idli, Rasam Chawal (rice), and Mysore Rava SadaDosa.


3. Udipi Shri Krishna (banana Leaf)

Famously named as Banana Leaf restaurant, located in Matunga. As the name suggested (banana leaf), it serves the food in the banana leaf as per the South Indian tradition. Famous for South Indian dishes like Upkari dry bhaji, Curry, and Pulse gravy. It serves a proper main course South Indian meal in pocket-friendly rates.


4. Café Madras

The 75 years old building located nearby the famous Maheshwari Udyan in Matunga famous for its filter Coffee, Upma Podi, and Madras Missal. Despite, surrounded by many South Indian cuisine restaurants it still has a good hold from past 75years serving a variety of South Indian dishes. One can eat to their heart’s content and still not burn a hole in their pocket.


5. Thambi

South Indian food is getting a brand name near Welingkar College in Matunga. It is less spacious with dim yellow lights serves as a drawback for the customers. Having a limited variety, Mini Idlis with Malgapudi and Rasam, Mysore Onion Rawa Dosa, Rasam Vada are some of the specialties.


6. Idli House

Located in the opposite lane of Jain temple. True to its name, Idli House serves varieties of idlis including Butter Idli, Idli Podi, Idli Sambhar and various Upmas. The only drawback is the shortage of space. The demand for the hotel is very high. Description of each of the unheard dishes and the benefit it serves are famous with its regular customers.


7. Mysore Boarding

Located in Sion, serving the travelers near the G.T.B station, it is one of the famous South Indian restaurants that serves heavenly Mysore Masala Dosa. Having a typical South Indian ambiance, one of the specialties is Dal Idli which is not mentioned on the menu but quite famous along with the regular customers to order.


8. Anand Bhavan

As the name suggests happiness is in the store that simple South Indian dishes. Another iconic place for South Indian delicacies in Matunga near King Circle serves authentic South Indian food with other competitors around. Neer Dosa and Ubuntu Dosa are the preferred dishes by the Customers.


9. Café Mysore

Café Mysore is exactly opposite Café Madras. Both of these are the jewels of Matunga King Circle. Both of them have similarities, but Café Mysore is famous for its quality food and quality service which includes favorable customer dishes like pineapple Sheeran, Molgapudi, Rawa dosa.


10. Ayyapan

Breaking the stereotypes it neither a Café nor a restaurant it’s a kind of a stall very famous in Matunga opposite to the South Indian temple. While most traditional South Indian places in Mumbai serves the Dosas, Idlis, Vada, etc. In its traditional form, these guys have done a lot of innovation in terms Schezwan Dosa, Chilly Cheese Dosa, and the list goes on to almost 70 to 80 items.


11. Ramdev

It is on the busy road of Sion. Serves various cuisine but South Indian is most appreciated and accepted one. Casual ambiance with the AC, they provide mouthwatering food with good quality at an average rate.


12. Mani’s Lunch Home

This South Indian eatery has only 7-8 tables.. It is one of the best places to have authentic South Indian food to satisfy one’s craving.


13. Hotel Prabha

Surrounded by the chaos of Gandhi Market, server for the shopaholics, Hotel Prabha is famous for its Dip Idli Vada. Having a compact ambiance and not a modern look it tends to serve delicious South Indian delicacies to the shopaholics and the other crowd.


14. Hanuman

It is near Sion circle, a place with better taste. It is a very hygiene place with polite people. Serving a variety of famous dishes like Mysore Masala, Onion Uttapa, Upma, and Vada Sambhar.


15. Shree Balaji Refreshments

The small and hygiene restaurant serves South Indian food that gives a homemade taste. It serves the usual South Indian dishes with a better quality and better taste. It leaves an impact on one’s taste buds.


16. Amba Bhavan

This is an amazing hidden gem in Matunga! Everything on the menu is a must try. The old style interiors of the place have stood the test of time. Everything is made fresh. Mysore Sada Dosa, Tomato Onion Uttapam, buttermilk are the recommended dishes.


17. Sharda Bhavan

Like all the other authentic South Indian eateries in Matunga this place needs no review for the taste of its food and the service. This restaurant reminds of the typical old Art-Deco style entrance. Also, this place is very light on the wallet. Kadi Vada, Mysore Sada Dosa, Rava Sada are favorable dishes.


18. Modern

It is a small old restaurant located on a busy street of Sion, this place specializes in Sea-food Thalis (made in a South Indian style).The food which is being prepared here is in authentic fashion. It’s quite a small place but worth the wait for the quality and quantity of food.



Rama Nayak Udipi

Started in 1979 A. Rama Nayak Udipi is a place with good ambiance and service, staff is very quick and humble. One can have a full-hearted meal for a max of Rs150.This place has a “Hum along Hai” approach.




It is in the market of Matunga. It used to be a home run joint operated from a row house, with an apartment coming up they have confined to a smaller place. It is very popular in the residing area. They have a very rich taste to their food especially the Upma, Chinese Dosa, Schezwan Dosa, etc.