Top 20 Street Food Of Bangalore Must Have

Street Food Of Bangalore

Bangalore- the garden city of India, is a home for many well recognized educational organizations and IT companies. Also known as the Silicon Valley, it is India’s fastest growing metropolis city with high-tech Industries. Bangalore is the hub of economy and culture.  With so many dreams cuddled in its heart, this rapidly growing city never sleeps.

The city is also famous for its delicious and diverse food culture with unique options. A saying said that it is not required to have a silver fork to eat good food. Well! True enough. The street food of the city is tasty like any international cuisines of five-star restaurants. Right from the early morning the vendors get busy in setting up their stall and preparing variety of food items. At any point, if you feel reluctant to eat in that clogged area, you shouldn’t because the street food of Bangalore are as lively as the city is.

So if you are roaming around the streets of Bangalore and thinking what to eat, then we are making it easy for you.

Below are 20 Best street food that one must while in Bangalore:

1 Dosa

Dosa is famous all over India, but none can beat the one from South India. For all who haven’t tasted it yet, it is a culinary of an undying Indian recipe. Dosa is available on almost every street joint and large restaurants of Bangalore. It is customized and seasoned with different types of chutneys to give you a satisfying appetite. Mysore Masala Dosa of Janatha, Sagu Dosa of Vidyarthi Bhavan, Set Dosa at CTR (Central Tiffin Room), Saagu masala dosa at MTR (Mahalakshmi Tiffin room), anyone from 99 variety Dosa, Rava Dosa at MTR (Mavalli Tiffin room), Thuppa Dosa at Maiyas, plain dosa at Ramu Tiffin Centre, Davangere Benne Masala Dosa at Annapoorani, Mala Dosa at Halli Manne are few famous places to taste.


2 Idli

Idli is another famous food in South India and commonly eaten for breakfast. It is a tasty cake served with chutney. The white fluffy round shaped cake has emerged as the typical street food of Bangalore. But if you one to have the tastiest one then you should go to Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. It is a 47-year-old eatery always full with their food lovers. The soft melting idlis assimilated in aromatic butter drown in chutney will just tempt you towards them and as said good food make the right mood. So, have one those utterly buttery idlis and make your day.


3 Sandwich

Not all sandwich can win your heart. If you want to taste a mind blasting sandwich, then you should go to Hari Super Sandwich, Jayanagar- the best place for a sandwich. They have 14 different types with Indian touch of spices and dressing. But the one that should never miss is the chocolate sandwich. Have I written wrong? Nope. Yes, I am talking about the chocolate sandwich. Out of all spicy and masala stuffed street foods, the chocolate sandwich has occupied its place as one of the favourite street food. When you see the choco bar slapped in between with bread slices with cheese melting in between will just make your mouth watery.


4 Obbatta

With an unusual name, Obbatta is another popular street food in Bangalore with traditional significance. Obbatta is a round flatbread that can be seen in many auspicious functions and is a must to be served sweet in wedding and festival like Ugali. Obatta also was known as holige is made of balls of dough with a variety of filling inside including peanut and seasame being pressed flat and cooked on a tawa. There are varieties of them like the dry coconut holige which enriches the coarseness and uplifting sweetness of coconut superbly or the dal holige where the cooked lentils are so soft that it melts in your mouth. So, if you are thinking of trying, then the best place will be Mane Holige, DVG Road and don’t miss their exotic specialty- the Anjur Holige where Anjur is smooth mashed before incorporating with the dough and stuffed with dry fruits.


5 Tikkas And Rolls

Street food is something that is hard to resist. The aroma of the spices and the display just hypnotizes towards them. Even if you are full, there is always some space for them in your stomach. One of such item is tikkas and rolls. Mixed vegetable tikka rolls, paneer mushroom rolls. Babycorn tikka roll, aloo tikkas- which one you want on your plate? The best thing must be eaten in the best place to get the best taste. So step into Khan Saheb Grills and enjoy the best of them.


6 Pani Puri

Starting from kids to elderly one, Pani Puri is one that is everyone’s favourite. Call it Pani Puri or puchka or golgappa- this crunchy wonder in amazing.  When the spicy tamarind water in the puris burst in your mouth, it is just amazing. Although, ingredients differ in different cities. It will not be wrong to say that this is the most sought street food in any town of India. If you agree then Pani Puris are best to have in those small stalls but just to mention few of the best pani puris stalls in Bangalore then you must straight head to Rakesh Pani Puri, Jayanagar, Ramraj at the frozen town, Manju’s at Vijayanagar, Shree chat Jain at Jayanagar to name few.


7 Biryani

Biryani is the most highlighted and the most shining accomplishment Indian recipe, and Bangalore is the hub of it.  You get the tastiest of them with different flavours which are difficult to resist.  You can see biryani here in almost every roadside stalls, and wherever you have it, you will not regret.  The firm fragrance of saffron with chunks of potatoes, it is a great treat to your stomach. Places like Richie’s Rahman, Lazeez, and Shivaji, are best reputed for Biryanis in Bangalore.


8 Kebabs

Although kebabs originality is not from India, it is one food that we have owned it and modified with Indian spices. The exotic mouth-watering taste with full ingredients makes it a popular street food of Bangalore. The taste doubles with various chutneys. Starting from Veg Kebabs to mutton kebabs, choose one and enjoy its relishing taste. Although it’s available in all stalls, Fanoos and Sheikh Kebabs are two that you should try.


9 Rasgullah Chat

Indian chats are incomparable to any other dishes. The flavours, the ingredients, and the taste- it is just incomparable to any other food. One among them is the rasgullah chat. You might have tasted the rasgullah, but rasgullah chat is different. Dipped in Dahi or curd with sev, green chutney and assortment of other spice powder, this is something you will find in the list of street foods of Bangalore. The best one is in Gangotri which is popular since 1986 for chaats.


10 Mangalore Buns

It is a sweet pastry made with banana mixed with flour which more of tastes like a banana cake or bread. It is soft, gentle and fluffy, best as a tea time snack mostly served with coconut chutney or sambhar. It is a local dish of Udupi but now is one known street food of Bangalore. If you wish to have the best one, then you should have the one from Chetty’s Corner.


11 Bhajji With Filter Coffee

The weather of Bangalore is very pleasant and whenever you go out you tend to eat something, a light snack may. That is why the street food is so popular here. Bhajji or you can call pakora with a filter coffee will make your evening worthy. Try the one from Shivaji Bhajji cart in Vijaynagar, and you will just love them. Mirchi Bhaji, raw banana Bhajji served with grated carrot, and sliced onions along with a dhania or pudina chutney is just a snack that you try the street food


12 Masala Puri

Even if you are full, the moment you see the chaat stalls they just call you towards them.  Masala puri is a chaat in Bangalore that you must try. It is Puris crushed in hot Masala gravy of green peas with lots of masalas garnished with coriander leaves, chopped onions, and tomatoes. Now, who can resist this delicious item? Karnataka bhel house will serve you the best Masala Puri found in Bangalore.


13 Tikki Puri

Walk on the roads of Bangalore you will see small chaat gadis and stalls spread across confusing you for a moment where to go. Step into any of them and try their Tikki Puri. It is crisp puris crushed with grated carrots and onions spread with green chutney.  You will get varieties in their tikis like Chocolate tikka, Mudpie tikka, and masala tikka.


14 Parathas

Parathas are every Indian’s favourite food. Hungry or not you can always have a paratha. Starting from veg paratha to Gobi paratha to mutton paratha- you will find a broad range of parathas in Bangalore. If you wish to have the best one then try the one from Paratha Plaza or, Bobby’s Punjabi Dhaba, Kapoor’s Cafe, they are sure to give you a heavenly feeling.


15 Gobi Manchurian

Dry or Gravy- Gobi Manchurian is quite famous as a street food in Bangalore. This pocket-friendly delicacy is quite famous with the youth. Crispy ball of tangy taste garnished with spring onions adds flavour to its liking. It is a must street food of Bangalore.


16 Vada Pav

Dadar Vada pav are famous in Bangalore. It is not the name of the Vada Pav nut the name of the place where you should have one. It is an Indian version of a burger. You can switch with a nonveg one too. Try their stuffed keema pav.


17 Bhel Puri

Tangy, sweet and spicy- Bhel Puri is one from the chaat genre made with puffed rice, bhujia, tangy imli chutney and aromatic spices. All the spices have their taste delicacy so is Bhel Puri and so don’t miss it, and you wish to eat the street food of Bhel Puri.


18 Samosa Chat

Samosa is a favourite tea time snack. When crushed and mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes, curd and sweet and tangy chutney it is just like a cherry on the top. So this has to be on the list of Bangalore street food to enjoy its lovely nature.


19 Pav Bhaji

Pau Bhaji is a known food in almost all the cities of India. Pau dipped in butter, and the bhaji is made with smashed potato, tomato and garnished with chopped onions, chillis and coriander. So grab a corner near a thela gari and try some.


20 Sweets From Anand Sweets

Street food is not all about chaats and spicy food, if you want to have something sweet and looking for some amazing sweets go to Anand sweets and savouries which are famous for their desserts all across Bangalore. You can choose from an array of Badami sweets of pure ghee and lots of dry fruits.