Top 20 Street Food To Enjoy At Juhu Beach

Top Street Foods At Juhu Beach

1. Pav Bhaji

The fast food dish consisting of a thick vegetable curry usually served with butter and bread (Pav) is the much-loved fast food of the Mumbaikars. It is a dish which is available at restaurants as well as served by street hawkers across India and Globe.


2. Dosa

The typical South-Indian dish made up of rice and black gram. These crispy pancakes are found mostly all across the India. Juhu beach food stalls in its way are famous for some of its variants and fusions of Dosas.  These crispy pancakes are famous for its spiciness and its potato Masala.


3. Misal Pav

This is a standard Maharashtrian dish which is mostly enjoyed by people in breakfast. It is served with a spicy curry of sprouted moong and peas known as Misal, Pav and topped with minced onions and chiwda.


4. Vada Pav

Also known as the “Indian Burger” vada pav is the favourite snacks of the Mumbaikars.  This mouth licking dish consists of a Patty of Vada-(Fried potato in Gram Flour), tangy chutneys and Pav, topped with onions. A mouth tingling taste of this snack can be experienced at the food stalls.




This is grilled, barbequed potato patty, served with fries, lettuce, carrots, rice/noodles. It is served steam hot on a metal or stone plate with a wooden base. This dish is very common among students to have in sharing. Try the sizzlers in the noodles base with fries or pasta. Its taste is Yum.


6. Gol-Gappe

The most loved fast food of girls. The lip-smacking water bombs after which the Mumbaikars go crazy. It is a crunchy ball with spicy mashed potato or chickpea curry (Ragada) dipped in tangy tamarind water or spicy mint water(Pudina). Known as Gol-Gappa in Mumbai, Phuchka in Kolkata, panipuri in Ahmedabad. It gives a fresh, crunchy feel to the mouth.


7. Momos

This Tibetian South-Asian Dumpling is a very common street food nowadays in Mumbai. They are available in two variants, boiled or fried. They famous street momos are the Paneer Chilly Momos served with red & white sauces.


8. Sandwich

Bombay sandwich is pure veg. item and is often served fresh by roadside hawkers as well as in restaurants. It consists of vegetables like potato, tomato, onions, beetroot, cucumber, etc. with a variation of grilled or raw bread. It is served with various fusions of Paneer, Cheese, Sev puri, samosa, chocolate on stalls of Juhu.


9. Dabeli

Dabeli meaning ”pressed”  is a snack of Kutchi Cuisine. It is made by pressing a stuffing of boiled potatoes and dabeli masala between pav. It is served with chutneys and garnished with sev, pomegranates, and roasted peanuts.


10. Frankie

Mumbai is a place where you’ll find a wide variety of rolls. These are Paratha Rolls made up of Maida with a stuffing of potato. These are stuffed with noodles, Manchurian, potato, paneer, chicken, etc. Schezwan Chutney is applied to it for a mouth-flickering taste.


11. Bhel Puri

Made from the puffed rice by adding spicy bhujia and sweet-sour tamarind Chutney, this mouth-watering street food belongs to the pani-puri chaat clan. It gives a fresh, crunchy feel to the mouth.


12. Ragada Pattice

Ragda pattice is a prevalent fast food which is often found on the streets of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is thought to be a deviation of the standard aloo tikki prevalent in North Indian cuisine. It gives a fresh, crunchy feel to the mouth.


13. Baraf Gola

Baraf gola is an ice popsicle. It is a very common Indian street food. Crumpled ice sphere is saturated in different flavoured syrups. It is fast and calm to make. This is liked by one and all, especially kid’s favourite. You can find a variety of flavours from rose to kala khatta.


14. Coconut Water

Naturally stimulating, coconut water has a sugary, wacky taste. Coconut water is a prevalent drink in the hot countries where it is obtainable renewed, preserved, or bottled. Coconuts for consumption are aided fresh, cool or packed by street vendors at the beach side.


15. Shawarma

Shawarma is a Levantine meat food, where lamb, chicken or diverse meats are positioned on a dribble and may be meshed for as lengthy as an era. Flakes are cut off the chunk of meat for plateful, and the balance of the chunk of meat is reserved frenzied. Shawarma can be added on a platter or as a sandwich or wrap.


16. Banarasi Pan

Paan is a  made with a combination of Betel leaf with areca nut and Tutti Frutti. It is gnawed for its stimulant. Paan has many variations. Chuna paste is commonly binded to the leaves. It gives a mouth-refreshing taste to the mouth. Try it dinner as a mouth freshener. Try the chocolate pan it tastes awesome.


17. Kebabs

Initiating in Middle Eastern countries, this is one frailty that has set its cooking grip completed the non-veg lovers in Mumbai. It is prepared with either choice of meat or fish along with the marinade and grilling of the same on a barbeque pit using a brochette. A very well-known street stall- at Juhu.


18. Kheema Pav

Mumbaikar people  love r the “Pav” or bread rolls. Another popular dish to be must have is Kheema Pav. It is served with Pav as the name says along with the juicy crushed meat that is baked in zings. It tastes heaven along with the chutney on the side.


19. Falooda

Falooda is a sugary dish offered in a glass. It consists of flavoured milk, vermicelli, tapioca pearls and lumps of gelatin. Conventionally made with rose-flavoured milk and improved with rose syrup, it now has many deviations along with ice cream and chocolate being prominent. This pleasantly cool glass of bliss is Mumbai version of a chocolate sundae at Juhu.


20. Soda

A soda is a drink that characteristically contains sparkling water, an inducement or artificial flavouring. The sweetener may be azucar, fruit juice, sugar alternatives, or some combination of these flavours like mango, orange. Best soda to have is the Jeera-Masala. It is a good food finisher.