Top 20 Street Food You Must Try in Kestopur Kolkata

top 20 street food you must try in kestopur kolkata
top 20 street food you must try in kestopur kolkata

Kolkata is a city of joy. Every town has its specialties, and so does Kolkata. Kolkata is one of the big cities so whenever we discuss its food, it becomes exceptionally lengthy so I decided to tell you the details of every place with their unique and tasty foods. So we will start from Kolkata Kestopur.

1.Mezban Chicken Biriyani

Mezban Biriyani of Kolkata Kestopur is the best biriyani you will ever have. A place where all biriyani lovers gets pure satisfaction biriyani.

Mezban chicken Biriyani


I recommend you go to Kolkata kestopur and have Momos from the booth, which is just below the flyover of Kolkata Kestopur. It is worth going to kestopur. You will get to see that Momos stall from evening till night. And yes, don’t forget to have its soup is also mind-blowing.



The shop Jalpan. Although this shop has varieties, its dosa is famous in Kolkata Kestopur. It has a variety of sauces and serves you dosa with two to three types of spices together with sambhar. And that will blow your mind crazy. Just have that dosa once and thank me later. Just go to Kolkata Kestopur and ask about this shop. Everyone knows its exact location, or you can take the help of google maps too.



I am telling you the address it’s in MilanBazar in Kolkata Kestopur. Once you go to Kolkata Kestopur Milan Bazar, you will get to know the shop. Its idli is so fluffy and smooth. Its sourness, fluffiness, and spices will make your heart happy. You will never deny eating these idlis never. Go, and try once, and you won’t be able to control yourself.

Rava Idli

5.Egg Roll

This shop Magnum is in Kolkata Kestopur. This shop is one of the famous shops for fast food in Kolkata Kestopur. You can try many types of fast food here, but you should go there. I recommend trying its egg roll. Those egg rolls are so tasty. They used to put the sauce in a way that Would drive you crazy. You can try a wide variety of fast food there, but you must try the egg rolls there.

egg rolls

6.Chicken Chili

Chili chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese dish of chicken of Hakka Chinese heritage. Now, the question is where you will get the best chicken chili. If you are in Kolkata, you should go to Kolkata Kestopur to have some chicken chili from the shop in bala kitchen shop, and you will love it.


7.Pav Bhaji

The dish which is enough to make your stomach happy is pav bhaji. Well, all of you have eaten the pav bhaji in different places. But let me tell you a secret area which will blow your mind crazy and it is in Kolkata Kestopur. The Katti Batti Shop. This shop provides you with the best quality pav bhaji. In my view, you should visit this shop once. You can also have some other varieties from this shop like dosa, idli, etc.

Paneer Cheese Pav Bhaji

 8.Ghughni Chaat

In my view, this will be very unfair for this chaat that you will go to Kolkata Kestopur and not have these chaats. So to give them justice, try these chaats. And they will not make your tummy upset. The spices added to these chaats will make your heart happy. The sourness of this chaat used to make me fall in love with them, andI bet your stomach will also fall in love with these chaats. These chaats are served by an older man who puts their booth every evening near Katti Batti shop, you can ask there, and you will get to know.

Ghughni chaat

9.Chow Mien

Some scarce people don’t love chow mien. Whenever we use to talk about Chinese, we start with chow mien. Chow mien is the top priority of Chinese food lovers. So here I am to make you taste one of the best kinds of chow mien in Kolkata Kestopur, with various types of chow mien like paneer chow mien, egg chow mien, chicken chow mien, mushroom chow mien, and many more. And you will have these fantastic chow mien in R.R. Restaurant of Kolkata Kestopur. This shop is also famous for its Biriyani and rolls.

Chow mien


Hello pasta lover. Here I am to tell you about the best pasta shop in Kolkata Kestopur. And that is Cassoulet restaurant. You can find this restaurant in Kolkata Kestopur via google maps. And you can go to the shop as they don’t do online delivery. So you have to go to this shop to have the pasta. They have varieties of pasta as per your choices. So go and have once.

15 Pasta


This street food is known as the perfect street food, and we all love to eat these with ghughni, spicy chutney, with sweet sauce. But everyone loves to eat it. If we talk about this much of Kolkata Kestopur, we should have a look at the samosa shop. And this shop is opposite Chachi Chai shop. Once you reach 206 footbridges, you can ask anyone.

2. Samosa 1

12.Chicken Sandwich

If you are a chicken lover, you should try these crispy, tasty bread chicken sandwiches, Which you will get from the shop name sandwizz in Kolkata Kestopur. Trying these sandwiches will make you know why I am taking the title of this shop. They not only provide chicken sandwiches, but have a variety of veg, so don’t be upset with veg lovers. So here, for your comfort, I am providing you with the menu card. Have a look.

Delicious chicken salad sandwich with mayonnaise on a plate.

 13.Aloo Chop

Aloo chop is the specialty of Kolkata. And you can’t miss it if you come to Kolkata. Now you were thinking about where to get the best aloo chop in Kolkata. So to get it in Kolkata Kestopur near Hanuman Mandir; once you go to hanuman mandir, you will be able to see the aloo chop stall. The best way to eat the aloo chop is to try it with muri and spicy chutney.

aloo chop

14.Kachori Sabzi

Kachori sabzi is one of the best dishes for mainly Bihari. So I am telling you about the shop where you can get excellent quality kachori sabzi. And the name of the shop is Chachi chai; here, they serve the best quality kachori sabzi in the morning. Have them, and you will not be disappointed.

kachori Sabzi

15.Chicken Tikka

Once again, I am describing something for non-veg lovers or chicken lovers. You can get chicken tikka from many places in Kolkata Kestopur, but I recommend you to try the chicken tikka from Chacha Jaan Kolkata Kestopur.


 Jhalmuri is a popular street snack in Bengali/Bihar/Odia, made of puffed rice and an assortment of spices, vegetables, and mustard oil. Whenever you feel slightly hungry, you can have this. People love to take this as an evening snack mostly if you are in Kolkata Kestopur. So try the jhalmuri of Ma Sarada Jhalmuri & Aluchat.



Panipuri is well-known street food. So now talking about Kolkata Kestopur famous panipuri stall near Baisakhi footbridge. When you go to Kolkata Kestopur near Baisakhi footbridge, you can see the Panipuri booth or, can ask anyone around you.

Panipuri 1

18.Veg Chop

Veg chop is a portion of well-known street food in Bengal and Bihar. These are veg cutlets with beetroot as one of the main ingredients. And this looks and tastes so delicious. You can also have them as evening snacks. Here I am going to tell you the best shop of veg cutlets for Kolkata Kestopur cutlets lovers. The booth is beside the Indian oven shop.

Veg chop

19.Chicken 65

It is a type of burger and is famous everywhere. And if you are in Kolkata Kestopur, you can have them in Mio Amore. It is cheap, delicious, and can fill your stomach. I love to eat this whenever I used to go to Kolkata Kestopur and cross near Mio Amore shop. And I recommend you to taste them they are delicious.

Chicken 65

20.Chole Bhature

It is a food dish popular in the Northern areas of the Indian subcontinent. It is a combination of chana masala and puri. However, it is known as a typical Punjabi dish. After listening to this much about this dish now, I guess you are starving for this dish. So let me help you to find the best quality chole puri in Kolkata Kestopur. And you will get them in The Jalpan shop. You can find the shop quickly.