Top 20 Foods That Cleanse Your Liver

top 20 foods that cleanse your liver
top 20 foods that cleanse your liver

The liver is the largest organ in our body after the skin. It is the heaviest internal organ. It is reddish brown and located on the right side of the belly. The liver is essential for the detoxification of the organism and the synthesis of protein. It detoxifies your blood and also helps in digestion. The liver continuously produces bile which helps in the breakdown of fat. The liver gets damaged by alcohol, excess medicines, and a high-calorie diet. Our liver is the only organ that regenerates. Many foods can help cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate our liver.


Turmeric is a wonder spice. It can heal liver inflammation. It helps in boosting enzymes which reduces the toxins in the body. You can consume turmeric at night by putting it in milk. Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, helps flush out toxins and repairs the liver cell.

13. Turmeric

2.Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a wonder drug. It shows quick recovery in liver ailments. It helps in preventing liver damage.  Silymarin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties taken from milk thistle seeds. This plant is not readily available in India. You can get it in capsule form. It helps to regenerate our liver cells. Milk thistle seeds help to protect our liver.

Milk Thistle

3.Lemon Water

Start your day off with lemon water. Take a half lemon and squeeze it into a glass of water. It will help to flush out everything in your body. The reason why lemon is so essential is that it activates the detoxification enzyme in our liver.


4.Green Tea

Green tea has antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins. It improves the health of our liver. It neutralizes free radicals. The catechins comprise flavonoids and water. It has the highest amount of catechins. Catechins prevent cell damage. It protects the liver from toxic substances like alcohol.

11. Green Tea 2


Garlic has Allicin and sulfur, which are so good for our liver. Allicin helps lowers blood sugar levels. It activates liver detox enzymes. Allicin works to eliminate toxins from the body.

4. Garlic


Beetroots are adequate food for cleansing and supporting liver function. High in plant flavonoids, and beta carotene, they help stimulate and improve overall liver function. Beetroots are natural blood purifiers. Add fresh beetroots to juices or salads. Beetroot juice help protect the liver from alcohol damage.

20. Beetroots

7.Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are incredibly high in chlorophyll. They will soak up a lot of toxins from the bloodstream. It neutralizes chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. This cleansing food offers a powerful protective mechanism for the liver. A diet rich in healthy green vegetables reduces the risk of various diseases.

9. Green leafy vegetables

8.Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are a significant source of glutathione. This triggers a cleansing enzyme that helps flush out carcinogens and other toxic compounds in the body. Add a lot of cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage to your diet.


High in fat and nutrients, nuts are suitable for the gut. Eating nuts improve the level of liver enzymes. Add walnuts to your diet because they contain high levels of glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids that support liver cleansing naturally. Adding walnuts to your daily diet is an excellent idea as it cannot just improve liver functions but also the overall health of a person.

9. Nuts


With various beneficial plant compounds, red and black grapes are considered extremely good for liver health. They have various health benefits, including lowering inflammation, preventing damage, and increasing antioxidant levels.

9. Grapes


Moderate consumption of avocado can result in weight loss and improves liver function. The good fat in avocado is necessary for our bodies to store energy. It slows the process of liver damage.

12. Avocado


Coffee is a low-calorie beverage and works wonders in the liver. It has a lot of health benefits. But keep the sugar and cream to a low level. Coffee lowers the risk of developing cirrhosis by about 40 percent. Coffee increases stored antioxidant levels and reduce inflammation. It reduces oxidative stress.

17. Coffee


Oatmeal is a high-fiber food that helps you feel full. It supports heart and gut health. It may help decrease fat in the liver and lower blood sugar levels. It helps repair the liver itself.

15. Oatmeal

14.Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One little teaspoon of olive oil in your salad dressings can significantly improve liver enzymes. Extra virgin oil decreases fat on your liver. It improves insulin sensitivity. It reduces insulin resistance. It is a potent anti-inflammatory. Use olive oil for cooking your vegetables.


15.Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, magnesium, beta carotene, and iron. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It helps support your immune system and protect your body from free radical damage.

sweet potatoes


Apples are rich in vitamin C. The soluble fiber and carbs present in apples help remove toxins. It detoxes metals and food additives from the body. The soluble fiber present in apples helps eliminates toxins. You can buy apples yourself or purchase them online.


17.Fatty Fish

Fatty fishes are high in omega-3 fatty acids and can help reduce inflammation. Fishes like salmon, tuna, and sardines store lipids in their flesh and help maintain enzyme levels in the liver.

Fatty Fish 3


It is used as a spice and has a very mild flavor. Cinnamon helps elevate liver enzymes, lower blood sugar levels, improve blood circulation, and speeds up your metabolism. It did not have any unfavorable effect on your body. It is a powerful antioxidant.

17. Cinnamon


Onions are high in sulfur and folic acids. Onion may help increase liver detoxification enzymes.

2. Onions


Basil is high in antioxidants such as lutein and beta carotene. It may help prevent fast buildup in the liver. Don’t eat basil if your blood sugar level is low. It may help reduce stress. Basil is also known as the mother medicine of nature.

15. Sweet Basil 1 1