Top 20 Street Foods to eat in the Commercial Street of Bangalore

Top- 20- Street- Foods- to- eat- in- the- Commercial- Street- of- Bangalore

Bangalore is a popular city in India. Young individuals enjoy nightlife and street food in the different parts of the city. Basically, people visit the commercial street for shopping. At the same time, people enjoy the street foods available in the commercial street in Bangalore. Some of the popular street foods to eat in the commercial street in Bangalore are listed here:

1 Chana Chatpata

The chana chatpata is one of the most famous street foods for every shopping spree on Commercial Street. The crunchy and roasted chana are served with the mixture of tomatoes and onions. It is garnished with chilies if you love eating spicy. A special masala is added to eat for making it more special.


2 Dosa

It is one of the favorite dishes and street food available on Commercial Street. You can enjoy a variety of dosa such as masala dosa, paper dosa, rava dosa, onion dosa, etc. The masala dosa is the best choice as it is spicy and crispy.


3 Raw Mangoes Bhel

It is a specialty and a must eat street food available almost in every part of the Bangalore. It is served with mint green chilly and tomato chutney. It will open up all your taste buds.


4 Guava

Guavas are also found all around. But, you can enjoy a special guava chaat which is available on a permanent basis on the commercial street. You can enjoy a chili-salt guava chaat when you get a chance to visit the commercial street.


5 Roasted Peanuts

You can eat the roasted peanuts anytime when you are on the commercial street. You can grab the little-roasted peanuts on your way. You can find it on a moving cart and they are really tasty to eat.


6 Beel Fruit

It is a local and seasonal fruit. It is a yellow fruit with a tangy taste and pungent smell. But, it is eaten as a street food by the local people and the tourists. It is mixed with the Gur (jaggery). The taste may feel weird at one or two bites, but I am sure, you will love the exotic taste later and will enjoy eating it.


7 Gobhi Manchurian

It is the best street food to enjoy. It comes with a flavor of chilly, soya sauce, and vinegar. It is a crispy and tasty delight to eat on the commercial street. You will surely lick your fingers till everything gets finished in your plate.


8 Corn

Corn is available in two forms on the commercial street. It is either available as bhutta street style or butterly masala kernels. It is laced with salt, lemon, and chili to give it an authentic taste and flavor. It is not to be missed when you visit the commercial street.


9 Fresh Lime Soda

It is an important dish to try on the commercial street if you feel thirsty. You will find it in the different flavors such as apple, lime, ginger, blueberry, etc. It is a refreshing drink to make you more fresh and energetic. I know, you will love to drink at least two glasses.


10 Naan

It is a special dish available on the commercial street. The naan is special as it has a stuffing of coconut and jaggery. It is baked and tasty to eat. It is served hot with green chutney and tomato sauce.


11 Frankie

If you are feeling hungry and looking for something solid to satisfy your hunger, you should try Frankie. It is very tasty. You will find it on the commercial street in Bangalore.


12 Jalebi

If you love eating sweet dish after having a variety of street foods, you should not miss the jalebis. You can find hot and fresh jalebis after 5 PM. It is the best sweet dish with a crunchy and sweet taste. The jalebis are not too thick or thin.


13 Mangalore Buns

It is the most common breakfast or tea time snack available in every corner of the Bangalore. It is available in food carts and restaurants. It is deep fried and sweet to taste. It is served with coconut chutney and sambar.


14 Idli

It is often eaten at breakfast. It is served with sambar, coconut chutney, and red sauce. It is a popular snack and local people love to eat it as a breakfast meal. It is a popular street food available on the commercial street.


15 Medu Vada

It is similar to a doughnut in appearance, but it is not sweet in taste. It is made of dal and is deep-fried. It is served with sambhar. It is similar to the Vada Pav eaten in Mumbai. The only difference is that in Bangalore, it is served with sambhar and in Mumbai people eat vada pav with chutney.


16 Uttapam

It is another favourite street food available on the commercial street in Bangalore. It is made of rice flour and onions. It looks like a dosa but is softer than the dosa. It is served with coconut chutney.


17 Obbattu

It is known as ‘Bele Holige’ by the local people of Bangalore. It is prepared from maida and there is a stuffing of peanuts and sugar. It is sweet in taste and is also prepared during the festivals in homes. It is also available as a street food on food carts.


18 Bhajiya

If you are on the commercial street in Bangalore, you can enjoy this tea-time snack. It is available in different forms and is prepared by using the different ingredients. It is served hot with dry and spicy chutney along with a sweet sauce.


19 Sandwiches

It is a popular snack food available on the commercial street. The sandwich is served with mint chutney and may contain a stuffing of potato, onions, cucumber, and other vegetables. You can choose to grill it. It is yummy and fulfilling.


20 Pani Puri

Many people think that pani puri is a famous street food in Mumbai. It is not true. You can also enjoy crunchy puri filled with spicy water and sweet chutney in Bangalore too. You can enjoy it in the evening. You will find it easily on the commercial street and will love to enjoy the delicious and spicy pani puri on your visit.