Top 20 Student-Friendly Restaurants In Bangalore

Top 20 Student-Friendly Restaurants In Bangalore

Welcome to Bangalore, a vibrant city in India where one can find a harmonious blend of Innovation, technology, and culture. Students from many different cities come to Bangalore not only for academic institutions but also to pursue their dreams. Like adults, students have a busy schedule and need time to relax and unwind. Bangalore is full of different cultures and a heaven for food enthusiasts. This article talks about the Top 20 student-friendly places, which are perfect if you want to grab a quick bite, a cozy cafe to study in, or a place to celebrate milestones. So, let’s begin:

1.Bangalore Cafe

Looking for the tastiest South Indian food and super soft idlis that will melt in your mouth? Then Bangalore cafe is the perfect choice! Imagine hot and crispy dosas cooked in pure ghee along with idlis so soft that you will adore them. If you are looking for a tasty meal that comes under your budget, this place is a must-visit for some fantastic South Indian treats.

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2.Ganesh Chats

Are you a foodie searching for fantastic street food? Then hop over to Ganesh chaats! You will not only find the classic bhel here but also very unique dishes like floating pani puri in a bowl that’s not only fun but will make your taste buds dance with joy. And, of course they have their special bun nippat, like an explosion of flavors in your mouth. You won’t leave hungry or unsatisfied; we guarantee it!

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3.Hari Super Sandwich

Searching for the best sandwich place in Bangalore, it has to be Hari Super sandwich! Whether you like spicy or not so spicy, they have a wide range of sandwiches for everyone, starting from their spicy chili cheese sandwich to the classic cheese and veggies. Don’t forget to have their speciality, which is the chocolate sandwich, which is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

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4.Natraj Chole Bhature

Are you in Bangalore looking for that Delhi taste chole bhature? Well, we have got you covered. Welcome to Natraj Chole Bhature! They have the tastiest chole served with fluffy and crispy bhatura. But that’s not it, they, also serve yummy samosas and different types of chaats, their aloo tikki chaat and papdi chaat are must-tries. They serve the best flavors from Delhi right here in Bangalore!

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Are you craving for the authentic flavors of north India? Baisakhi is about serving delicious north Indian cuisine in the heart of Bangalore. From creamy paneer butter masala to fragrant biryanis, their menu is rich with unique cuisines from north India. Come, savor the flavors of Baisakhi and relish the essence of veg North Indian cuisine.

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6.Beijing Bites

From comforting soups to tasty noodles, their menu is full of Chinese dishes that will surely make your taste buds happy. Whether you are a fan of classics or love spicy schezwan flavor, they have everything. Come on in and explore the world of Chinese flavors at Beijing Bites.

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Seeking the perfect blend of sweet and savory, Sagar has to be on top of your list! Their mango milkshakes are legendary, made out of the juiciest mangoes, which taste heavenly. And if you are a fan of Jalebi Fafda like Jethlal from Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, then you are lucky because Sagar will serve you with the crispiest fafda and the sweetest Jalebis.

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8.Bob’s Bar

A perfect place for unique drinks, casual evening outings, a place to unwind after a long day, a place to spend some quality time with your friends, Bob’s Bar is the destination! This place isn’t only about unique cocktails but having a good time and a variety of food.

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9.The Living Room

This place not only offers delicious food but a wide selection of board games, PS5 games, and karaoke for you to enjoy while you dine. Therefore, The Living Room contains everything you could want for a cozy supper, a gaming adventure, or a karaoke night. Prepare yourself for a memorable experience by bringing your hunger, and competitive spirit.

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10.Board 4 Bored

Are you getting bored? No worries, this place has got you covered! Boards 4 Bored not only has delicious food and incredible drinks but more than fifty board games to choose from to play along with friends. So whether you’re organizing a family outing, a casual date, or a game night with friends, “Board 4 Bored” is a memorable time.

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This is a hookah lounge, which serves some of the finest dishes in town, including our renowned white sauce pasta and flavorful Mexican rice. A communal event is created out of your dining experience when we screen thrilling video games. Please bring your friends together, indulge in delicious food, and watch your preferred sporting events or other entertainment on our enormous screens.

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12.Olive Street Food Cafe

Do you believe that food shouldn’t hurt your wallet? We do, too! That’s why Olive Cafe is the best place for you. Whether you like Italian or street food, everything here is under Rs 129. Olive Cafe has various food and drinks, all made to satisfy your hunger.

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13.Lokesh Pavbhaji And Vada Pav Stall

Head over to the Lokesh pav bhaji stall to have Maharashtrian-style pav bhaji made of fresh ingredients and special spices. When you come to our booth, you’ll smell the yummy vadas sizzling. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or want to taste authentic Mumbai street food, Lokesh Pal Bhaji and Vada Pav Stall is the place to be.

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14.Chikkanna Tiffin Rooms

Chikkanna Tiffin Rooms is your destination for affordable, mouth watering South Indian cuisine. From crispy dosas to steaming idlis and fragrant sambar, every dish is a tribute to the region’s vibrant food culture. Our experienced chefs skillfully prepare each item, using only the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes that have been cherished for generations.

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15.Varanasi Cafe

Are you missing the charm of Varanasi food? Then the Varanasi cafe is worth a visit. Their menu contains everything from kulhad wali chai to street food and regional delicacies, and every bite is a journey to the vibrant streets of Varanasi.

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16.Kota Kachori

Kota Kachori serves various Rajasthani dishes that taste as good as they look. They have the best aloo pyaz kachori and dhokla, along with many other dishes on the menu, and they also have some of the tastiest Indian desserts.

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17.Spicy Corner

This is a small place, but the food is so delicious that it makes you want to lick your fingers, and it serves various Chinese dishes. The items are reasonably priced and equally delicious, making them popular choice for all eaters.

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18.Meghna Biryani

Your search for the tastiest biryani is over! Whether you’re a fan of the fiery and bold flavors of the Hyderabadi biryani or the subtle elegance of Lucknawi dum biryani, their menu offers a wide array of choices to suit every palate. Hop over to Meghna’s and have the best biryani.

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19.Just Bake

This place is heaven for all sweet tooths out there. They not only have cakes and pastries but tarts, cupcakes, snacks like veg and paneer puffs and also most Indian sweets.

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20.Glens Bakehouse

Love the aroma of freshly baked cakes, pastries, and whatnot? The red velvet cupcakes from Glens are to die for! Their confections will melt in your mouth, leaving an a fantastic aftertaste. This place is a must-visit.

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