Top 20 Street Foods In Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

top 20 street foods in shivaji nagar bangalore
top 20 street foods in shivaji nagar bangalore

As we know, Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore is a famous commercial street, where the majority of the public, not only from a particular state but from different cities, states, and also from various country’s, people love to visit. This place is not only famous for shopping but also famous for the availability of varieties of delicious foods. Today we will see about the best street foods available in the Shivaji Nagar, which are pretty famous as most of people love to have.

1. Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is also called (Fairy floss or candy floss). This is famous street food in Shivaji Nagar. You will find many vendors in Shivaji Nagar selling this cotton candy in different colors. Many people get excited to have this cotton candy, especially children’s. as it refreshes the childhood memories where they get to eat that. Cotton candy is a sweet candy made up of a confection of sugar that resembles a soft candy. Different food colorings are also added to this cotton candy for making different colors.

Cotton Candy

2. Sugar Cane Juice

People often will love to have delicious and fresh sugar cane juice if they have come to Shivaji Nagar for shopping. After shopping in this busy street on a summer day, people stop to have these Sugarcane juices. Many vendors are selling these sugarcane juices. Freshly juices extracted from sugarcane plus sugar are something that refreshes and boosts up the energy. Lemon added in those sugarcane juices will add extra taste to it.

Sugar cane juice

3. Rose Milk

It is another refreshing drink sold by the individual vendors which you witness in the Shivaji Nagar. It is a sweet drink made up of milk, sugar, chia seeds, and added food flavors like (Rose milk syrup or Rooh-afza).

Rose Milk 1

4. Popcorn

It is another street food where the vendors sell hot and fresh popcorn with adding some extra spices to enhance its flavor, which you witness if you visit Shivaji Nagar. This Popcorn will cost less than 25 INR. But the prices may also depend on the sellers, whether they sell in cups or packets.


5. Pav-Bhaji

Many shops sell delicious Pav bhaji in Shivaji Nagar by offering many varieties in Pav bhaji. It is a bread called Pav, and bhaji – a mixture of various vegetables, spices, and pav bhaji masala. There is Ronak Pav Bhaji shop in Shivaji Nagar that offers varieties in Pav Bhaji like Amul butter pav bhaji, Cheese pav bhaji, Kolhapuri pav bhaji, Jain pav bhaji, and many other street foods. If you are a pav bhaji lover, then you need to visit this place to have a delicious Pav bhaji.

Pav Bhaji

6. Pani puri

This is a famous street food which is loved by almost many people. The craze of Pani puri is never-ending, right?. There is a separate fan base for having Pani puri in the middle of shopping. You can get this delicious Pani puri in Venkatesh Pani puri located in Jumma Masjid Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore. Some of the visitor recommended visiting this shop for having Pani puri at a cheap cost.

Pani puri

7. Chaat

Apart from having Pani puri in the Shivaji Nagar, you can also have different chaat available there. Dahi puri, Aloo tikki chaat, Papadi chaat, basket chaat and more. For trying these chaat items, you can visit Venkatesh Pani puri shop.


8. Sandwiches

If you want to fulfill your hunger and also you want to have street food, then a sandwich is the better option to have. Varieties of sandwiches are available in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore, like Cheese chilly toast, chutney sandwiches, Veg cheese sandwiches, and other sandwich. For having a sandwich, you can visit the Ronak Pav Bhaji, and Juice center, Shivajinagar.


9. French Fries

This is another snack that is loved by many peoples. French fries are made from potato cuts deeply fried in hot oil. Spices are added to the fried potato. You can get these French fries from the shops in the Shivaji Nagar.

French Fries

10. Samosa

Samosa is a famous snack for many people. In addition to that, the samosa is a budget-friendly snack with a delicious taste. Hot cooked samosa with various fillings like meat or vegetables or onions or potato is available in a Royal restaurant in Shivaji Nagar. You will get a place to sit with hot cooked samosas.


11. Tea/Chai

Many people love the combo of samosa with chai. Especially in the morning of cool weather, people prefer tea. But, it is not shocking that people prefer tea in any season, whether hot or cold. The various tea stalls in Shivaji Nagar are always crowded with people. If you want to have the best tea, then you can visit Savera Café, Shivaji Nagar. You will be offered black tea, lemon tea, coffee, milk, samosa, and special tea.


12. Kebabs

One of the best-selling and most loved by Non-veg lovers in this Shivaji Nagar market is Kebabs. You can see vendors in carts selling hotly cooked kebabs or many shops selling this. Mainly, the kebabs are made-up of mutton or chicken with a combination of other ingredients plus spices. The combination of these hot Kebab’s gives you a fantastic feeling to have it more and more.


13. Fruit Chaat

The fruits are most loved street food in Shivaji Nagar. If you want to have healthy street food, then this is best. You can get different cut fruits sold by the fruit vendors in that street. You can even get a bowl of mixed fruits or of your choice. These are pocket-friendly street snacks.

Fruit chaat

14. Lassi

There are many people who love lassi, and also love to taste different types of lassi. If you are a lassi lover and you need to have it in Shivaji Nagar, then you can visit the “Lassi and Juices” shop. There, you will get varieties of lassi like Sweet lassi, banana lassi, Dry fruit lassi, Mango lassi. Not only lassi, but you can also get other fresh juices and shakes from this shop.


15. Tandoori Chicken

You will also witness in Shivaji Nagar the carts are selling tandoors. Besides kebabs, Tandoori chicken is famous street food in this place. The marinated chickens are roasted in the tandoors. The spices and ingredients added to the chicken will give you an excellent and delicious taste.

Tandoori Chicken

16. Pakoda

The street foods are incomplete without adding the pakoda to that list. The Shivaji Nagar shops also offer different varieties of pakodas. Pakoda consists of vegetables like onion, and potato or green leafs dipped in the batter of gram flour. Spices are added to the gram flour to enhance the taste of pakoda. The shop named Desi Galli in Shivaji Nagar offers varieties in pakoda such as onion pakoda, Paneer pakoda, Chicken pakoda, mix pakoda.


17. Waffles

Waffles is a type of dessert made from cake batter baked in the waffles maker. Some shops which sell waffles also add ice cream to the upper of the waffle to enrich its taste.

Waffles 1

18. Vada Pav

As we know, people from different cities visit Shivaji Nagar and taste the famous food of their towns too. Many people love Vada Pav. Pav is bread, and Vada is. You can get the Vada Pav in Shivaji Nagar from this Goli Vada Pav No 1. You will be offered different flavours like Masala vada pav, classic vada pav, cheese vada pav, Mix veg vada pav, Schezwan vada pav.

Vada Pav

19. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a famous sweet dish, and most people love this sweet. You can get this sweet dish from the shops trading in the Shivaji Nagar like Bhagathram sweet.

gulab jamun

20. Corn

Corn is one of the best-selling-street snacks in Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore. You will indeed witness the vendors selling hot boiled corn. You can get corn variety too. Like, Masala Corn, Sweet Corn, Butter Corn and specially roasted corn.