Top 20 Street Foods In Maharashtra

Top 20 Street Foods In Maharashtra

1. Vada Paav

It is the most favorite snack and dish of everyone living in Maharashtra. It’s so tempting that people just can’t resist themselves from eating.Its smell just pulls you towards it.And each and every vada Paav will give you some different taste but the same feel of deliciousness. Also known as ‘INDIAN BURGER’. Famous spots in places like Mumbai,Pune,Solapur,Kolhapur Nashik and many more.


2. Paav Bhaji

One of the spiciest, vegetarian dishPaav Bhaji is so tasty that people even prefer it for dinner and all.The Bhaji is very spicy, mashed mixed vegetables and red chilly paste,it is so yummy, that you can’t stop eating. Well known places are Solapur,Pune,Mumbai and Kolhapur.


3. Paani Puri

This mouth -watering snackis one of the most popular street food of Maharashtrians. This is part of Chaats  including Bhel Puri,shev Puri and many more.The liquid ingredient which is filled in the Puri is sour,and little sweet, also it is mixed with chopped onions and shev. A must try chaat for visitors. Every city in Maharashtra is a big fan of Paani Puri.


4. Bombil Fry

This is one more famous street food,for non vegetarian people. As it is made up of Bombil,the very famous sea food in Mumbai. It is being deep fried with some coating of thick mixture,sometimes of besan. Mumbai is very well known for Bombil Fry, as the sea food is freshly available in Mumbai.


5. Kanda Poha

A very famous breakfast or a 4 pm,7pm dish.Yellow in color and smells great. It is served with coriander leaves chopped and spread all over and a small piece of lemon to add it to the taste.This is very famous pre marriage guests arriving home served dish.


6. Ragda Pattice

This dish is also known as Aloo tikki or tikki chaat in northern parts of India. It is served with a spicy gravy and tikki,and is hot and spicy. Kolhapur is the first and foremost famous place for RagdaPattice, also other cities are enjoying it’s tempting taste.


7. Samosa

The very famous triangle shaped street food is Samosa. It is stuffed with potatoes mashed and masala to add a flavor. After the outer covering is prepared, it is deep fried and served hot. Samosa is also very well known in North India.


8. Misal Paav

A very well known street food in all over Maharashtra. Famous for its tempting taste. This is the most popular and traditional dish of Kolhapur and now is well known in all parts of India as well. Served with Farsaan and spicy gravy put all around.


9. Saabudana Vada

In Maharashtra, Saabudana vada is the most traditional fasting food and is very hot and crispy.People prefer to eat it always and not only on fasting’s, as it is so tasty.


10. Bhel Puri

The second famous Chaat after PaaniPuri in Maharashtra.A mixture of chivda,chopped onions,chopped tomatoes,spicy liquid masala and much more to add on. Light and tasty street snack.


11. Kheema Paav

Another spicy non vegetarian dish,is a tempting street snack. It is preferred on all the timings as people love it’s taste and odour.


12. Dabeli

This is one more street snack which is people’s favorite. It is very tasty and a surprising ingredient of it is pomegranate beans, when the beans come under your teeth,it tastes awesome.


13. Mirchi Bhaji

Hot,crispy and spicy snack. Long chillies are dipped into paste of besan and water and deep fried. This takes a shape of long chilly. A very famous street snack and a must try food. You can call it the brother of Pakoda.


14. Disco Bhaji

The most crispy and tempting street snack,just as Mirchi bhaji. And is very well known because each and every bhaji has a different shape.But tastes awesome.


15. Sandwiches

A very well known local street food of Mumbai. There are many more other types as grilled sandwich and chicken sandwich and the specialty is The Bombay sandwich of Mumbai.Chicken sandwich is another dish for non vegetarian folks who enjoy spicy and crispy taste.


16. Tea Stalls

Tea vendors cycle around the cities in Mumbai,Pune and even there are stalls all around.Each stall is famous for there own taste. Cutting chai is the one very famous word for tea used in Maharashtra.


17. Kulfi And Gola

Kulfi is a type of ice-cream and Gola is type of ice cup,made from smashes ice and dipped into colored eating drink,are types of most famous desserts found on streets of Maharashtra. People enjoy eating desserts after dinner, and we can see huge crowd in front of the very famous stalls in overall Maharashtra.


18. Dahi Vada

This is another form of street snack, which is little bit cold.The vada is dipped in dahi(curd) and chaat masala, peppers is spread all over curd. The combination of vada and curd is delicious.Sometimes preferred as breakfast also. 


19. Chinese Street Food

Chinese stalls are another very popular for the street food snacks.The stalls are spreaded all over cities and are seen outside most crowded spots.The dishes are very tempting,very famous dishes are Manchurian,Noodles and many more.


20. Chaats

These are the most preferred street snacks in Maharashtra. Includes Paani Puri, Shev Puri, Bhel Puri, Kachori, Chatni Puri and much more.