20 Natural Foods To Prevent Heart Diseases

20 Natural Foods to Prevent Heart Diseases

1. Basil Leaves

Basi is one of the herbs which is healthy for the heart as it is capable of lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.It prevents any cardiac weakness or strokes and is useful for everybody to chew a minimum of ten leaves of basil in a day for good health. Other uses are reducing stress and depression.


2. Black Beans

Black beans have a hard shell-like appearance and in fact are edible seeds.They are useful due to their high protein and fiber content as the fiber in black beans reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood decreasing the risk of heart disease.These also contain several vitamins and minerals beneficial to human health.


3. Olive Oil

Olive Oils are known for consisting of unsaturated fats which can reduce bad cholesterol and also lowers inflammation.It also facilitates weight loss by increased burning of calories.


4. Walnuts

Consumption of Walnuts may increase blood levels useful for a healthy heart and also supports good cholesterol levels.Besides containing protein, they are the source of unsaturated fats which helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels.


5. Almonds

These kind of nuts are nutrition packed. When seen on the label, the fat content will be high. If you worry about it, there is no problem as the fats are healthy for your heart boosting serotonin levels during the day and in turn allowing you to sleep sound at night avoiding any strokes.


6. Oranges

Oranges clear your arteries blocked due to over consumption of junk food for proper circulation of blood to the muscles protecting against heart attacks.The citrus contained in it also reduces blood cholesterol by 20-25 percent as shown by recent studies.


7. Barley

Even though many people does not prefer Barley due to its high fiber content, vitamins and minerals,anti-oxidants makes it an ideal choice for anyone in types of grains. The fiber contained in it lowers the bad cholesterol by binding to the acids and removing them from the body through excretion.


8. Oatmeal

Freshly cooked Oatmeal at the time of breakfast will be a good start to your day and helps to maintain your diet especially for people suffering from heart diseases or diabetes.Oats or Oatmeal contains a fiber known as beta-glucan and it has been proved that it removes cholesterol from the digestive system which would otherwise end up in blood flow blocking the arteries.


9. Beetroot

Beetroots are rich in nitrates which help to prevent any heart strokes or anything related to heart diseases and also regulates blood pressure.Nitrates when combined with blood forms nitric oxide increasing oxygen content in the blood vessels. Hence daily consumption of Beetroots is essential for a healthy heart.


10. Green Tea

A cup of Green Tea daily in the morning keeps anyone from any heart disease as the drink widens the artery preventing any formation of blood clots, thereby improving the flow of blood.It also lowers the blood pressure and helps to stay away from cancer.To maintain a healthy balanced diet, three times a day of Green Tea intake is essential.


11. Sweet Potatoes

They consist of Vitamin A, fibers and potassium and so many nutrients with fewer calories than many vegetables.These potatoes are better when compared to regular ones due to more content of natural sugar.Consuming plants like sweet potatoes also decreases obesity and heart diseases by promoting a healthy body and lower weight.


12. Apples

The fibers which are soluble in Apples combine with fats present in the intestine reducing the cholesterol levels from getting solidified in the artery wall and prevents blockage to the blood flow. Eating an Apple on a regular basis keeps you healthier and fairer complexion of your body.


13. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate mainly contains anti-oxidants and so improves blood flow and also lowers blood pressure.If you worry about the fats contained in it, there is no need for the fatty acids coming from the cocoa butter neither increases nor decreases the cholesterol level.Hence it doesn’t have any harmful impact on the heart.


14. Red Wine

The alcohol and other substances in Red Wine are known as a source of anti-oxidants which may help in preventing heart diseases by increasing the levels of good cholesterol and repairing any artery damage. It also reduces the formation of blood clots and also improves the function of cells facilitating blood transport.


15. Salmon

Fish has been a nutritious food since ancient times and Chinese are also using it as feed to their crop fields currently. It is a source of many minerals, proteins, and vitamins including potassium and Vitamin B12.Also Salmon improves bone density and strength.The fats which are responsible for reducing inflammation are also present in it.


16. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are known for lowering blood pressure as High blood pressure is one of the reasons for causing heart attacks and strokes. Consumption of five ounces of pomegranate juice daily is ideal, and people who have high blood pressure had a significant reduction after taking the juice every day.


17. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the tastiest spices having a useful impact on the body when talking in health aspects especially.The main components in cinnamon have the ability to reduce platelet growth and prevent the formation of blood clots. Platelet aggregation could cause blood clots to form in arteries and cause strokes or heart attacks.


18. Watermelon

Watermelons mostly contain water (about ninety percent of it).This fruit helps to lower the cholesterol playing a significant role in heart diseases and diabetes too. Studies have shown that Watermelons have natural protection against hypertension and cardio related diseases.


19. Cheese

Cheeses with shape have an added advantage to cardio health. Fermentation with fungi makes cheese produce substances that are used to remove bacteria known as parasites found in liver and blood vessels synthesizing bad cholesterol. Melting cheese does not have any impact on the properties and if you are worried about calorie intake levels, then instead of applying to bread cheese with slices of bread would be a good combination.


20. Turmeric

Turmeric can hinder the properties of blood platelets which are solely responsible for the formation of blood clots and hence blocking arteries due to which heart muscles will die for lack of blood causing heart attacks or strokes. Turmeric Milk is treated as an Ayurvedic drink and consumption of it before sleep promotes your health and heals many diseases or infections.