Top 20 Street Foods Of Tawang

Top 20 Street Foods Of Tawang

Tawang is the smallest district of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a holy place for Tibetan Buddhists. The best time to visit Tawang is between March to May. This place is famous for heavy snowfall. It has Asia’s largest and oldest Monastery. Tawang has a historical background and shares a border with China. But apart from this, it has famous and tasty street foods. So, here are the Top 20 Street Foods of Tawang.


Tawang serves the best momos after Delhi. These steamed buns have a unique filling of Chicken, Mutton, and Beef. They even have vegetable fillings for vegetarians. Momos are served with spicy red chutney and a soup. It is said that Tawang serves the most authentic momos in the whole of Arunachal Pradesh. They add exotic flavours and spices to the momos and they taste almost the same as that of Tibetan momos.‘Kunga restaurant” serves the best momos. Do give it a try.



Pasa is an interesting traditional and oldest dish of Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang serves the most authentic Pasa in the whole state. It is a fish food. It is a soup made of fresh fish. Raw and fresh fish is cleaned and mixed spices with some ginger, garlic, spices, Khumpatt leaves, local herbs, and minced meat paste. Pasa is considered to be very nourishing and fulfilling. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction and is a must-try.



It is said that there is no single person in Arunachal who doesn’t love Mithun. Mithun is an animal that is found only in the Northeastern part of India. The meat used by this animal is the main delicacy of Arunachalis. Mithun is usually boiled or smoked. It is not fried because the Arunachalis do not prefer fried meat. It is then added with spices and herbs and served hot. It tastes delicious and is a must-try.



Marua is a type of homemade alcohol and is quite famous in Arunachali cuisine. It is a very simple drink. The special thing about Marua is that it is made up of millet, unlike the other homemade alcohols that are made of rice. It is the most common drink most Arunachalis prefer to have during special occasions and celebrations. Do give it a try.



Chhurpi is a soup that originated in Arunachal Pradesh. It is available only in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Chhurpi is made from yak’s milk and tastes super tasty. People often make delicious cheese and add spices to it. It is said that a lot of varieties can be prepared from Chhurpi. The taste is good and is a must-try when in Tawang.



Guguni is also known as Matar chaat. It is a gravy dish made with green peas. It is rich in flavors and tastes delicious. It is made using green peas, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, spices, and local herbs. It can be customized as per your spicy taste preference. It is garnished with some more onions and coriander. It is served hot and is a lip-smacking dish.


7.Mala Roti

Mala Roti is said to be the most famous and popular street food in the whole of Arunachal Pradesh. Mala Roti is on the sweeter side. It is made using rice flour, jaggery, and cardamom. It is in a ring shape and is topped with some more cardamom and clove powder. Usually, people carry it during long journeys. It is edible. Every bite of it tastes heavenly. Do give it a try.



Pitha, also known as Koat Pitha is a comfort food for Arunachalis. The dish is quite simple. It is made using banana, jaggery, and rice flour. It is then given a small and circular shape and deeply fried. It is unique in taste because it is fried in mustard oil. This sweet dish is perfect for a cozy environment and evening snack. Do give it a try.



Zan is said to be a traditional dish of Arunachal Pradesh. It is considered to have a rare combination of being a healthy and tasty dish. It is considered to be the comfort food by the locals. It is made from millet flour. It is served hot along with some vegetables and chutneys. Zan is a wholesome dish and gives a feeling of satisfaction. Do give it a try.


10.Pika Pila

Pika Pila was originated in Arunachal Pradesh. It is prepared traditionally by blending red chilies, garlic, ginger, unique spices, and local herbs. They use Bamboo shoots and Pork fat. It is very spicy. This spicy chutney is given a tangy flavor by lemon. Pika Pila is loved by the locals because of its fiery spicy nature. Do give it a try.



Arunachalis like fermented dishes, one such dish is Pehak. Pehak is fermented soybeans. It is spicy and has a lot of other flavors added. It is served with steamed hot rice. It is served best in Tawang and has an authentic taste. It can be found in any local shop and is a must-try when in Tawang.



Apong has a special place in Arunachali culture and tradition. It is an alcoholic beverage and is consumed on special occasions and festivals. It is a rice beer. Yeast is mixed in the fermented rice. Due to Fermentation, it is slightly tangy and alcoholic. Apong is considered to be auspicious and is served in large bamboo containers. It is a must-try.


13.Chura Sabzi

Chura sabzi is a curry that is made from yak’s milk. Chura Sabzi has a unique taste because it has fermented cheese present in it. The fermented cheese used is also from Yak’s milk. It has flavors of King Chilly and Bhut Jolokia. Vegetables are added to this curry and served with steamed hot rice. The taste is mild but is a must-try when in Tawang.



Ngatak is another fish curry traditionally prepared by the Arunachalis. Ngatak is unique because it is made using a stone. A banana leaf is wrapped around the stone and is placed with pieces of fish. It is marinated with unique spices and local herbs. It is cooked using charcoal. It has a smoky flavor. The taste is different and is a must-try.


15.Wungwut Ngam

Wungwut Ngam is an authentic dish of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a local meat dish. It is made using rice and chicken. Rice is cooked until brown and then added with chicken, spices, and herbs. It is the most recommended dish by the locals who are visiting Tawang.



Thukpa originated in Tibet. Thukpa is a Tibetan or Himalayan-style noodle with loads of vegetables or chicken stew. The most famous and popular Thukpa is Amdo Thukpa. There are many other varieties of Thukpa like Thenthuk, Thuppa, Thugpa, etc. This clear soup is said to be healthy and delicious. Thukpa is consumed almost every day in Tawang and has a lot of fans. It is a must-try.



Bresi is a sweet dish. The aroma of its flavors is spread all over Tawang and makes it the most popular cuisine of Tawang. It is usually prepared during celebrations and festivals because it is a special dish. It is made using rice, dried fruits, sugar, cardamom, and a generous amount of melted butter. The taste is amazing and can not be missed at any cost.



Puta is the most preferred noodle dish by the locals. Puta is noodles but has a twist. It is made using fermented soya beans, buckwheat noodles, vegetables, unique species, and local herbs. It has a great and lip-smacking taste. It is often served with some alcohol made up of fermented rice (Apong). It is a must-try.



Khazi is also known as Gyapa-Khazi. It is a Biryani in Monpa style. It is made using rice, fermented cheese, fish, spices, and local herbs. It is the most recommended dish when in Tawang by the locals. It is rich in flavors and has a perfect mixture of all the spices of Tawang. Every bite tastes delicious and is a must-try.



Lukter is the most popular dish. It is prepared with chilly flakes and meat or pork. It is usually served with steaming hot rice. It tastes delicious. It has high nutritional values. It is quite spicy and has rich flavors of unique spices and local herbs. The special ingredient added is Bamboo shoots. The taste is delicious and tastes the best with hot steamed rice or rice cakes. Do give it a try.