Top 20 Street Foods Of Shillong

Top 20 Street Foods Of Shillong

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. Shillong is famous because it has the most famous hill stations in the Northeastern part of India. It is more popularly known as “Scotland of East”. It has picturesque sights and is the most visited tourist place in India. Shillong is also known for its Indian Food Culture. It serves Khasi and Jaintia cuisines the most. It has a variety of foods. Here are the Top 20 Street Foods of Shillong.

1.Aloo Muri

Aloo Muri is the most famous and popular street food in Shillong. It is a lip-smacking street food and is known by different names in other parts of the country. The ingredients include potatoes, puffed rice, spices, and local herbs. It is topped with loads of onions and coriander. They add spicy chutneys. It makes aloo muri even more flavourful. The taste is yummy. It is a must-try.



Chowmein is the most common dish of the people of Shillong. It is served as red hot spicy noodles with the topping of chicken, pork, or beef. It contains a lot of spices and local herbs. Few people prefer eggs in the noodles. Chowmein can be found anywhere in the local street market of Shillong. Do give it a try and taste these unique noodles.


3.Pani Puri

Pani Puri is the most loved street food by every Indian. Don’t forget to try out the famous Pani Puri at Shillong. Deeply fried puri stuffed with potato, chili, masalas, chana, and onion are dipped in tangy tamarind chutney and spicy pudina chutney. They are garnished with some sev and some more onions. The taste is heavenly.



Momos in Northeastern states taste different. Momos in Shillong have a variety of fillings such as that of Chicken, Meat, Beef, and Pork. Chicken Momo and Pork Momo are the most popular in Shillong. It is served hot with a spicy chilly chutney and mayonnaise. The taste of these momos is delicious and spicy and has to be eaten when hot. It can not be missed out when in Shillong.



Jadoh is the most famous street food of Shillong. This dish has its ingredients in its name itself. “Ja” stands for rice and “doh” for meat. It is also known as Khasi Pulao. This red rice and pork meat combination has a lot of fans and tastes delicious. It is served hot along with some sauteed seasonal vegetables of Shillong. It’s a must-try for the pork lovers.



Tungrymbai is said to have originated in Shillong. It can not be found any where else in India other than Shillong, Meghalaya. It can be found in any local street shop in the markets of Shillong. Tungrymbai is a dish made using fermented Soybeans. Soybeans used for Tungrymbai are grown in Shillong itself, so it gives a more authentic taste. This soup is served hot with roti or bread. It is a highly recommended dish.



Dohneiiong is a traditional dish of Meghalaya. It is said to be the most loved pork dish. The key ingredient used here is pork and black sesame seeds. This dish is prepared in a Chinese style. This velvety dish has a slow cooking. The flavors are rich because it has unique spices and local herbs. It is served hot with steaming rice. It is a must-try.



Pukhlein is the most popular dish in Shillong. It is said to have originated in Shillong. The main ingredient used to prepare Pukhlein is Rice. Rice is fermented and added sweetness. It is topped with a powder of cardamom and cloves. This dessert has a unique taste and is a must-try when in Shillong.


9.Chilly Pork

Chilly Pork is a red hot, spicy Indo-Chinese starter served at its best in Shillong. Chilly pork is prepared using pork and other spices, sauces, and herbs. This dish is served fresh and hot in any local street shop and tastes delicious. Chilly pork is quite spicy and is a must-try for spicy food lovers.



Dohkhlieh is a pork salad. It is prepared in various ways in every restaurant in Shillong and doesn’t have a specific recipe. This pork salad is topped with loads of garlic, onions, spring onions, spices, and local herbs. It can be found easily in Don Bosco Square. Do give it a try because it is hardly found anywhere else in India.


11.Pyyaz Kachori

Pyaaz ki Kachori is the most common Indian breakfast in India. Northeastern states like Meghalaya serve Kachori. They taste different from the rest of India. The main ingredients of Pyaaz ki Kachori include Onion and Kachori. Kachori is sweet, spicy, tangy, sour and yummy. Onion adds more flavours to Kachori and tastes delicious. It is a must-try.



Bastenga means fermented bamboo shoots along with some juice. It is a Nagaland cuisine and a very famous dish in the Northeastern states. This dish is considered good for health and has a lot of health benefits. It is made using chicken and Bhoot Jolokia (Chili). The chicken curry is steamed and fermented with bamboo shoots and mixed with spices. It tastes delicious and is a must-try.



Jalebi is known as the National Sweet of India. This spiral-shaped sweet is the most consumed sweet in Shillong. It is deeply fried in desi ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup. The taste is divine. The Jalebi is sweet, crispy, delicate and juicy. It is served hot and has an aroma that attracts everyone to taste it. Do give it a try.


14.Sakin Gata

Sakin is a famous food of Meghalaya. It is also known as Wanti. It is a sticky rice cake mixed with sugar syrup overnight. The rice flour used for this is called Malabik. It is garnished with sesame seeds between the rice as layers. It is well-steamed and served hot. It is delicious and is a must-try.


15.Chaa Khoo

Chaa Khoo is a hot beverage that originated in Meghalaya. It goes well with the cold weather of Meghalaya. Chaa koo means rice tea. A certain kind of rice is brewed. This rice is special because it has high nutritional value. A cup of Chaa Khoo gives a refreshing feeling and is consumed by everyone in Meghalaya.


16.Doó Kappa

Doó kappa is also known as Chicken kappa. It has two main contents, Banana plant and chicken. It has unique flavors and has a very different texture. It is served hot with steamed rice or with slices of bread. The taste is unique and is loved by everyone who tries it. It can not be missed at any cost when in Shillong.


17.Nakap Nakam

Nakap Nakam is an authentic culinary dish and is rarely found anywhere in India but in Meghalaya. It includes flat beans and dried fish. This dish is added with a lot of spices and special ingredients with some local herbs. It is usually served with rice as a main course. It has aromatic flavours. One can not resist from not trying it.



Pumaloi is powdered steamed rice. It is prepared in a traditional style using a special vessel known as Khiew Ranei. The taste is mild and can prepared with any spicy curry. It is considered as the favorite rice dish of Meghalaya. Do give it a try.


19.Roasted Chicken Or Pork

Roasted chicken/ pork can be found all over the local streets of Shillong. It is made on the streets and tastes top-class. Chicken/pork is roasted on charcoal. Spices and masalas are mixed, and garnished with pudina chutney, schezwan chutney, and onions. Lemon is squeezed on top and then a pinch of masalas is added and served hot. It tastes delicious and is a must-try.



Kyat is a rice beer made by fermenting rice. It is served in every street of Shillong and is most loved by the locals. The fermented rice is boiled in water and mixed with local ingredients. It is considered auspicious and is consumed by everyone during special occasions and celebrations. Do give it a try.