Top 20 Street Foods You Probably Did Not Know Exists In Kolkata

Top 20 Street Foods You Probably Did Not Know Exists In Kolkata
Top 20 Street Foods You Probably Did Not Know Exists In Kolkata

Kolkata is all about emotions, happy people, and good food. Street foods in Kolkata have a separate identity. They are pocket-friendly and at the same time very delicious. It is a perfect mix of sour, salty, and sweet flavors. The best part about Kolkata is that it accepts new food quickly and gives its own distinct manipulations. The manipulations are indeed tasty, and something you will surely crave for. Different regions of Kolkata are famous for various dishes and we will cover few dishes which are close to Kolkata and probably you have not heard about it.

1.Ghoti Garam

It is one of the popular snacks in West Bengal. It is served warm and fresh, it is actually warm bhujiya seasoned with lots of tomatoes, onion, raw mango, green chilies, and dry coconut. The tingling sound of the vendor’s bell is very pleasing to the ears.

2.Mochar Chop

Have you ever heard of a fritter made with the banana flowers? Here it is, it is either mixed with potatoes, or it is alone made into a mixture loaded with spices and then covered with a thick batter of besan and then deep-fried. It has to be one of the popular telebhajas in Kolkata.


It is a fritter made with chana dal, nigella seeds, asafetida, and spices. It is crispy and mainly made in a diamond shape. A popular curry dhokar dalna is also made with this fritter. It is very delicious and the texture provided by ground dal is fantastic.


This is not the general samosa we are accustomed to. It is made with cubes of potatoes which is flavored with cumin, coriander seeds, dried red chili, panchphoron. It is slightly sweet and the crunch provided by peanuts is awesome.

5.Dal er bora

It is a fritter made with moong dal, It is a very straight forward preparation in which dal is made into a batter seasoned with salt, and ginger and deep-fried. It is served with rock salt or chaat masala on top. It is very cheap and a perfect evening snack.


Fish, mutton, and chicken kabiraji are very popular in West Bengal. It is a simple fritter but the unique part is the egg covering on top. It is half fried and then again fried with a batter of egg which gives it a unique look, texture and taste.

7.Jhal Muri

Bhel Puri is very popular in India, but jhal muri is something different. As mustard oil is the only wet ingredient that goes into it, it does not get soggy. The crunch of the puffed rice remains intact and tastes delicious.

8.Fish Biryani

It is a very unique idea of serving biryani with the fish. Ellish and vhetki biryani are two of the popular types. The rice is quite similar, but the taste that fish provides is entirely different.

9.Fish Momos

You will find fish momos in the territy bazaar which is an authentic Chinese bazaar selling traditional Chinese cuisine. Fish momos is a reasonably new idea but very well accepted by the locals. Kolkata loves fish, which is evident by the incorporation of fish in various dishes.

10.Alur Torkari

It is a spicy, roadside potato curry made with panchphoron. The five spices give a unique flavor to it. It is often served with luchis, bread, and quarter bread. You will find this as a breakfast item in almost every sweet shop here.


It is a very famous breakfast item which is served with the above spicy potato curry. It has a slightly sweet taste because of the sugar and goes very well with the spicy torkari.

12.Radha Ballavi

It is a kachori that is filled with either chana dal or urad dal spiced with nutmeg, asafetida, nigella seeds. It is one of the popular evening snacks in Kolkata. It is a part of the food menu of some of the branded hotels in Kolkata.

13.Chicken stew

Dacres lane is one of the popular street food hubs in Kolkata. Chitto Babur chicken stew is very popular. It is made with chicken stock, carrots, potatoes, bottle gourd, and chicken leg pieces. It is served with bread and is one of the go-to options for all the employees here.

14.Ghughni Chat

Ragada patties and ghughni are quite similar but the spices and preparations are slightly different. It is served hot with chopped tomatoes, onions, green chilis, and potatoes. Potato is a very important ingredient in most of the snacks here.

15.Mughlai Porota

It is a deep-fried paratha of rectangular shape stuffed with either chicken or egg. It is served with salad, potato curry, and ketchup. It is generally very oily and might shoot up your cholesterol levels, but it can be tried once in a lifetime experience.

16.Doodh Cola

Balwant Singh ka Dhaba prepares a very peculiar drink known as Doodh cola. It is actually milk mixed with coco-cola. People have mixed opinions about dudh cola, but if you are looking for something unique, you can surely try this.


It is made with moong dal, and served with garlic chutney. You can find dal ka chilla in Burrabazar area. It is very delicious and you can actually taste the authentic flavor of dal. Cheese chilla is the most recommended one.


You can buy it from any puchka seller. The puris which are not puffed up are used to make a chat called churmur. It is mixed with sliced boiled potatoes and lots of spices. It is very tangy and spicy and a must-try snack.

19.Aloo Kabli

It is very similar to churmur but here puris are not used. It is made only with soft and delectable potatoes. Many jhal muri vendors and puchkawalas sell aloo kabli.

20.Kathi Rolls

It has to be one of the best street foods in Kolkata. The outer covering is flaky and has a slightly sweet flavor. Chicken Kathi rolls have to be undoubtedly the best rolls going around.