Top 20 Family Restaurants In Nariman Point, Mumbai

Top 20 Family Restaurants In Nariman Point Mumbai
Top 20 Family Restaurants In Nariman Point Mumbai

Nariman Point is located in the South-most area of the city of Mumbai. It is a business district with high-rise buildings, offices, and upscale hotels. Nariman Point is also the hub for Mumbai’s theatre arts as it is home to National Centre for Performing arts, which hosts many international theatre and music acts. This region also has the Piramal Art Gallery, which displays modern visual arts. Nariman Point does not lack in restaurants that serve mouth-watering food. You can taste a range of cuisines in this area as the place is full of affordable and luxury restaurants to liven up your family get-togethers.

1. Swati Snacks

Swati Snacks is a restaurant that feels like home. This restaurant offers Gujarati and South Indian cuisine as well as desserts and beverages. Do try their popular foods: Undhiyu, Dabeli, Sev Puri, Falafel, and Dahi Puri. Swati snack attracts a good crowd and shows attentive service. It’s a hygienic place, and the food is worth the value.


2. Sassy Teaspoon

Sassy foods mainly serve desserts and bakery items. So if you ever visit this cute bakery, do not forget to try Salted Caramel Brownie, Cakes, Desserts, Chocolate, and Pastries. A vast range of dishes is available on the menu, and the items are served with a good presentation. The average cost for two orders is up to Rs 500.


3. Starbucks

Starbucks is a famous American coffeehouse chain with branches all over the world. Nariman Point, too, has its own Starbucks. Here you can enjoy a vast range of coffee, tea, and other beverages with delicious snacks, bites, desserts, and bakery dishes to go along with your drink. The ambience of Starbucks is just like an American cafe with a cosy atmosphere and comfortable seating.


4. Kutumbsakhi

Kutumbsakhi is a Maharashtrian speciality restaurant. The timings of Kutumbsakhi are from 11 am to 10 pm. It is an affordable place offering snacks, bites, and street food items like Batata Vada, Kothimbir Wadi, Vada Pav, Upma, and Usal. They also serve limited main course items and desserts such as Udakiche Modak, Sheera, Laddus, and Puran Poli.


5. Status Veg Restaurant

Status Restaurant is a busy restaurant having a vast range of items from the North Indian and South Indian cuisines. It is a perfect place for family lunches and dinners as the crowd is chirpy, and the service is courteous and prompt. Try their popular dishes: Mini Pav Bhajis, Gujju Thali, Corn Bhel, Paneer Kofta, Gujarati Food, and Paneer Methi Malai.


6. K Bhagat Tarachand

K Bhagat Tarachand is a famous brand for North Indian cuisine. This restaurant is there inside many shopping malls. In Nariman Point, you can find K Bhagat Tarachand inside CR2 Mall. You should try Butter Chapati, Masala Paneer, Chaas, Pani Puri, Dahi Batata Puri, and Paneer Bhurji. This place is perfect to have some wholesome food with your family.


7. The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf 

‘The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ is the perfect place to indulge in desserts, sandwiches, and beverages. Their Hazelnut Cold Coffee, Coffees, Cheesecake, Cakes, and Pastries are a must-try. The average for two orders is approximately Rs 600. Their indoor seating is a pleasant experience because of their ideal location, perfect seating arrangement, and lovely ambience.


8. Subway

Subway is a famous hub for healthy and fast food options. It is an American Fast food chain having branches across the world. Subway’s timings are from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm. One order can cost up to Rs 250. Subway is a perfect place to enjoy wraps, subs, and salads in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


9. McDonald’s

Mcdonald’s is a famous American fast-food chain and has become immensely popular all over India. Eating at Mcdonald’s is convenient and affordable. They offer a range of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers and other snacks. Their fries are irresistible. They even have hot and cold beverages available, along with desserts.


10. Dakshin Rasoi

Dakshin Rasoi is a restaurant exclusively for South Indian cuisine. They mainly offer different South Indian breakfast dishes like Idli, Dosa Medu Wada, Upma, and Uttappam. Their Dosas come in a wide variety of authentic and fusion versions. Additionally, Dakshin Rasoi has the main course available with dishes like Bisi Bele Bath, Curd Rice, Poori Bhaji, and even Thali.


11. Suzette

Suzette is a Creperie and Cafe serving French Cuisine, Salads, and Beverages. Of course, you must try their popular dishes: Belgian Chocolate Crepe, Sweet Crepe, Nutella Crepe, Smoothies, Savoury Crepes, and Sunny Side! With a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a perfect place to have a tasty and healthy breakfast. It costs Rs 1500 for two orders.


12. Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darbar Express specializes in North Indian and Mughlai Cuisine. Their menu is primarily non-vegetarian, so this restaurant may not be vegetarian-friendly. Do not miss their popular dishes of Phirni, Basmati Rice, Lassi, Falooda, and Caramel Custard. They provide a comfortable seating area, relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food, all at a price of approximately Rs 500 for two people.


13. Frangipani

Frangipane is a restaurant inside Trident in Nariman Point. Mediterranean, Italian, North Indian cuisines are available here. You must try their Tiramisu, Salads, Pasta, Desserts, Pizzas, and Eggs. This luxury restaurant is perfect for enjoying breakfast or brunch. Additionally, alcohol is available too. The cost for two is on the higher side at Rs 4000.


14. India Jones

India Jones is also inside Trident in Nariman Point. But, this restaurant is a speciality for Asian Cuisine, mainly Vietnamese, Burmese, Japanese, and Malaysian. Their notable dishes are Dim Sums, Soup, Noodles, Desserts, Cake, and Thai Curry. This luxury dining place serves alcohol too. The cost for the two is approximately Rs 3500.


15. Cafe at the NCPA

Cafe at the NCPA sits in Mumbai’s Theatre District in Nariman Point. The cuisine comprises American, Asian, Parsi, and North Indian. This Cafe’s DimSums, Smoothies, Kulcha, Hot Chocolate, Burgers, and Chicken Burger, are a must-try. The cost for two orders with alcohol estimates at Rs 1200. People love this restaurant for its excellent ambience.


16. Spresso Gourmet Kitchen

Spresso Gourmet Kitchen offers delicious dishes in European, Mexican, Italian, and Continental cuisines and Beverages and Desserts. Spresso is a vegetarian restaurant known for its Hazelnut Chocolate Pot, Tapas Platter, Chocotini, Lasagne Pasta, Primavera Pasta, and Opera Cake. With a live kitchen and classy ambience, this place is a perfect spot for family meals.


17. Fenix

Fenix is a luxury dining restaurant in The Oberoi serving European, Asian, North Indian, Italian and Japanese cuisines. People have breakfast, buffet, and Sunday Brunches here. Sushi, desserts, and Pizza are a must-try at the Fenix. But, the cost for two orders is quite costly at approximately Rs 4500, without alcohol.


18. Amadeus

Amadeus is a lounge in Nariman Point serving Asian and Spanish cuisines. The restaurant is suitable for nightlife as the timings are from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am from Monday to Friday and Sunday. Notable items on the menu are Hot Pot, Cocktails, Prawns, Starters, Tiramisu, and Pasta. The cost for two orders estimates at Rs 2500.


19. Vasant Sagar

Vasant Sagar offers South Indian and Chinese Cuisine, Street foods, Fast Foods, desserts, and beverages. People love Vasant Sagar for its Veg Cheese Pizza, Sambhar, Dosa, Juices, Garlic Bread with Cheese, and Pav Bhaji. This restaurant is ideal for enjoying affordable and delicious food at a pleasant ambience and has responsive customer service.


20. WOW! Momo

‘WOW! Momo’ specializes in Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. Just like the name suggests, this restaurant primarily serves momos and offers other items like burgers, Au gratin, desserts, and beverages. Their notable dishes are Chicken Schezwan Momo, Pan Fried Momos, Momo, Burger, Veg Steam Momos, and Tandoori Momos. This place is a pocket-friendly eatery with prompt service.