Top 20 street foods from UP


1. Aloo Tikki

Lucknow, the capital of UP or the mecca for food lovers. The most popular street snack Aloo Tikki mainly served on roadside stalls all over India. It is made of boiled potatoes and different spices along with tangy red sauce (lal chutney) etc. People know it by different names in different parts of India. In Mumbai, ragda pattice, aloo chat etc. To make it pleasing to taste, hot and crisp Aloo Tikki taken right out of tawa to warm your body and soul even on a rainy day.


2. Tundey ke Kebab

Lucknow, the city of Nawab, Adaab and Kebab. This place is extremely famous for its kebabs mainly Tundey ke kebab. Tucked away in a busy street, Tundey Kebab is the king of kebabs and was cooked by a single hand giving it the name Tundey. In fact the entire street behind “Tulsi Theater” is heaven for meat lovers. Restaurants have very few seating arrangements but there is nothing more fun than having to taste the most exquisite dish in the country in one’s car or making the seat of any bike parked around you. Flavorful aroma, twinkling lights and a bunch of friends. What more do you need?


3. Lucknow Biryani

As winters are coming and the night is drawing in so we crave more hearty filling food. This dish is not only known in Lucknow about around the whole country. The Lucknow Biryani is special that in order to give its authenticity the rice and chicken is fried separately and adding spices like cardamom, cloves etc. to give it a warming aroma. It is served with korma or chutney and feels like hearing the mosque sound azan for evening prayers.


4. Jalebi

Varanasi, also known as Banaras is the city of banks of river Ganga and Yamuna. This is made by deep frying Maida flour soaked in sugar syrup and looks like glorious sticky orange coils. It is served warm and cold as well and best enjoyed with dahi. It is perfect for something hot and sweet and the first bite feels like People-watching while your mother bargains over saree prices.


5. Poori Sabzi

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or anytime there is one thing for sure, just cannot live without Poor Sabzi. A spiced, curried smashed potatoes dish served with a fried flour bread or Poori. It feels like seeing your family all dressed up on a festival day.


6. Chura Matar

Famous in Banaras, Chura Matar is a Banaras version of pohe. An aromatic winter treat with fresh green peas, beaten rice flakes and spices. In this region is concocted into a spicy breakfast and is loaded with desi ghee. It is available in winters, loaded with strong aroma of green coriander and garam masala. Have it with a mug of coffee and your day is bliss.


7. Malayio

Is a winter dessert peculiar to Varanasi? Made with pistachio and cardamom, it tastes buttery but feels a bit foamy on the tongue. It is served in little clay pots which you can take home or smash it on the ground after done. It feel like recounting last night’s event the morning after.


8. Banaras Ki Thandai

It is a world famous, cool milk drink made with pistachios, almonds and kesar. It is a cool drink to enjoy in summer but the festival of Holi is the time we start having Thandai. Bhaang wali thandai is an aromatic flavor of bhang, something enjoyed by people who love it and feels like sitting in goa, watching the waves roll in.


9. Bati Chokha

Near the Ganga Ghats, on an open flame these little balls of Atta are grilled and served with tomatoes, potatoes, baked brinjals. This dish you can find anywhere in the streets of Varanasi.


10. Kachori Sabzi

Banaras is the place for saree and Kachori. This dish resembles Poori and Sabzi, tangy dish. It tastes best when not soggy, feels like sitting in a rickshaw at the peak summer and thankful to the breeze. Every other stall has its own secret ingredients and not to worry you can have as many as you want. Pawan kashyap, the Kachori wala at gau ghaat is a person known for his specialty.


11. Samosa

Needs no introduction but if you have a trip to Allahabad and miss these Aloo less samosa by Hari ke samosa you’ve just lost the right to say you that you love samosa. Yes, the Aloo less samosa is something like, you take the heart out of the body but you put the heart back with some special ingredients. This shop is located in Loknath lane, chowk, Allahabad.


12. Pannchi Petha

Agra, a city known for its Pethas but the best quality of Petha is the Pannchi Petha. It is a syrupy, sugary, sweet which gained its popularity by Pannchi lal, for their perfect balance of taste and purity. Comes in different flavors as well chocolate, pan, orange, pineapple and cherry.


13. Daal moth

Other than the Taj Mahal, Agra is also known for its Namkeen “Daal Moth”. It’s a perfect combination of moth dal and gram flour fried together and has a salty-spicy taste. It is available everywhere on the streets and restaurants too.


14. Gujia

Gujia is a dessert that gives you a lasting experience of honey and nuts. A shop well known for its baked Gujia is Mr. Brown, it is a must try baked product if you’re in Lucknow.


15. Kulfi

Also from the streets of Lucknow, a sort of ice cream made of milk, thick and very creamy and satisfying to the soul. One can also add faluda to it and make it a Kulfi Faluda , mixed with pistachios and choice of syrup. It is a perfect ‘Pick me up” on a hot day.


16. Malai Toast

Lakshmi chai wala is famous for his chai and his two kinds of malai toast which are heavenly and melt into your mouth as soon as you eat. The first bread is layered with butter and the second is layered with yogurt and sprinkled with just the right amount of sugar. These mouth savoring toast make the Lakshmi chai wala chowk a must stop by.


17. Mutton Handi

If you’re a mutton lover, Kalika hut is a place you should must visit. Kalika hut serves you the best mutton with just the right amount of spices and the right amount of softness. When in Lucknow, stop by Kalika hut, because there game is strong.


18. Thaggu ke Ladoo

Thaggu ke Ladoo is certainly the taste of Kanpur, best known for its kaju as well as khoya Ladoo, made with pure khoya which contributes greatly to their softness. Thaggu ke Ladoo is not only famous for its wide variety of Ladoo but its special Kulfi- ‘badnaam Kulfi’, a must try!


19. Varanasi ke famous pakora

Sankatha guest house not only has the best hospitality but a remarkable kitchen, too. If you don’t sleep there, EAT there! Those pakoras are something one shouldn’t miss and what makes them so good? Their family style recipe.


20. Kakori Kebab

A famous Nawab dish passed down from generation to generation. Its name is derived from the city of Kakori just on outskirts of Lucknow. Finest meat of lamb along with few spices. It is served with rice or rumali roti but best enjoyed with laccha parantha. A trip to this place without a taste of the Nawab kebab has no meaning.