Top 20 Best Dishes Of Kerala



Sadhya is known as the traditional vegetarian feast of Keralites. Sadhya consists of a multi- course meal that includes many vegetarian curries which can be eaten with rice. After all the tasty food stuff is consumed, they end their meal with delicious dessert, Payasam. Sadhya is a dish which specifies the essence of Kerala. It is a must try dish.



Puttu is a dish served with the Kadala Curry. Puttu is a famous dish for breakfast all over Kerala. It is cooked with steamed rice flour mixed with water and salt in a cylinder like steam pot. Puttu can be eaten with any curry or even Banana and grated Coconut, but it tastes best with the Kadala Curry. The dish will make your belly full and will not make you feel hungry until lunch. This is why Keralites have heavy breakfast so that they can avoid snacks between breakfast and lunch.



Appam’s best served with Vegetable Stew. Appam is made with a rice batter in a special appachatty. Appachatty is a round dish that is used to make hot round appams. Appam is similar to pancakes. The middle portion of the Appam is soft while the end parts are crispy. Appam is a must to eat and should not be missed as it is found only in Kerala.



Idiyappam goes best with Egg Curry. It is also called as Noolappam by Keralites. Idiyappam is a dish made out of rice dough. Thin strands of rice dough are made and then cooked in steam to get Idiyappam. Soft Idiyappam and Egg Curry together is a great way to start your day in Kerala. The Idiyappams are light and fluffy.



Dosa is a famous dish of Kerala which is eaten all over India. Dosa goes best with Sambhar and Coconut Chutney. There are different types of Dosas which include Plain, Masala, Rava, Mysore, and many such Dosas. Dosa is a light and tasty meal for anytime of the day. It is eaten for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.


6.Malabar Biryani

The way to make a person happy residing in Kerala is to feed them Biryani. The Biryani is made with many spices, meat, and Basmati rice. Malabar Biryani is the favorite of Keralites among all other Biryanis. It takes a long time to make Malabar Biryani but the wait is worth of it. The aroma of the rice gives chills to the person. When a person is in Kerala, it is a must to have Malabar Biryani. Find a tasty Biryani spot in Kerala and enjoy this delicious and tasty Malabar Biryani.


7.Spicy Chicken Fry

Spicy Chicken Fry is also called as Naadan Kozhi Varuthathu. Spicy Chicken Fry is made by marinating and frying the pieces of chicken in hot coconut oil to a brown color. This dish is mouth wrecking for all the Chicken Lovers. The aroma of the pieces of Chicken after being marinated will make you feel heavenly. Any Chicken lover will fall in love with Kerala after trying Spicy Chicken Fry.


8.Malabar Parotta

Malabar Parotta goes best with Kerala Beef Fry. Kerala Beef Fry is a dish made by beef stir fried with pepper, onions, ginger-garlic, and garam masala in coconut oil. The dish is generally garnished with curry leaves, adding a great contrast to the dark hue of the dish. Malabar Parotta goes well with Kerala Beef Fry. The food will make you forget about calories and will make you drive in the pleasure of both the dishes.


9.Prawn Theeyal

There are a variety of prawns available in Kerala; the large ones usually roasted, and the small ones made into Chemeen theeyal fried coconut gravy with prawns. The dish could be served along with rice or breakfast dishes like appam, idiyappam. This dish will make you want for more every time you eat it.


10.Kerala Chicken Curry

Kerala Chicken Curry is not like any other ordinary Curry. The Curry is spicy and flavored sort of creamy with coconut milk. The spicy curry is preferable for breakfast. Kerala Chicken Curry goes best with Rice or Parathas. This Curry is one of the most favorite of all the non-vegetarians. It’s made by the families on all Sundays.


11.Kerala Fish Curry

Kerala Fish Curry is also known as Cassava and commonly called Kappa. Kappa is a ground crop. It’s boiled in water turns into a soft, and smooth- textured dish. The dish is then mixed with the curry. The two dishes combined is like bread and butter for Keralites. The fish curry keeps their health good.


12.Mussel Stir Fry

Mussel Stir Fry is also known as Kallumakkaya Ularthiyathu. Mussels are grated with coconut, properly cleaned and cooked with garam masala, chilies, garlic, turmeric, and shallots. This makes the famous Mussel Stir fry of Kerala. The dish goes best with Kappa and Cassava. Stir Fry could be eaten with Rice and Vegetables.


13.Thattu Dosa

Keralites are very particular about their food; they cook everything at home in their own kitchen only. But in the previous years, the street food of Kerala has become very popular between the families. Thattu Dosa is a great type of street food. The dosa is delicious, and it’s sold with Chutney and Omelet. The Dosa is delicious and also cheap.



Keralites always have desserts after their dinner. Payasam is one of the desserts they have after dinner. There are three different types of Payasams which are Milk Payasam, Rice Payasam, and Lentil Payasam. Payasam is one of the sweetest desserts and has a milky texture. Cardamom, ghee, raisins, and cashews get added in Payasam.



All the different types of Idlis are well known for most common breakfast of not only Keralites but also people of all over South India. Being easy to make and also the most frequently prepared breakfast at home, there are only countably days when Idlis are not prepared in the houses. The soft and non-sticky Idlis are suitable and healthy for breakfast.



Rasam is usually eaten with lunch and dinner. It is a soup which is traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base with the addition of tomato, chili, pepper, cumin, and other spices as the seasoning. Steamed Lentils could be added along with any preferred vegetables. Rasam is a very healthy and tasty dish.


17.Chemmeen Pollichathu

Chemmeen Pollichathu is also known as Pan Seared Prawns. While making Chemmeen Pollichathu, the prawns are marinated in beautiful spices and lime juice and cooked in coconut milk till they soak in all the piquant masala that they possibly can. Very few people in Kerala consume prawns, but the families that consume prawns love Chemmeen Pollichathu the most.



Ada or Ela Ada is a traditional Kerala delicacy. It consists of rice parcels encased in a dough made of rice flour with sweet fillings steamed in banana leaves. It’s mostly served as an evening snack or breakfast. Grated coconut and rice flour are two most important ingredients to make this dish. Ada is healthy as well as tasty.



Palappam is commonly referred as Rice Crepe. Its mostly made for breakfast in Kerala families. It is served with vegetables and meat curry and is one of the most liked breakfasts of Keralites. Grated coconut or coconut milk are the most important ingredients in the making of Palappam. Palappam goes well with fish molee, vegetable stew, egg roast and Kerala chicken curry.



Pulishery is a traditional Kerala dish made using yogurt, grated coconut, sour curd, vegetables or fruits. The fruits and vegetables are added to reduce the sourness of the dish. Back in the days, Pulishery was also called Moru Curry. The only difference was that Moru Curry can be made without fruits and vegetables.