Best Places For Street Food In Bangalore

Best Places For Street Food In Bangalore

Bangalore is the Garden City of India. It is not only famous as the Garden City of India but also famous for its street food varieties. There are so many varieties of street food available in Bangalore. The street food stalls usually open up during night and are available at a very reasonable price. Go ahead and read on!


Indra Nagar

This is a street food stall located at the ground floor of a complex. The speciality of this Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls is obviously different kinds of grills and rolls. People swarm here in groups due to its extremely low prices and wonderful taste of the food served. It is a heavenly place for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.



Marathahalli in Bangalore is present near the Silver Spring Layout. The cost of the food is relatively high than other normal street food stalls. But everything is worth because of the impressive taste of the food here. You can also find that hygiene is maintained here properly. Must taste are Puchkas.



Hari’s sandwich zone is a must for all the people who love sandwiches. If you want to try out different types of sandwiches then this is your spot. You will find many number of sandwiches which you can have to your stomach’s delight.



There is this place called Central Tiffin Room in Malleshwaram which offers tasty tiffins to everyone who comes there. Their speciality is Dosas and you can easily get tempted by all the different varieties they have to offer. One very famous item that gets sold very frequently here is Butter Masala Dosa.



This is a chat stall present in Koramangala. This stall is called Tikki Tikki. It offers so many varieties of Tikki that you just cannot decide which one to have. The prices are reasonable, and one can easily get addicted to the taste of Tikkis here.



There is this place called Shahi Darbar in Yeswanthpur which offers high quality Rolls which are delicious in every bite. The prices are extremely low, and the taste is heavenly. One will be amazed at the quality and hygiene maintained here. Must-have roll is a Double Paneer Roll.



The Chat stall here in Basavanagudi is called Karnataka Bhel House and is famous for different types of Puri they offer. They offer a wide array of items like Bhel Puri and Masala Puri. The stall is an outdoor stall where one gets to sit down outside enjoying the sunset and have very delicious street food.


Sri Sairam’s Chats And Juice

This stall is present in Malleshwaram where different types of Chaats and Juices are available. The person serving is very friendly and nice to all the customers. The endless varieties of Chaats will just leave you puzzled which one to have first.

Sri Sairam’s Chats And Juice


Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

This is a very famous tiffin centre near Basavanagudi where they offer different dishes but the most famous dish is the Rice Cake. The Rice Cakes are soft and crispy. They just melt in your mouth. Similarly, they offer Vada which again has a wonderful flavour.


VV Puram Food Street

This eat street is famous for its huge variety of stalls present here. This is an entire street of eatables and chaat. You can easily end up eating everything you see because once you enter the fresh aromas of Spices and Masalas will just not stop you from buying more and more food.


Chatar Patar

Chatar Patar is a place in Jayanagar where the types of food items served are very huge. You will be puzzled on what to choose and what not to choose. Every item has its speciality and a different flavour which is special only to that place. The kind of foods offered here will not be found anywhere else in Bangalore.


Spicy Corner

Spicy corner is one of the best places for spiciest foods. You will find anything from Bhel Puri to Spicy Noodles here. All you need to do is just go and order; spicy food will be at your service. This spicy corner is located at Jeevana bheema Nagar in Bangalore.


Rakesh Kumar Panipuri Stall

Rakesh Kumar Panipuri Stall is located at the 3rd Block in Jayanagar, Bangalore. This stall offers you different types of Panipuri with different stuffing. If you are a Gol Gappa lover, then this is the stop you have to get down. Call it whatever you will but your love for Panipuri will only increase after visiting this stall.


Dadar Vada Pav

We all know that Vada Pav is famous in Mumbai city of Maharastra. A stall which offers Vada Pav which tastes similar to the one in Mumbai is this stall. This is present in Indira nagar of Bangalore. The name itself says that you will get the best kind of Vada Pav only here and nowhere else. Because no other stall offers this Vada Pav.


Chakum Chakum

Funny name, isn’t it? Well, what else do you need to gain people’s attention? The full name of this shop is “Chakum Chakum – Calcutta on a Roll”. As you can see, this stall offers you food which is famous in Kolkata. This shop is famous for its Calcutta style Rolls, offered in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.


Veg By Nature

Veg by nature is a restaurant that offers all these above-mentioned food items under one roof. You have things like Panipuri, Chaat etc. They have many outlets in different areas of Bangalore. The prices are also very low and reasonable. It hardly takes 300 rupees for two people having a day out.



As the name suggests, this stall is special for Egg-related items. This stall offers immediate servicing. They are new items every time you go there as they keep adding new items to their menu. This is an Indo-Chinese restaurant which is a must-try for food lover.


Taste Buds

This is a North India style road-side restaurant which offers South Indian style dishes too. They are known for their hygiene and ambiance. This is located at HSR layout. This is a pure vegetarian restaurant and offers the best in town Rasam.



Rajasthani Style Paratha

Another outdoor street food stall which a little big than usual. This is the best place to have Paratha and Chai. They offer wide variety of Parathas and along with it different side dishes to taste. Their Rajasthani style Paratha is something which everyone should try.


Hotel Fanoos

Hotel Fanoos is the one place in Johnson Market where you will find the best in town Sheekha Kebabs. This started off as a small stall and now it is the biggest eatery in that area. They offer different non-vegetarian items which is a haven for all people out there.

So, if you are a food lover and are stuck in Bangalore for a few days to explore the city’s street food, then these are the best places to enjoy delicious street food varieties.