Top 20 Sweet Dishes from Odisha

top 20 sweet dishes from odisha 1

Odisha is also known as ‘UTKALA’ and is well known for its rich culture and food.  Any meal is incomplete without dessert , and people from Odisha have always proved it correct with some of the most delicious delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else apart from Odisha!

1. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is made of chenna soaked in sugar syrup , and is fondly eaten by the people of Odisha. One of the most visited place to have the best rasgulla in the state is “Pahala’’ , a place you would find on the way to Cuttack from Bhubaneswar. Another most famous place is the Bikalananda kar rasagulla situated in Cuttack which is famous for the Sallepur rasogullas , which is pink in colour due to the sugar syrup that is used for its making.

Rasgulla 2

2. Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda has originated from Nayagarh district of Odisha. It is made out of cheese mixed with dry fruits dipped in sugar syrup , it has a nice golden brown colour which makes is quite tempting. Usually people of Odisha treat this as a cake which is also because of its shape and cut it on various occasion.

Chenna Poda 1

3. Chenna Jhilli

It is a deep fried cottage cheese dipped in sugar syrup having a nice brown colour. Chenna Jhilli is very soft in its texture. It is best eaten hot as you can feel the juiciness, cheesiness and softness . Chenna Jhilli is quite famous in Nimapada a small district in Puri.

chhena jhilli

4. Rasabali

These are deep fried cheese balls dipped in thickened sweet milk. Rasabali are shaped as round flats like small pizza doughs that allows it to absorb the milk more. These are super soft and instantly melts in the mouth. Kendrapada a district in Odisha is famous for the most delicious rasabali.

rasabali 1

5. Malpua

These are basically deep fried banana pancakes made with the mixture of mashed bananas , flour and cardamom. They are dipped in sugar syrup like any other sweets in Odisha before serving. It is also one of the delicacies that is served to Lord Jagannath.

Malpua 1

6. Chenna Gaja

Chenna Gaja is made up of chenna mixed with semolina dipped in sugar syrup which makes the sweet pink in colour. Due to the semolina its texture is a lot different from other sweets as it is a little on the harder side. It is shaped in mini rectangles and also sold in Pahala along side rasgulla.

Chenna Gaja

7.  Kheersagar

These are plain cheese balls dipped in thick condensed milk adorn with dry fruits and cardamom . Kheersagar is very soft and milky. It is most famous in Puri.


8. Khaja

It is the most auspicious sweet of Odisha as it is included in the offerings of Lord Jagannath. Khaja is made of flour dough rolled into thin layers dipped in sugar syrup. It is very crisp yet melts in the mouth instantly!


9. Kakera Pitha

These are made out of rawa kneaded with hot water and little bit of sugar or jaggery to form a dough which is then rolled flat and is either deep fried with some coconut stuffing or without it . It is generally prepared in every odia household during festivals and marriages.

Kakera Pitha

10. Rabidi

This is prepared by boiling the milk continuously until it turns brown and thick , and is decorated with dry fruits . It is also one of the delicacies offered to Lord Kheera Chora Gopinath in Balasore.


11. Arisa Pitha

It is made of flour kneaded with jaggery which is deep fried with some sesame seeds on the top. It is different from Kakera in its texture as it is harder and can pe preserved for 2-3 weeks.

Arisa Pitha

12. Mohanbhog

It is basically suji halwa made with ghee and dry fruits. Mohanbhog is also one of the offerings to lord Jagannath and it is generally served with some savoury on the side.

Mohanbhog 1

13. Kanika

It is a sweet pulao made out of rice , jaggery and dry fruits served along side what we call Abhada which is the prasad of Lord Jagannath.


14. Dhanu Mua

These are rice cakes made of puffed rice , sugar syrup , jaggery ,  decorated with sliced caramelised coconuts on the top. It is a bit chewy and is had by people of Odisha on Dhanu Sankranti.

Dhanu Mua

15. Palua Ladoo

It is made up of arrowroot mixed with sugar and dry fruits shaped into small balls. It is great for digestion and was originated in Bhadrak.

Palua Ladoo

16. Magaj Ladoo

It is made up of flour roasted in ghee mixed with sugar and is shaped into small balls. Magaj ladoo is quite famous in Puri as it is offered to Lord Jagannath.

Magaj Ladoo 1

17. Poda Pitha

This is made up of black gram batter mixed with jaggery and dry fruits which is baked in the oven until it has a nice brown colour. It is generally relished by the people of Odisha during the Raja festival.

Poda Pitha

18. Monda Pitha

It is made from the rice batter mixed with cardamom and stuffed with coconut stuffing made of jaggery or sugar. Monda Pitha can either be steamed or fried.

Monda Pitha

19. Kheera Gaja

Kheera gaja is made up of flour , milk and cardamom dough shaped into rectangles and deep fried after which it is soaked in sugar syrup. Kheera gaja  is generally hard on the outside but soft on the inside which is enjoyed by most people from Odisha.

Kheera Gaja

20. Chenna Jalebi

It is made of chenna mixed with cardamom soaked in sugar syrup shaped in the form of a Jalebi.

Chenna Jalebi