Top 20 North Indian Restaurants In Mumbai


North Indian cuisines are the most diverse ones, so let’s check top 20 North Indian restaurants in Mumbai.

Indeed north Indian food is the most diverse one, in fact, north India is altogether a diverse place. With so many different cultures and even more diverse foods. there so much variety in North Indian cuisines Awadhi, Bihari, Bhojpuri, kumani, Mughlai, Punjabi, Rajasthani and many more cuisines all hold unique from each other. North Indian cuisines are the strong central Asian influences as compared to its southern or eastern counterparts. Unlike South Indian cuisines which are almost the same in all the south Indian states north Indian cuisines gives us the diverse experience of tasting such varied dishes.

1. Curry Me Up

It’s one of the best restaurants in Andheri, not only for North Indian cuisines but everything this place offers. The place is known for its quick service even home delivery are on time and the food is always fresh and warm. Chicken is the best in here, it’s a must try especially the garlic butter chicken masala even the paneer tikka masala is at its best for the vegetarians. The butter naan is perfectly crispy and fresh. Hygiene is the prime factor which is taken care of properly. The staff is cordial and helping the price is average and the ambiance is decent.


2. Spice Klub

The place will make your eyes go ‘wow’!  It’s known for its innovative and delicious north Indian food. All the food served to have some new innovative twist, be it the presentation or taste the food is great as similar as the ambiance and the décor of the place. Even the Kashmiri dishes are wonderful, for the ones who have never tasted Kashmiri cuisines, then this is the destination to start from. They have the best of Kashmiri food served here. The cost is very suitable according to the décor and services. It’s a must visit place at least for ones, the place just gives a great experience.


3. Butter Chicken Factory

Chicken lovers, this is the place for you. The ambiance is amazing, dim lights, wooden tables, cool surrounding with music that gives solace. Every thing here is just perfect as the chicken served, the presentation is at its best. The quality and quantity is what keeps the customers regular and loyal here, the staff is friendly and extremely helping. Its not a huge place but its very cozy and extremely comfortable with utmost privacy to the tables. Except for the chicken all the other dishes are similarly delicious and perfect.


4. Delhi highway

The first feeling you get when you enter this place is royal, class, grand & eye pleasing and fresh. Basically this eatery wins your heart by the look itself, on the spot when you enter. The place is filled with the aroma of delicious foods, as similar as the décor and surrounding the food is even grand and royal. The dining experience will feel like you are pushed back in the era where palaces, kings and queens used to live. The food is served in royal manner in the traditional plates and bowls. The service is very warm and welcoming. The price charged is affordable.


5. The Bombay Canteen

The eatery is known for its menu, which has all the weird dishes. Not in the sense of taste but the names of all the dishes are weird and unique which is never heard before. And as weird the names are the double delicious the food tastes, dishes like ‘kejriwal toast’ and ‘gulab nuts’ are the most amazing dishes in sense of name and taste both. All the other dishes have such strange names with wonderful taste. The ambiance is brilliant, the food is served in a very presentable manner which catches the attention. The place is huge and spacious with large windows and peeping sunlight makes it look more beautiful.


6. Chenab

The only restaurant in Vashi which serves nothing but pure north Indian food, especially Punjabi. The setting of the restaurant is like a village with tables and khatiya. Even the food is served in traditional style like it is served in villages. The food is made of pure ghee and it’s extremely fresh and healthy along with that it’s wonderful and tasty. The place looks more beautiful at night with glowing lights and lanterns. The typical traditional hangings, the colorful cushions, and the sheets add to the feeling. It’s an amazing experience to visit this place and enjoy the wonderful delicacies.


7. Sindhful

The northern border is shared with Pakistan and Sindh is an important place there. We have a lot of Sindhi in India, hence we have a cross-cultural connection. Sindhi food is unique and amazing these foods are never tasted before and are totally different from the rest of Indian foods. Sindhful is a place in Khar, where you will find all the traditional as well as modern Sindhi cuisine along with the rest of North Indian cuisine. One of the best dishes includes the Sindhi sabji and the soya guloti, it is sure a good shot at getting you fulfil your senses and taste buds. Perfect seems to be the only suitable word, dal pakwan and aloo tuk are the chat toppers.


8. Zaffran

With soaring ceilings and sweeping stone arches, it’s a pure reminiscent of Mughals. The ambiance here is the best part of the restaurant. Royalty and ancient Mughal architecture give a grand feeling. All the food served here are best, the kababs especially along with the Mughlai biryanis make the perfect meal. Nothing can beat the zaffran in their paneer perpetration. Its paneer is juicy, crispy and the taste is properly bound in it. Making it perfect and mouth-watering, the lamb barley, meatball shorba and the pink salmon tikkas are the best dishes here!


9. The yellow chili

Everyone knows Sanjeev Kapoor, so from all the restaurants he owns the yellow chili is one in Mumbai in Powai. There is no doubt of it being the best as it is owned by one of the top chefs in the world. And the specialty of Sanjeev Kapoor’s restaurant is that they are closely monitored by his personal team. The ambiance is classy and revolves around yellow, golden colors as per the name. The famous lulla mussa dal, shyam savera and the all-time favorite of everyone aloo nazakat are the must try dishes. There are a variety of dishes to choose from the staff and service are great. The name is actually taken from the special variety chilies that exist in Meerut where Sanjeev Kapoor’s grandparents and mother hail from.


10. Nawab Saheb

It gives a full nawabi experience the best dinner place anyone could have at renaissance; it’s a full value to your money. The ambiance is very good the place is huge and spacious dim lights, lamps dark walls and curtains cool surrounding, delicious aroma in the air makes the place a lot comfortable as well as cozy and peaceful. The food served is at its best presented, the kababs are perfectly juicy and crispy filled with all the taste. The chandeliers and Diamond lanterns make the experience more royal and is remembered for the rest of coming time. The service is at its best the cost of food is suitable.


11. Curry Twist

It’s a vegetarian restaurant; all the vegetarian north Indian dishes are served here and have a large variety. Although non veg is a major part of  north Indian cuisines, but it has a large range of vegetarian dishes too. And those are the dishes served here, veg food lovers will love the food here. The ambiance is decent and has a warm welcoming vibe, the décor is very attractive. Curry twist comes with lots of twists as the name suggests. All the dishes served has some tricky tasty twists in it, the paneer dishes and the mixed vegetable dishes are the best food served. The cost is average and the staff is cordial.


12. Persian darbar

The ambiance is great it’s a two-story place where the upper part of restaurant is more for private dinners. The place is illuminated with neon purple lights with diamond chandeliers the arrangement of table and chairs are done very neatly it’s a very spacious place. The food is extremely good, specially the mutton kababs are wonderful. The service is on time and perfect, no customer is neglected with late service. The charges are average and the food quality is at par the best. It’s a must visit place to explore some brilliant Mughlai dishes.


13. Delhi zaika

Its one of the best places in Mumbai to taste a variety of Delhi cuisine. The kulche chole, dahi bhalle all the other Punjabi and north Indian are served at its best. The ambiance is decent with creamy couches and glasses walked with arty designs, It’s a cozy and comfortable place and the service is good the foods are all spiced up and prepared to succulent perfection. The presentation makes the dish much appealing and attractive which makes the dining experience much more enjoyable. The prices are average and reluctant. The service is very quick and staff members are cheerful and always ready at service.


14. Baluchi

Baluchi derives its name from a region Baluchistan in Pakistan. And that’s the reason right from north Indian food to Mughlai to some of the famous Pakistani cuisines from Baluchistan are available here. It’s a must visit place if you like to explore a different kind of cuisines. They have a wide variety, along with it the service is great and the charges are affordable. Baluchistan is famous for its flavorful kebabs, all the flavorsome dishes like Baluchi dal, burrah Baluchi, dudhiya kabab, tandoori aloo, gucchi mutter paneer are served and are the best food which should not be missed.baluchi

15. Peshwari

‘A carnivore’s mecca’. The menu is a tribute to the cuisines to north-west. This is an elegant restaurant with rugged decor identical to Delhi’s Bukhara. For all the nonveg lovers this is a place to enjoy succulent kebabs, luscious dal and tantalizing tandoor preparation. The ambiance is something never seen before, it’s a stone and wooden earth color place, complete with the beat of tables, that looks classy with cuttleries and the glassed wall with arts. The décor is extremely thoughtful, desserts such as sugar-free firni and kulfi are added to the menu.


16. Saffron spice

Wonderful place for seafood lovers, especially prawns. The place is decorated with very perfection the wooden floorings and the tables everything has a tinch of saffron color as per the theme. Round tables give a lot of privacy and coziness, the space between tables make it more comfortable. Overall the arrangement is very well done and is appealing to the eyes. The food is amazing all the spices are blended properly and the taste is relishing and fresh. The presentation is very perfectly done, the staff is helpful and cordial. According to the food and service, the prices are suitable.


17. Lume- aureole hotel

This place is unique when it comes to its interior, the place is very thoughtfully decorated and the execution is very smart which makes the place attractive. The windows are paneled with different colored panels, the slim wooden tables, and little comfy chairs are very much appealing and it makes you go aww! The stairs are in the design of cabinet drawers, it’s also surrounded by small saplings place beside the window. The food is commendable, the place may not have much staff but they are efficient and they provided proper service. All the dishes are tasty and properly spiced and served warm.


18. Red grill bar & restaurant

Red grill is mostly known for its grilled kebabs and grilled vegetables and the most special is the grilled sizzler platter. The place has a very cool and soothing aura around, because of the peach color walls and bright white lights with green curtains and sky blue designs in the walls. Even the couches are colorful strip designed which makes them contrasting with the interior. The foods is just perfect and succulent, the quality and quantity of the food is very much at its best even the price and service is good. The place is a must visit for a peaceful and enjoyable dining experience.


19. Jryan- tandoor dining & lounge

Indian food on stylish French beranadaud plates! Never heard right, well this place will make you see it. The earlier diner-only restaurant is now open for lunch too. The extremely tentalizing feeling  and the amazing kitchen. Chef Qureshi’s mastery shines in the kitchen, be it the succulent lamb bhagu kebab or the robustly flavorsome badam ke aloo enlivened with the bite of pomegranate. Veggies have a plenty of choice here and the hara kebab with paneer and cheese are both worth trying. The Kashmiri mushroom gravy is the topper in charts.


20. Maya- trident

Maya, the Indian restaurant at the Trident is no illusion. It’s all about a dizzyingly happy culinary journey through India. The contemporary interiors – mirrored, glass-walled and marble floored- stand in stark contrast to the traditional foods; but red-and-gold-leaf wall panels and bronze sculptures make it look more appealing. The raw banana kebab, chironjee and black pepper chaanp, pindi chole and tadke wali dahi are the most amazing dishes to be tasted. The superlatively succulent, quality meats, spiced and cooked to perfection, Bengal’s prawns made sublime with mustard is the must try