20 Easy Night Tiffin Indian Meals

20 Easy Night Tiffin Indian Meals
20 Easy Night Tiffin Indian Meals

This busy world requires people to work more than the traditional set up of 9-5 jobs. The night tiffin is an underestimated aspect when it comes to food and cooking. The changing world requires people to work throughout the night. For this reason, it’s beneficial to set out the night tiffin recipes that are healthy, light, tasty, and easy to make. At the same time, a few fixed dishes can turn out to be a disappointment while working throughout the night. It’s easy to be bored. So, we have listed a mix of recipes from south to North India that are tasty and easy. The 20 easy night tiffin meals are:

1.Sweet Pulao or Zarda Pulao

Rice is a staple diet in India. Every region and culture in India have its unique way of rice preparation. Sweet pulao is a special meal in north India. It has a rich and royal texture. Rice is prepared traditionally by adding cardamom, saffron, and numerous dry fruits. Food colouring is added to make it bright and colourful. Some rose petals are garnished for decoration. Sweet rice has a thick and creamy texture. It’s a dessert served during festivals and special occasions.  Zarda pulao is suitable for night tiffin owing to its sweetness and good taste. To make it light for tiffin, you can add a small quantity of ghee and some milk.

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2.Rajma Rice

Rajma Rice or Kidney bean curry with steamed rice. It’s a healthy and tasty Punjabi curry rich in protein. Red kidney beans, onions, and some basic spices are and tomato puree is garnished with coriander. This flavourful and aromatic curry is a popular meal throughout the country. It’s different from all other types of lentils cooked in Indian cuisine. The thick texture of the curry with health benefits makes it ideal for a night tiffin meal. Using some green chillies, ginger-garlic paste and dry spices can make it spicier.

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3.Tomato Omelette (Vegetarian)

A tomato omelette is a vegetarian meal without eggs. It’s made with gram flour, tomatoes, onions, etc and some Indian herbs and spices are added for a good flavour and taste. It is a low-fat and healthy option for night tiffin. You can have it with some brown bread at night. Tomato omelettes are easy to make with less effort. You can also stuff it between two bread slices and add some veggies for turning it into a sandwich.

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4.Jeera Aloo

Jeera Aloo is one of the simple and easy-to-cook recipes in Indian cuisine. It takes a few minutes to cook and pairs with almost all the Indian bread. Boiled potato or fried potato is cooked by adding green chillies, cumin seeds, curry leaves, and daily Indian spices and herbs. It’s sprinkled with fresh cilantro for a beautiful presentation. Jeera aloo is a simple and light dish ideal for a night tiffin meal.


5.Sambar Rice

Sambar Rice is an authentic south Indian Meal. You can cook it at once in a pressure cooker. Otherwise, you can cook veggies and rice separately and blend them for eating. The consistency of the dishes is a little thick. You can add a small quantity of water for a flowy consistency of the sambar. It’s a blend of Indian spices, herbs, carrots, potatoes, onion, drumstick, curry leaves, green chilli, Pumpkin, brinjal, and yellow cucumber. It’s a tasty and light dish that can be eaten along with some pickles or papad.

how to make sambar sadam

6.Pudina Rice

Pudina Rice or Mint rice is a refreshing alternative for a night tiffin meal. The fragrant and fabulous herb of mint is used in chutneys, pulao, juice, and numerous rice dishes. The step to add vegetables is optional. Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beans, and onions are suitable to add with some Indian spices. Pudina rice can be eaten with cucumber salad, papad, raita, or plain curd for a light night tiffin meal.


7.Bread Manchurian (dry)

Bread Manchurian is an easy to cook creative snack. It’s a tasty snack that is a blend of simple ingredients like bread, oil, cornflour, onion, capsicum, and a few Chinese sauces. Make a cornflour batter, fry small bread cubes and blend it with a few Chinese sauces. But dry Manchurian bread is a tasty night tiffin recipe.


8.Indian Lemon Rice

Lemon rice is a tangy and simple Indian recipe. Lemon juice, fried nuts, aromatic herbs, and flavourful spices with some green chillies and curry leaves are combined to prepare Indian Lemon rice. The nuts are crunchy in taste with refreshing lemon in perfectly steamed rice. Lemon rice is a south Indian recipe commonly cooked at temples.


9.Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji is a simple, easy to make, and tasty dish. It includes scrambled cottage cheese mixed with onion, tomatoes, and some Indian spices. The preparation takes less than half an hour for a quick meal. You can pair it with any Indian bread and sprinkle some cilantro on the top.


10.Paneer Kebabs

Some Shallow fried Paneer kebabs make a crispy option for a night tiffin meal. Small pieces of cottage cheese are mixed with Indian spices and herbs. Then, shallow fry it for a crispy taste. It is an easy-to-make dish with a delicious taste. It’s spicy, healthy, and a good snack option. Coriander or mint leaves chutney form a perfect pair with paneer kebabs.

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11.Masala Bhindi with Roti

Bhindi Masala or okra masala is a simple and light Indian meal for a tiffin. It is a mix of okra, onion, tomato, daily Indian spices, and herbs. Bhindi masala is a vegan, gluten-free and healthy meal. It is semi-spicy and you can pair it with roti or chapati.

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12.Bread Potato Balls

Bread potato balls are a tasty and simple dish for a perfect night’s meal. You will have to mix Mash potatoes with Indian spices and herbs. Add some dry mango powder for a sour flavour. Stuff it in a bread slice and form a roll. Then fry the stuffed bread slice roll in shallow oil for a light meal. You can pair it with white peas curry or coriander and tamarind chutney.


13.Aloo Poha

Poha or Batata Poha is a light snack and a traditional Indian dish. It’s tasty with a slight sweetness, spiciness, softness, and crunchy texture. Aloo Poha is made using flat rice and mixing it with green chilli, chopped onion, mustard seeds, curry leaves, some crunches, boiled or fried potato, lemon juice, etc. It can be eaten with a hot cup of tea.


14.Veg Curd Sandwich

A curd sandwich is a simple and tasty recipe that takes 10-15 minutes to prepare. Even an average or amateur chef can make it.  Further, it is optional whether one wants to prepare and serve it with or without grilling. Just blend some herbs, cheese, spices, vegetables, and hung curd. Apply butter on the bread slices and add the filling into it. This meal is a light and delicious meal ideal for tiffin.

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15.Onion samosa

Mini onion samosa is a special meal for a night tiffin. It has a crunchy outer cover with spiced onion filling inside. Unlike a typical potato samosa, this one is a light and simple option to prepare. It’s thinner and crispier. You can pair it with a hot cup of tea for a perfect meal.


16.Semolina Upma

Semolina Upma or Rava Upma is a light dish that is an ideal tiffin recipe. It’s a special breakfast meal in South India. Upma is made with vegetables like carrot, onion, and green chill with some curry leaves. It is topped with some scraped coconut, cilantro or cashews, and peanuts. Upma is a healthy, less oily, and unforgettable meal. You can add some lemon juice drops for a tangy flavour.


17.Lemon Sevai

Lemon Sevai is a popular evening snack in south India. It’s light, delicious, and a go-to tiffin meal in the mornings and at night. First cook the Sevai as per instructions mentioned on its back. Then you can add some lemon juice, green chilli, curry leaves, mustard seeds, coriander, etc. It’s optional to add carrots, peanuts, coconut scrapings, and cashew. It is a simple and easy-to-cook recipe.


18.Methi Muthia

Methi Muthia is a tasty evening snack from the Gujarat state of India. Muthia means a hand’s fist. So, it’s a snack with a similar cylindrical shape. Methi or fenugreek leaves are slightly bitter. For this reason, it’s added in a spicy, sweet, and savoury dough with Indian spices. Then it can be fried, steamed, or stir-fried. You can pair it with chutney, raw mango Chunda, or hot tea.


19.Mendu Vada

Mendu Vada is a famous south Indian snack.  It is crispy, fluffy, soft, and filled with spices. Preferably one serves Mendu Vada with sambar or coconut chutney. Black Bengal gram gives a perfect crunchy taste to these spicy doughnuts. For a spicy flavour add some green chillies, curry leaves, and mustard seeds.


20.Besan Bread

Besan bread is a healthier option than bread pakora with the flavour and aroma of ajwain seeds. One can add onion, tomato, capsicum, or carrot to enrich the taste. Coupled with mint Chutney it is a perfect night snack. Also, it is low in fat as compared to other fried delicacies.