Top 20 Tasty Pakoras To Try Today!

Top 20 Tasty Pakoras To Try Today!

Pakoras or Indian Fritters are a common snack in any Indian household and a staple for the monsoons. Pakoras also form a major portion of the street food, which is the lifeline for many in the country. Pakoras can be enjoyed with sauce, chutney or dahi. Here are 20 Pakoras which you should definitely try today.

1. Paneer Pakora

Now, most of you would have already had this Pakora, since paneer in any form drives our tongues crazy. The taste of paneer with sooji is yummy! In any case, this Pakora is a must have for everyone .


2. Aloo Pakora

In a country where potatoes find their way into half of the plates of the country at any given time, it would be very depressing to know of a person, who would not like the Aloo Pakora . Potatoes are grown in large quantities and are relatively cheaper, so it won’t be difficult to find a shop nearby serving these tasty Aloo Pakoras.


3. Palak Pakora

All Popeye fans raise your hands! Most of us have had our parents make us eat spinach in the name of Popeye and his super strength, but as we grew older we started turning away from veggies and diving into scores of junk food. I admit this might not be the healthiest snack ever and it certainly won’t give you muscles like Popeye, but these Spinach fritters are definitely worth a try.


4. Corn Pakora

Most of you would have eaten corn in some way or the other. A majority would have eaten butta and frequent mall goers would certainly not have escaped the smell of sweet buttery corn. And it’s a trivial question as to whether one has eaten Pakoras or not. Just imagine the two together, a bite into a Pakora and you feel the taste of corn with butter melting on your tongue. Geez, that makes me hungry!


5. Dill Leaves Pakora

For the ones not familiar, Dill is an annual herb which is used in many dishes. It is known by many names in India – savaa in Hindi, soa kura in Telugu, sholpa in Bengali, chathakuppa in Malayalam and shepu in Marathi and Konkani. Dill has a simple, clean taste, which works wonders with its aroma and Dill Pakoras are an implementation of the same.


6. Kaddu Pakora

The pumpkin used in Halloween is also used for making pumpkin or kaddu Pakoras. These Pakoras are popular to eat during the navaratris. For the fast they are made using vrat flour, but can be made with besan or gram flour for the non-fasting people. They are usually enjoyed with sweetened yogurt.


7. Sabudana Pakora

Many of you might have eaten a sabudana khichdi, a popular dish. But how many have tried a sabudana Pakora? These are crisp, golden fritters made from tapioca pearls (sabudana) and potatoes. These Pakoras can also be eaten during navaratris, ekadashi fast, janamashtami fast  or any other fasting day.


8. Cheese Bread Pakora

Virtually everyone would have eaten bread Pakoras either at street food shops or at home. But chances are low that you may have tried a cheese bread Pakora. This Pakora has the softness of bread along with the richness of cheese. Who needs a cheese burst pizza, when there is a cheese burst Pakora!


9. Ram Laddoo

This might be lightly confusing for those not familiar with it. Ram laddoo is a popular street food snack made from chana dal and moong dal. These Pakoras are generally found in UP, though their rising popularity has made them spread to other states as well. These Pakoras are generally savored with mint chutney and chopped radishes.


10. Mix Veg Pakora

These Pakoras as the name itself suggests are made with many vegetables. The ones generally used are cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, beans, capsicum and onions, though you can be experimental and try with many other vegetables as well.


11. Kanda Bhajji

The recipe for this Pakora is again derived from the name itself. Kanda means onion, so in English you would call them Onion fritters. Leaving a few, most of the people like onions and should be more than ready to try them. And in case you don’t, what’s the harm? Have a bite with mint chutney and ketchup.


12. Hurda Pakora

Hurda Pakora is also known in some places as hurda bhajji. They are made from soft and fresh jowar or sorghum and can be enjoyed with peanut thecha, green chili thecha, coriander or mint chutney or an all time favourite, ketchup. Serve these Pakoras to your guests or enjoy some yourself with a cup of tea.


13. Rice Pakora

Ever happened that you made rice for the entire family on the whim of kids and suddenly they don’t want to eat them? Or maybe some rice was leftover from the last meal it starts raining? Worry not, here’s the perfect solution. Use these leftover cooked rice to make rice Pakoras. They are quick to prepare and make a nice snack on a rainy day. Best served with green chutney or ketchup.


14. Lauki Pakora

This is another variation of Pakoras which uses spiced lauki or bottle gourd made with ground flour or besan. Lauki is a healthy and tasty veggie, which makes some yummy Pakoras. It can be made in  regular way or super spicy and the lauki simply adjusts. Sounds tasty.


15. Plantain Pakoras

Those from South India and Maharashtra would be familiar with this Pakora. The plantain Pakora is made of raw bananas (and hence also called the raw banana Pakora). They are also known as kela bhajiya in Hindi and are totally worth it. Best enjoyed when hot with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup.


16. Rajasthan Mirchi Vada

Don’t be confused by the name. The name contains the word mirchi but these Pakoras are not very mouth burning spicy as they use big chilies and the stuffing is spicy mashed potatoes. These Pakoras are added with crushed fennel seeds and therefore have a unique flavour when compared to other chili Pakoras. They can be found in virtually any Jodhpur street food stall.


17. Kand Pakora

Kand Pakoras are crisp fritters made with kand or ratalu or purple yam. While the Pakoras are being made, they are sprinkled with sesame seed, crushed coriander and black pepper, which are the highlights of this Pakora. Make a dull day brighter by having some kand Pakoras with chutney or ketchup.


18. Baingan Pakora

These hot and crisp Pakoras are made from eggplant and gram flour are enough to lighten up a dull day. You can feel their teeth sink into the eggplant after the crisp coating of the Pakora, as soon as you start thinking how wonderful it is, it’s already over.


19. Vrat Ke Pakode

Vrat ke pakode, also known as kuttu fritter are yet another tasty Pakoras for the days of the fast. They are made with mashed potatoes and buckwheat flour or kuttu ka aata (hence the name). These Pakoras absorb a lot of oil so keep a tissue paper or newspaper handy in case you prefer to play safe with oil. They taste good with yogurt and all chutneys.


20. Vengaya Bhajji

Vengaya bhajjis are essentially onion Pakoras, but South Indian style. Mostly made with sliced onions, these Pakoras taste different from the regular onion Pakoras you might have in a non-south area. Enjoy them with coconut chutney.