Top 20 Theme Restaurants In Patna


The historically rich land of Patna, where the first crops were grown and civilizations were established, is a city of exotic culinary culture. With modesty, in its place, Litti-chokha and the Sattu drink are the only comfort food of people here. The spice they indulge in their meals is Panch Fohran(a combination of 5 herbs). Patna being the capital of Bihar has emerged and developed a lot in the past decade. With growing interest in food between people and to give them a new environment, there are many theme restaurants in Patna to provide you with a new dine-in experience with mouth-watering food and aroma at a nominal price range.

1.D Aahar Rail Gadi Dine-In

The restaurant’s atmosphere transports you to a rail ride, as its name suggests, giving you a sense of ethnicity. The restaurant is tastefully designed, offers plush seating, and delivers food using toy trains rather than wait staff. There is also an area outside where you can get your photo taken and eat in an aesthetically pleasing setting. Speaking of food the menu features mouthwatering Chinese and continental fare and north and south Indian cuisine, all at reasonable costs. Without a doubt, you should take your friends and family there.

2.The Royal Jail Restro

Do Waqt Ki Roti comes to mind when you hear the words “jail food,” however, this restaurant is a regal establishment where you can enjoy delectable food in a room that resembles a jail. You get a minimalist sensation from the dinnerware offered here, which is in keeping with the theme. The menu contains everything, but its speciality is non-vegetarian foods. The setting is tastefully designed and offers friendly service. You can watch anything you want while dining in the restaurant’s theatre, which provides the comfort of watching television at home. The journey is rewarding, even though the restaurant is slightly out of the way.

3.Foresto Paradise

The restaurants’ all-green design and bamboo furnishings give you an exotic sense of a forest. The restaurant’s atmosphere is one of woodland culture from floor to ceiling. A good meal serves in a friendly environment. Despite the menu’s diversity, there are not many options for dishes that are only vegetarian. The delicious meal, enjoyable music, and warm welcome will have you coming back. Overall, it is a location that offers value for the money and has its personality. This site in Patna, which spans three areas, should be on your bucket list.

4.Pind Balluchi (The Revolving Restaurant)

The location stands out because, unlike other places, it rotates in its area, giving visitors a view of the entire city of Patna from the 18th level. You can enjoy all your favourite foods in one place while admiring Patna’s beauty, which is surprising. The food served here is excellent in both taste and presentation. You can sample delicious Chinese food here. Noble consideration and service are given. Even though it appears expensive, going is worthwhile for the scenery and the delectable dinner.


The restaurant honours Rajasthani culture and ethnicity. Its interior design is typical of Rajasthan, and in its cuisine, they serve traditional thali. Rajasthani folk tunes are also played here as music. The servers wear Rajasthani garb to give you the vibe. You are welcomed in the restaurant with a Saffa or Rajasthani turban. A taste of thali transports you to the region of Rajasthan and inspires you to cherish the cuisine and culture there. It is an important location to see to learn about new cultures as well as new themes.

6.Kapil Dev’S Eleven

No one is unaware of this legend called Kapil Dev. He inspired us to win the world cup and develop a passion for cricket. With its 90s-inspired cricket theme, this restaurant pays homage to this legend and his journey. The menu’s names all have something to do with cricket, giving the impression that a game is always playing in the background. The restaurant offers lovely food and a cosy, at-home atmosphere for watching sporting events with family and friends. If you enjoy sports and cricket, you must come here and have your picture taken with autographed bats.


There is a location in Patna that celebrates the local and rural culture of Bihar through its decorations and celebrations. The serving platters used here are made of pot clay to give you a sense of Bihar’s heritage. The restaurant serves dishes with a distinctive flavour made using local spices. The most well-known beverage provided here is Sattu, and Litti chokha is the most popular food in the restaurant. Although there is a little less food, the taste is still decent. Here is the spot to go to learn about the Bihar ethnicity quickly.

8.Guffa Bbq

The restaurant’s concept is to provide you with a dining experience inside a cave with constructed architecture. The restaurant has a barbecue idea, allowing you to grill your food. Although the setting is pleasant, the seating is somewhat uncomfortable. The flavour and cost are both excellent. They specialize in serving non-vegetarian food here. It would be best if you strived to have a dining experience here because the restaurant is popular with visitors and draws them repeatedly.

9.Lounge Before Wicket

The restaurant’s concept roots in the team’s new players as part of its celebration of modern cricket stardom. You get the feeling from the dining area and the furnishings. Portraits of achievers and images made of cricket balls are hanging. The food is incredible here, especially the Chinese cuisine. There are many picture-perfect locations to pose for photos and display your passion for cricket. The service is excellent, and the dinnerware is attractive. Although the restaurant is a little pricey, the quality of the meal merits the price. Whenever you have the time, visit the place.


The eatery is located on the roof and offers sitting by the pool to enjoy a mild breeze. The restaurant’s motif displays the distinct cultures of Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Live music is put- on to create the ambience and calm the surroundings. The friendliness is top-notch, and the food is impressive. With its sumptuous couches, the location conveys wealth and luxury. Although pricey, the setting is elegant and sophisticated. If you want to enjoy a luxurious dining experience, head here.

11.Mainland China

The restaurant serves Chinese cuisine, which transports you to China. Many foreigners come here to eat this chine inspired cuisine. Chinese serving chopsticks and bowls are used in these portions. There is an excellent staff and a lively atmosphere. The restaurant offers both Indian and continental meals on its menu. The pricing on the menu is gentle. You must go there to have a little tour of China.

12.Aer Bistro

With its decor and theme, the location brings you to Greece. It has a lovely Greek feel because the walls are painted white and ornamented with blue flowers. The ambience of the open roof and sitting transports you to Greece. Although there is some Indian food offered, the meal is continental in style. The dish had excellent flavour. Live music is playing in the background to support Greece’s romanticism. To have a wonderful time with your companion, you must come here.

13.Cafe The Dhaba

Eating in dhabas is increasingly popular these days, and there is a restaurant with a similar vibe thanks to its decor. With synchronized scooters and truck fronts and backs affixed to the tables, the eatery has a traditional aesthetic. The restaurant offers dhaba-style food displayed through its taste and serving equipment. The food served here is prepared in the dhaba style, topped with tadka and masala. If you want to try a dhaba at a reasonable price, you’ll enjoy this establishment once you visit.

14.The Old Monk

Its sole location in Patna describes the Goan and Portuguese cultures. The place celebrates Portuguese cuisine traditions. And it takes you to Goa. Although the term implies alcohol, it sounds hard to replace and create the essence while living in a dry state. The location serves a variety of mock-tails made in traditional Goan style by skilled bartenders. You get a beachy sensation here. There are beautiful photo arenas thanks to the design and breeze. The place is well-known among young people, young not just in age but in the heart. Go here and unwind if you want to have fun and relax for a while.

15.Cinema Cafe

We all love Bollywood since we are Indians, and dining with Bollywood tunes encourages you to say Mogambo khush hua. The restaurant features iconic Bollywood phrases printed on the walls and an overall Bollywood motif. All of the funky serving utensils have a connection to Bollywood. The vibes are right up there, with a lot of space to take shots with an excellent background. Because it is attached to a 360-degree cinema, you may place your order and eat there. The location has a stunning exterior view as well. The cuisine is excellent in terms of price, quantity, and quality. You ought to leave and enjoy our weekend.

16.Summer Of 69

Both indoor and outdoor seating areas at the location have distinctive interiors. The entire space has a summery feel, thanks to the colour scheme. Fresh flowers beautify the room, which exudes summertime freshness. Graffiti on the walls and the unusual texture of the seating create a joyful summertime vibe. Both the food and the staff are excellent. The setting has a unique personality and mood that will transport you back to your youth and cause you to become lost in your childhood memories.

17.F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe

Friends, a famous English drama series, has its own following among young people. The place reflects the series with an environment designed just as it was in the series. The cafe contains numerous well-known monuments and dailies from the series. You are welcome to go there and spend time with your pals. The location is ideal for making your banner for friends. Both the meal and the price are reasonable. It’s an overall hangout place, without a doubt.

18.Stark Cafe

Marvel World is well-known for its supernatural plot and appeals to people of all ages. This location’s decor showcases the Marvel characters and has a Marvel-based theme. The area provides simple seating with a soft design and a breeze. The environment has decent illumination. The meal is tasty and admirable here. There are suitable decors to take pictures with your favourite characters. Go here, whether you like marvel or not, to enjoy a lovely time in a contemporary setting.

19.Stash Cafe And Gaming Lounge

Given that games is the focus of this establishment, it has a weekend feel. Mobile games are playable from a distance; however, this place drives you to gather and play a different physical game with fantastic meals. The concept of endless food is much more astounding than the food itself. The setting features dim lighting to keep you comfortable and enable you to appreciate it. You may sway to the music because of the environment’s music and space. While playing and eating, sharing laughter, you can release your week’s worth of tension.

20.Hbt Cafe-The Half Baked Tales

The cafe intrigues the Potterheads and fans of Harry Potter. Harry potter’s artistry is there on the interior walls. There is a small library, where you can sit and read the Harry Potter books. There is a gaming station to play with friends. Although the meal is good, the drinks are incredible. The location also plays Harry Potter films continuously and has live music playing in the background to make you feel comfortable. Of course, you can visit there and try your luck with magic using the wand and cauldron shown there as a showpiece.