Top 20 Things You Can Pair Up With Your Evening Chai

Top 20 Things You Can Pair Up With Your Evening Chai

Who doesn’t love chai?! In India, we are all so obsessed with that fresh cup of tea to start our evenings. We like it so much that one evening without it is a nightmare! The type of course depends on the person. It varies whether you like milk, brewed or liquor tea. Milk or no milk, sugar or no sugar, we absolutely drool for it. But isn’t it super boring to have tea just on its own? Here are 20 super duper pair ups for that happy evening Chai time!

1.Marie Biscuit

Marie biscuits are everyone’s all time favourite. If not anything else, these biscuits never leave your side. It is a sweet biscuit that is basically tea’s soul mate. Widely embraced and eaten all around the world, this one had to top the list. With various brands producing these biscuits you get slight variation in taste. Marie biscuits are surely a part of our daily needs.



One of India’s favourite snack items, Samosa is too good to be real. The crispy crackling coating with hot yummy masala sabzi inside, Samosas can make you salivate any time. The best part is you can even incorporate sweetness into them! Mold it in your own suitable way and munch on!



Simplicity at its best. Rusk being a hard dry biscuit gives a perfect compatible consistency just opposite to that of tea. It is so primitive a simple yet full of taste. The original flavor is no less, but you also get cool flavored ones such as ajwain and jeera readily available in the market. Dipping it into tea is so much fun.


4.Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just the name brings the child in us back into action. Chocolate Chip Cookies make everyone happy and cheerful. If you haven’t tried it with Tea yet, hurry up! The combination is unique and cheerful. Pair them up with a nice cup of milk Tea and enjoy pure child-like enjoyment.



If you are in the mood to have something crunchy and mouth-freshening, grab a packet of mixture and worry no more. Your evening is all set. Believe it or not, mixture is not even harmful to your health. Other than the frying, the ingredients are pretty good. It keeps our system functioning well and gives an amazing aftertaste lingering in the mouth.


6.Aloo Parantha

If you feel like having something filling and tasty, AalooParantha is the best option. Lather it with some butter, sip in Chai, have a bite, sit back and smile. It is the perfect evening snack for those of us who love Indian Paranthas. They gel well with any kind of tea, even flavored ones!


7.Namak Paray

Namak Parays are exquisite to munch on in the evenings. They are so addictive. You can get a whole container of them and still run out and be left wanting for more. You can buy them or even make them, the recipe is quite simple. Guess what? Meetha Paray is also an option. If you have a sweet tooth, why miss out on this opportunity?


8.Peanut Butter And Bread

We all know bread is an option. But did you ever try spreading some Peanut butter on the slices while having them with Tea? It tastes heavenly if you’re a fan of Peanuts! The creamy consistency goes hand in hand with our favourite Tea. This combo will not leave you unsatisfied.



Small, light, yummy and refreshing, Aloo Bhujia shares a strong friendship with Tea. The crunch is the key element to it. Their consistency is very comforting, no one complains about them. They are so easily available in various packet sizes and with many masala combinations. Buy a small packet or big, the golden delights are ever yummy.



Pakoras are the most versatile item in this order. You can practically make Pakoras out of all your favourite items. Internationally known as Fritters, these are small explosions of flavor. On a rainy day, a cup of Tea and Pakoras is nothing but pure bliss. Dip it in any sauce of your choice and enjoy your evening. Options are plentiful, vegetables or meat, they are equally exciting!



A quite unconventional option, but an interesting one too. Chocolate is absolutely loved by many. It surely knows how to steal hearts. Just as Tea has a never ending flavor possibility, so does Chocolate. Starting from fruits ending at mint, these two create a rocking combination. A small bite of the Chocolate and a long sip of Chai alternatively create happiness. Never thought of that, did you?

chocolate12.French Fries

Though usually eaten with fast foods such as burgers, French fries can be quite a good companion for Tea. This salty treat is adored by children and relished by adults. Seasoning is entirely upon you. Salt, oregano, chili powder, and herbs are good options. If you’re a fan of masala chai, this snack is cool.


These triangular Chips of joy are yummy! Widely endorsed by many companies, they have become quite common in India. These Mexican tortilla Chips go well with cheese based sauces or even cheese in its purest form. Cheese and Chai might not be common, but they are an undermined excellent combo.


Who says Cake is only for special occasions? Every day is special, every day is a celebration, so have a slice of cake and drink your yummy evening chai. Dried fruits and fruit cakes are delicious. They are healthy and wholesome. With Tea, they satisfy your sweet craving and provide a compact nice snack in the evening.


15.Potato Chips

Hot fried crispy Potato Chips always bring smiles to our faces. Hot Chips and hot Tea is a world renowned evening snack duo. Light as feather, chips nicely seasoned with salt or other flavoring agents, live up to the phrase crispy and awesome. These golden flaky strips are mouth watering leaving such a tantalizing effect in the mouth.


16.Cream Biscuits

The source of a kid’s laughter, cream biscuits! Just like we grew up by dipping these in milk and enjoying, why not continue the legacy? Cream biscuits can be equally joy filled when dipped in Tea! Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or pineapple, all flavors are equally exciting. Experimentation with flavors is pretty easy in case of these creamy wonders. If not anything, just give these sweet things a lick and you’ll be revitalised with those pleasant memories again.


17.Bhel Puri

Though a street chaat option, good and yummy Bhel Puri is quite easy to achieve. There are more than a thousand recipes, or you could just toss in anything you have at home. Any mixtures, bhujias, vegetables are compatible when it comes to puffed rice. Hygienic Bhel Puri clears the system and helps in keeping your body light. With tea, it gives the ultimate desi Indian experience.


The love that goes into making Chaklis is irreplaceable. These Indian snacks are practically made for these small snack breaks. They are so yummy and pretty to look at. These spirals are full of flavor and made of gram flour. Nibbling on them and having chai is a perfect mini evening getaway when things get too hectic.

chakli19.Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is undoubtedly the most loved sweet dish of the Indian subcontinent. Nutty and creamy, it melts away in the mouth like liquid love. It is an incredible experience within itself. Such vibrant color and attractive aroma, it is so difficult to control yourself. This is one dessert, which will grasp you whether guilty or not. Indulge in this yummy Indian dessert along with your cup of Tea.


Be it vegetable cutlet, chicken cutlet, fish cutlet or any cutlet of your choice, if you have them in the evening with your Chai, you’ll be compelled to feel like they were made for this sole purpose. Indulge in this yummy Indian creation and be sure of turning a boring evening into a fun one.Try these various crazy combinations with your evening Chai, you are guaranteed to have some fun.