Top 20 Trending New Restaurants In Kolkata


1. Monkey Bar

The much-awaited restaurant Monkey Bar with outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore finally opens house in Kolkata. Although priced slightly on the more expensive side, this restaurant seeks to steal the heart of its customers with the swanky interior decor, an amazing view of Downtown Kolkata and interesting recipes. For the convenience of their clientele, the restaurant is separated into two sections, smoking and non-smoking.
They serve quirky signature cocktails, which are highly recommended. Copper Monkey and Toast to Calcutta (made especially for the city) some of the drinks one must try.They mainly serve American, Asian and European cuisines, and their burgers have become instant hits. The Monkey Bar knows how to present delicious food and create a perfect ambiance like no other, however, a slight disadvantage is that only people above 18 are allowed inside the restaurant and anyone below 21 is allowed only up to 6 p.m. in the evening. Other than that, this restaurant should be put on anyone’s wish-list!


2. The Love Room

Do you love animals? Do you have a pet? Do you feel that they deserve a cafe of their own? The proprietors of the love room felt the same way. Thus, came about a one of a kind establishment and the first ever Pet Cafe in the City. So, feel free to walk in with your four-legged friend and Grab a bite. And in case a visitor does not have a pet, he need not worry because he can enter with a nominal entry fee.
It is a very quaint little restaurant, very conveniently located at Tollygunge and decorated in the style of a Cafe. They serve North Indian and continental food, however, their burgers are amazing. They maintain cleanliness and hygiene like no other and provides quality food at a reasonable price. So, walk in to enjoy a meal with your pet or to cuddle a bundle of joy while sipping mocktails.


3.  What’s Up!

In line with the trend of bars and happy hours, What’s Up serves its customers with the best cocktails, a mind-blowing experience, poolside ambience and excellent finger food. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife of Kolkata with a group of friends. They provide outdoor seating with a stunning view of South Kolkata. Complete with delicious pizzas, dim lights, a Jacuzzi to dip your feet in and a DJ, What’s Up provides a unique experience that every foodie in town must indulge in.


4. Mumbai Local

Mumbai Local is a purely vegetarian, casual dining restaurant specializing in North Indian and street food. A novel feature is that it has a lively bar and a separate smoking area. This is one of the new restaurants in town and it is designed to resemble the very quintessential Mumbai local trains. This is from where the restaurant derives its name. Some of the must-have dishes include Dahi Kebab, Stuffed Kulcha, Dal Makhani and Mudh Island. A notable feature is the interesting names they put on their menu that make the dishes sound like they are delivered to your plate straight from the heart of Mumbai!  This food joint is definitely worth a visit, if not only for its quirky décor then definitely for its delectable food.


5. The Dugout

In tune with the trend of vegetarian-only restaurants, The Dugout undoubtedly makes it to the list of the best vegetarian cafes in town. The restaurant not only serves Mexican Italian and Chinese but also is famous for serving very good breakfast. It has a beautiful decor with luxurious red seats and creates the perfect ambience for a sports, with clever lighting and seating arrangements. This is the reason for the restaurant’s popularity among the young generation especially during times of significant sports events; not to forget about the various board games and a pool table to entertain the food-lovers! Being a vegetarian restaurant it is not very expensive, and one can expect a pocket-pinch of about 800 INR. As a sports lounge, The Dugout definitely meets all the criteria for providing the best food and service.


6. Tram Deepo

If food is a passion and restaurant-hopping is a hobby, then Tram Deepo is a brand new restaurant waiting to be added to your bucket list. It is a themed restaurant that gives its customers the true feel of Kolkata, highlighting the archetypal trams that have been a part of the city since the British Raj. This food joint provides WiFi and like a few other recently established restaurants, it provides various board games. The finger food is highly recommended. Though falling in the more expensive category of restaurants, the food coupled with the old world charm sufficiently compensate for the hole in the pocket.


 7.  Desi Lane

Desi Lane is a casual dining restaurant situated in New Alipore. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant with a wide array of options that will leave anyone spoilt for choice. It has a very colourful and bright appearance that adds an 80s Bollywood charm to the place. True to its name, the restaurant is designed and decorated in such a way that it walks you down the lanes of India with the help posters of Bollywood films, paintings of trucks, rickshaws,and khatiya’s, and incorporating every other detail that breathes desi. The Desi Lane has successfully captured the subtle charms of India through its décor, the background music and most importantly, the food.

The food items are very Indian in name and taste. One must not visit the place without having Murgh Malai Kebab, Fish Noorjahani, and Chicken takrai. Reasonably prices and providing good value for money, Desi Lane can be expected to fill your stomach and your soul.


8. The GRID

Kolkata has finally caught up with the micro-brewery craze. The city is embracing a new trend for restaurants –“Gastropubs”. The GRID fits snugly into that category with appealing interior design, good food, and great drinks and is going to transform into the next big thing in Kolkata. The eating experience begins with walking in through the doors of a restaurant. While entering the GRID, be prepared to be immediately transported to a very typical party scene at a loft apartment in New York. The energy of the place, during rush hour, is contagious; with loud music and lots of dancing. All their preparations are made with quality ingredients and their pizzas merit a special mention. Another favourite among their customers is the naan roll. Just the way they present their food is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Considering the ambience and the food, this restaurant definitely falls under a very reasonably priced restaurant.


9. The Good Old Days

Since the cafe trend has become exceedingly popular in Kolkata, The Good Old Days gives all cafe veterans another new place to explore. Located very conveniently near Hindustan Park, the restaurant provides good food and great value for money. Although the cafe is rather small, they have smartly designed it to hold a decent number of people. Chicken AOP is one of their signature dishes and is strongly recommended. Another special item, which is an egg lover’s treat, is the Egg-in-hole. Their pizzas and pasta are delectable and commended beverages include the coffee drinks. Priced at 700 INR for two people, The Good Old Days (TGOD) is definitely worth a try!


10. My Big Fat Belly

This is a tiny little restaurant with an endearing name that is a very apt description of the after effects of the delicious food that is available here. Serving American and Italian Cuisines at very affordable prices, this little eatery is out to make a name for itself in the world of restaurants. They serve very tasty thin crust pizzas, juicy burgers, and excellent chicken shawarma. One other perk is that the place remains open till after midnight; so midnight snacks no longer need to be limited to the refrigerator in your house! They serve good portions and go easy on the pockets; indeed a meal at My Big Fat Belly is quite a steal!


11. Liqua – Rooftop Poolside Bar

Liqua brings to you a mesmerizing view of the city from the 12th floor of Hotel Sense in Sector 5, Salt Lake. The view notwithstanding, the amazing poolside dining experience is one that simply can’t be passed over. Among the many attractions is the availability of a full bar, outdoor seating arrangement, separate smoking area and a sumptuous buffet. Liqua is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving both staple North Indian dishes and popular Italian dishes such as pizzas and pasta. Average estimated expenditure is 1000 INR.


12. The Protein Bistro

The trend these days is that everybody wants to be healthy and look good and they hit the gym to be fit. So this fit generation needs their protein. The Protein Bistro is the perfect place where one can get tasty and high protein meals at an affordable price. This restaurant came up with the idea to promote healthy and tasty food. It is a small café located around the Southern Avenue area. The interiors are cozy and they have books at every table. All their preparations are made with minimal oil have good portions of protein. Some of the recommended items include Pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, and Lebanese platter. Another novelty introduced by The Protein Bistro is a wide array of detox juices. Priced at 700 INR for two people, it is very reasonable for the healthy food they serve.


13. We.Desi

We.Desi is another culinary delight for all the food-lovers who have a palate for Indian cuisines. This restaurant serves both North Indian and South Indian food. They have an excellent tea and chat menu, a welcome change to the string of foreign cuisine restaurants that have been trending for some time. It is situated inside one of the iconic addresses in town, 22 Camac Street. The restaurant is very big and can accommodate a great number of people. The interiors are done up such they provide a luxurious and royal feel to the place. The decorations are very retro and reminiscent of the era of the black-and-white film. They keep up their appearances with the food they serve as well. The food presentation is impeccable and tastes exquisite. It is the perfect place to visit for a family dinner.


14. Crimson Haze

Crimson Haze is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant built in the form of a cafe. Apart from the brilliant finger food, they have an excellent selection of mouth-watering desserts and bakes. They have a wide range of ice creams and shakes that are the highlight of this little cafe. One must make it a point to taste the Lava Cake, which is the best available in the area. And to top it all, the restaurant is very affordable and does not leave a hole in your pocket.


15. Firefly 24×7 – Final Destination

If you’re looking for huge discounts during happy hour and a poolside view at a cheap price, then Firefly 24×7 is definitely the place to go to. They have excellent ambience for a group of friends to hang out and unwind over a few drinks. They provide good quality food in good quantity and as a whole is a great value for money. Although the restaurant is vegetarian only, they have some egg preparations. Sometimes they feature live music and have live sports screening at all times. Also, they have a huge billiards table for those who want to enjoy a game while having some delicious finger-food.


16. Barcelos

Barcelos has been much-anticipated restaurant owing to its popularity in other cities and also the introduction of the Portuguese cuisine into the culinary platter of Kolkata. The décor is elegant and the restaurant spacious, but any praise falls short when it comes to the food. The black and red burgers were instant hits. They are highly recommended. They taste succulent and come in good portions. They have an extensive range of sides to select from, as well. Another signature dish that must be ordered is Chicken Espetada. The presentation of the dish is somewhat of a surprise and is completely unexpected. One needs to order to find out! They menu is very varied with a number of options. The food is essentially healthy and made of quality ingredients. One simply cannot be disappointed after a meal at Barcelos.


17. Mio Amore Restaurant

Mio Amore is a very popular franchise for confectioneries in Kolkata and recently they have ventured to open a full-fledged restaurant, which has been extremely successful. Located in Mani Square Mall, the Mio Amore restaurant is a very ornately designed restaurant serving Morrocan, Turkish, Greek Italian and Lebanese food. The lighting is soft and the ambiance is soothing. The menu has a wide variety of items, but the primary attractions are the flavorsome Mediterranean delicacies such as Greek Fish, Pollo Asado, Lebanese Tandoor Kebab, Samak Chermoula and Shish Taouk. They provide an excellent buffet, which is one of the cheapest buffets in town.


18. Mirage – The Poolside Resto

Located on the ground floor of The Stadel Hotel, Mirage is yet another poolside restaurant that will take your breath away. Designing in the form of a lounge, it serves only finger food and drinks and is the perfect place for relaxing with friends and family. Situated adjacent to a serene, blue pool and a bubbling Jacuzzi is in itself a one-of-a-kind experience. Some recommended preparations from their menu are Chicken Maryland, Jamaica Jerk Chicken, Poulet Epinard, Chicken Calvados and Roast Chicken with Rosemary.


19. Black Lounge Bar – Aauris

Black Lounge Bar in Aauris Hotel on Theatre Road is the perfect place to let your hair down and party hard! The lounge is on the topmost floor and offers a spectacular view of the skyline. It is a high-end restaurant and the pocket pinch is approximately 2,220 INT for two people. They have a dance floor, live sports screening, and valet parking facility. The food is continental and north Indian. They serve an extensive assortment of exotic cocktails and finger-licking good kebabs.


20. Hawa Hawaii

Another themed restaurant in town and this one is designed in accordance with the movie Mr. India. The interior of Hawa Hawaii (a famous song from the movie), is decorated extensively with little mementos and artifacts from the movie, such as a hat, spectacles, and violin of Mr. India and the iconic Mogambo’s jacket! To complete the theme of the movie, they even have a separate area with optical illusions that will surely get you a bit disoriented. Their signature kebab platter is a must-try. It contains the juiciest and most succulent prawn kebabs in town.