Top 20 Tribal Recipes You Must Give A Shot

Top 20 Tribal Recipes You Must Give A Shot

India is the house of tremendously different cultures and heritages striking the authentic tribal communities who are the saviors of their religious traditions. Many traditional recipes speak of this and represent their share to the world. These 20 tribal recipes have their way of discovering the taste and provide for its nutrients to people of its climatic vegetation.

With the world moving ahead of its time, we are missing out on our very own roots the food cultures have taken aggressive turns. The traditional family cooking and mixing and matching to today’s flavors and species are a few dishes that will leave you astonished with their taste.

By incorporating them into the metropolitan menu, the chefs have been attempting to conserve these traditional delicacies. These top 20 tribal recipes are a must-try as they will take you into the mouth-watering dining experience since the quest to discover the grounds of its origins creates a difference with spices and the nature of its roots and vines.

The hills swear by legumes and grains in their traditional/tribal food, much like the North East does with its rice production and specialties. Whatever the meal, whether it be millet roti, Maahni, or Teliya Maach, it is typically served in a Pattal bowl, donna, or even Kansa thali. Let’s dive into the top 20 tribal recipes you must try by going through the list of delightful dishes!

1.Chingdi Malai

This dish’s main attraction is its delectable, creamy prawn curry, which gets its creamy texture from coconut milk, as suggested by the dish’s name. This wonderful dish’s richness comes from mild spices giving it a distinctive flavor. Delicious, mouth-watering, and flavorful to the max! This delicacy is a must-try if you are in or near Odisha.


2.Kanika Santula

Every spoonful of this traditional Oriya dish, fried or poached vegetable curries, slurps down your tongue. The meal is on par with any other nutritious food thanks to its mixture of ripe papaya, potato, tomato, and brinjal. The dish is typically consumed as part of a healthy diet because it contains lots of greens and little spices. Few tribes take pride in turning up the flavors and serving this with chicken and mutton curries. By lightly sauté the dish with milk and spice you can add flavor. This curry is served traditionally with sweet aromatic basmati rice mixed with sweetened cashews.

3.Kadali Manja Rai

This delicious banana stem curry is the ideal side dish and has two red chilies, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, and garlic cloves. The flavor of the stir-fried banana stem with the coriander leaves as a seasoning makes you so happy that it lasts until you get enough of it. Sometimes this is consumed along with rice Pilaf is traditionally known as Pulao.


4.Chakuli Pithas Aam Kathas

Another popular meal from Odisha striking 5th of the list called Chakuli Pitha is similar to a dosa but distinct. A batter made of equal parts of rice and lentils. On occasion, black lentils are without skin instead of urad dal. The Chakuli Pitha is both softer and somewhat thicker than a Dosa. Aloo Bhuja, Ghugni, or jaggery go well with this gluten-free treat. This delicacy goes with Kathas Dahi Nadia forming elite chutneys from the East!

5.Mudhi Mansa

Puffed rice is mudhi, and mansa is meat. This dish is a traditional cuisine known as Mudhi Mansa. The Meat is a goat, and it has oils with a variety of spices. The Meat is put into a gravy using tomatoes, onions, and certain spices. Served hot and topped with fresh coriander leaves, chopped onions, and crunchy Mudhi or puffed rice. In particular, Bhubaneswar residents seem to favor this intriguing combo by adding up their side of the culture with a mix of mutton trapped.

Mudhi Mansa

6.Napham Dhano

This dish comes from the Bodo cuisine of Assam and is very well known and popular. It is present in their meal with steamed rice with Chutney made of fermented fish extracts. A method of curing and long-term storage for fish is fermentation. Bodo cuisine uses napham as a condiment. Chilly, salt, mustard oil, and fermented fish are the ingredients used in its preparation.

Napham Dhano

7.Shuyor Gahori Bodo Chutney

Pork with vegetable mustard is a snack or a dish. The ingredients fried with onion, garlic, ginger, and chilies for this delicacy, are rice beer and Chutney during Bwisagu. Everything is cooked and then made into a paste to serve with meals. Bodo’s all-time favorite combo is this dish, which has an electric aftertaste.

8.Mulgi Dhano

One of the staples of Bodo cuisine is chicken curry with rice powder. The curry has a smooth, creamy texture. This dish is served with rice and is available for lunch. This dish can retreat as a modern chicken served with roselle leaves and makes a popular dish from minorities of the Bodo tribe spread across Assam.

Mulgi Dhano

9.Bhedai Lota Bor

This is a dish borrowed from the cuisine of the Adi and Apatani tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Paederia foetida is the scientific name for Bhedai lota, often known as Stinkvine, skunk vine, or Chinese sickness. The leaves of this perennial climber go in Fritters, which are not only tasty but also healthy and simple to prepare. It is a perennial climber that grows naturally and from the wild for consumption. With these ingredients, you get these delicious Fritters.

Bhedai Lota Bor

10.Bongulo Chicken

The tenth in the top 20 tribal cuisines, find out the secret to making moist, tender, and well-cooked chicken. One of the most well-known dishes is “the bamboo chicken, using a tribal recipe. Araku, Andhra Pradesh, is known for its indigenous Bamboo Chicken or Bongulo chicken. The small town of Araku is close to Vizag. Bamboo chicken is becoming quite famous and is receiving admiration and attention from contemporary society.

Bongulo Chicken

11.Chamthong Eromba

The dish tastes like well-fried, dried fish cooked with garlic and coriander. Recipes using these leaves produce Eromba. This dish goes well with Chamthong, also referred to as Kangsoi by the Manipuri people. Chamthong is a dish made of boiled seasonal vegetables, chopped onions, and garlic cloves, with Nagri and water on top. This soupy meal goes with Eromba and rice.

Chamthong Eromba

12.Mizo Bai

It is a casserole that has made with a variety of veggies. By combining various seasonal vegetable types, there are numerous ways to produce bai. The dish is famous as Bai which has boiled vegetables, Bekang, or soybeans, Sa-um is a fermented Pork served with rice. Another frequent food is Sawhchiar, rice cooked with either beef, hog, or chicken. Typical accompaniments include Sanpiau rice Porridge with fresh coriander paste, fish sauce, black pepper, and spring onions.

Mizo Bai

13.Doh Kileh

The Hynniewtrep people of Meghalaya, India, who belong to the Khasi, Jaintia, and Bhoi tribes, is the source of the traditional dish. Everybody has their method of preparing the Khasi cuisine of Doh khlieh with a pig. It started as a straightforward salad recipe that only required a few ingredients. Depending on the availability of fresh ingredients, this salad may be increased or decreased. Some people only use onion and ginger to prepare this pork salad, while others add green peppers and onion.

Doh Kileh

14.Phan Pyut Chawal

Unfinished ripe potatoes are not great to eat until they’ve rotted by being buried underground. This fermented ingredient gives their food a long-lasting flavor and may be easy to cook for a snack or spiced up and drizzled in mustard oil to enjoy during the rainy season.

Phan Pyut Chawal

15.Venna Chemeen Kari

Venna Chemeen Kari is a well-descended recipe from the tribes of Kerala, and this cuisine uses exceptional flavors in keeping with their traditional preparation methods. Prepared with turmeric powder, chopped green chilies, chili powder, coriander powder, crushed ginger, and coccus in a very effective way. Wait a while with the components still in that position. Cover the vessel with a mixture of Prawns, then stirs the crushed garlic into the boiling ingredients. Ideally, stir. Stir thoroughly after adding pepper powder to this dish. It is ready to serve hot.

Venna Chemeen Kari

16.Bafauri Mahuva Ras

Bafauri Mahuva Ras comes from the Madhya Pradesh tribe of Bhojpur. It is a nutritious snack that has chana dal. Garlic, chilies, and coriander leave to flavour the ground-up chana dal before steaming. It is a fantastic, healthy teatime treat. This dish is served with Mahua Ras, a well-grown fruit with significant medicinal potential in Chhattisgarh and Bihar. Add some jaggery this Ras’s sweet-wine flavor has to its full potential.

Bafauri Mahuva Ras

17.Muthiah Farra

The dish from the tribes of Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh. This snack is nutritious because it is steamed rather than fried. Sesame and mustard seeds roasted in oil with steamed dudhi Muthia. And as a result, they develop a thin, crispy, brown covering on the outside. Sesame seeds give it a pleasant crunch and nutty flavor. This dish goes well alongside Fara. They are cooked with cornstarch and served with tomato, chili, and coriander chutney that is either sour or spicy. Making this dish involves combining water and rice flour into a thick paste.

Muthiah Farra

18.Sagu Panthithal

This is a dish from the tribes of Kerala. Its vegetarian Sagu stands for leafy vegetables roasted curries served with Panthithal and steamed rice. This finger Licking version of Kerala cuisine will be a surprise of new taste and add to your appetite. The turmeric and cumin powders add an intense taste to this delicacy which is served hot over a banana leaf and used as plates over the traditional practice.

Sagu Panthithal

19.Kurumulaku Kanji

The last tribal cuisines come from this Kanji, which is pepper porridge. This tribal dish has secured its place in modern-day houses as well. This dish has ingredients for restructuring cells. Hence, it is helpful for women after the third day of delivery or childbirth. This dish helps in many ways with its nutritional ingredients as it’s deep-cooked in earthen pots. This dish can also be helpful in period cramps with its delicious taste.

Kurumulaku Kanji


Kodavas, a tribe whose diet is rooted in Coorg, went hunting for bamboo, wild mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, and fruits. The ingredients of Coorg cuisine are seasonal meat and produce that has spice while retaining its inherent flavors. They discovered this jackfruit delicacy while searching for natural roots. A steamed cake known as Koovaleputtu has broken rice and Jackfruit or banana pulp. Jackfruit or banana pulp, broken rice, and coconut shavings are all included in the delicately cardamom-scented batter. A traditional Sakala steams the batter after being placed into banana leaves. The cakes resemble Suman rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves from the Philippines and are eaten warm with a tablespoon of ghee. Wrapping up these tribal recipes with desserts brings you to the end of the list of top 20 tribal cuisines you must give a shot.