Top 20 Types Of Kuzhambu In Tamil Nadu

(Top 20 Types Of Kuzhambu In Tam (1)

1. Masala Kara Kuzhambu

Kuzhambu has taste and recipe similar to that of sambhar but it has something special in it which makes it even more special than sambhar. Masala kara kuzhambu is famous for its spicy touch. This kuzhambu is yummiest of all. You can add all the vegetables as per your choice. You can make plain kuzhmabu also.


2. Mix Vegetable Kuzhambu

Mix vegetable kuzhambu has yummy taste and lots of health benefits as well. To enhance the taste of kuzhambu give it a North Indian touch by adding cream. If you don’t have cream, simply add malai in the kuzhambu.

mix veg kuzhambu

3. Tomato Gravy Kuzhambu

The addition of tomato gravy simply enhances the taste of kuzhambu in the similar way it enhanced the taste of sambhar. Here you have three choices; one is to add raw tomato puree, second is to add boiled tomato puree and third is to add fried tomato puree. The taste of all three is different yet tasty. Make all three and get your special one. Garnish you kuzhambu with finely chopped coriander leaves.


4. Onion Kuzhambu

Onion kuzhambu is very special in taste. The aroma of kuzhambu is simply amazing. Add onion as per your choice. Add raw onion puree or add boiled onion puree. Choice is yours. In hotels the cooks always make onion kuzhambu with fried onions as the after frying the onion the taste and quality of onion enhances.


5. Brahmin Style Kuzhambu

The name of the dish itself says that it has no garlic, no onion. But don’t think that the taste of kuzhambu is not yummy. The Brahmin style kuzhambu is its own special touch and taste as well. The best part of this kuzhambu is that you can make this kuzhambu in Navratri also. As no ginger, no garlic, no onion is added in the kuzhambu you 9999333333can serve it to your whole family and guests as well.


6. Radish Kuzhambu

Radish kuzhambu is very yummy in taste. The best part of this kuzhambu is that it is full of spices which make it special for all spice lovers. The kuzhambu is not for kids as it has lots and lots of spices in it. The addition of red chili flakes in the kuzhambu simply enhances the taste of kuzhambu.


7. Drumstick Kuzhambu

We all know the taste of sambhar in which drumstick is added. Drumsticks simply enhance the taste of kuzhambu in the similar way it had enhanced the taste of your sambhar. What you need to do is simply add lots and lots of drumstick in your kuzhambu. The spicy touch which you will give after the addition of drumstick is simply amazing.


8. Lynger Style Kuzhambu

We all love having lynger food. It has something special in it. All lynger dishes have amazing taste. Similarly the taste of lynger style kuzhambu is also amazing. The addition of coconut milk makes the kuzhambu tastiest of all. Add roasted chili flakes as tadka in the kuzhambu for making it extra special.


9. Garlic Kuzhambu

The Chinese touch given to kuzhambu by the addition of lots and lots of garlic is simply scrumptious in taste. Simply imagine the taste of the South Indian specialty with Chinese touch. We all have experimented Chinese touch on North Indian dishes and get amazing result. Similarly the taste of this South Indian specialty with Chinese touch is out of the world.


10. Tirunelveli Style Kuzhambu

The Tiruneveli style kuzhambu is simply amazing in taste. The best part of this kuzhambu is that it is well garnished with finely chopped coriander leaves. The addition of coriander leaves simply enhance the taste of kuzhambu. After tasting this kuzhambu you will forget all other dishes.


11. Keerai Kuzhambu

The addition of keerai in the kuzhambu makes it healthy and tasty as well. Keerai has many health benefits. You must try this kuzhambu once in your life. It’s totally your choice whether you want to add boiled keerai paste or you want to add chopped keerai. Both are amazing in taste.


12. Lentil Balls Kuzhambu

The kuzhambu is similar to pakora gravy sabzi. You can have it with rice, chapatti, idli, vada etc. in other words this kuzhambu is very amazing as it acts as a gravy dish. What all you need to do is simply make balls of boiled lentils and deep fry them and add them to the tangy gravy. Garnish your yummy dish with curry leaves.


13. Kara Kuzhambu

This is the most amazing kuzhambu you can have.  The best part of this kuzhambu is that in this all vegetables are added after deep fried. You can make it spicy or sweetie spicy as per your choice.


14. Pumpkin Kuzhambu

The boring pumpkin is used in making amazing and yummy kuzhambu. Also, the pumpkin is added in the sambhar for enhancing its taste. In the same way it enhances the taste of kuzhambu also. You can add other vegetables also. Mainly carrot and drumstick are added along with pumpkin.


15. Pakoda Kuzhambu

Pakora kuzhambu is for all those who love pakora gravy dishes. It’s totally your choice as to which vegetable you want to use for making pakora. I always make mix vegetable pakora. As the taste of mix vegetable pakora is scrumptious than any other pakora. What all you need to do is just boil all the vegetables (such as carrot, pumpkin, keerai, bottle guard etc.) and grind them in grinder along with all the species.  Add little besan in the mixture and then make small balls and then deep fried the balls.  See, your balls are ready; add them in kuzhambu and enjoy.


16. Soya Chunks Kuzhambu

Yes, you heard right, you can add soya chunks in kuzhambu. The addition of soya chunks simply makes the kuzhambu tastiest of all. Simply boil the kuzhambu or soak them in hot water and add them in your kuzhambu. You can also shallow fry the chunks and then add in your kuzhambu. Choice is totally yours.


17. Curry Leaves Kuzhambu

In curry leaves kuzhambu you have to add curry leaves powder in the kuzhambu. That’s it. The taste is simply yummy.


18. Brinjal Kuzhambu

The taste of brinjal sambhar and brinjal kuzhambu is same. The only difference between brinjal sambhar and brinjal kuzhambu is that in brinjal sambhar we all normal brinjal and in brinjal kuzhambu we add stuffed brinjal.


19. Pepper Kuzhambu

The Chinese touch given to kuzhambu by the addition of black pepper powder is simply amazing. The addition of pepper powder not only enhances the taste of the kuzhambu, but also it enhances its aroma as well.


20. Brinjal Masala Kuzhambu

In brinjal masala kuzhambu the spices are added in large amount. This kuzhambu is very special for all extra spice lovers.