1 Paper Dosa

Lucknow is known for its Awadhi cuisine. The people in Lucknow love every kind of cuisine. There are many South Indian eateries in Lucknow.  Paper Dosa is delicious. Its batter is thinner than regular dosa batter. It usually does not have any filling.


2 Spring Roll Dosa

The people in Lucknow love experimenting with food. Spring Roll Dosa is a Chinese take on a South Indian dish. The batter used to make this dosa is regular masala dosa batter. It is delectable. Rasam, Sambhar and Hot and Sour sauce go well with spring roll dosa.


3 Schezwan Dosa

Indians love eating Chinese food. They also love eating South Indian food. Schezwan Dosa is a lovely amalgamation of Chinese food with South Indian food. It is hot and spicy. Schezwan sauce gets drizzled on the dosa.


4 Mysore Masala Dosa

Lucknow city is famous for its Mughlai cuisine. The people in Lucknow love every type of food. There are many South Indian restaurants in Lucknow.  Mysore Masala Dosa is delicious. The batter of this dosa is tastier than regular dosa batter.


5 Paper Masala Dosa

Lucknow city is known for its rich food. The people in Lucknow eat all kinds of cuisine. There are several South Indian diners in Lucknow.  Paper Masala Dosa is tasty. Its batter is thinner than regular dosa batter. The filling consists of potato. Potato is mildly spiced. Lightly sauteed ginger, garlic, onions, and peas add to the texture of the dosa.


6 Paneer Spring Roll Dosa

The residents of Lucknow love playing with food. Spring Roll Dosa is a Chinese version of a South Indian dish. The batter used to make this dosa is regular masala dosa batter. It is amazing. Rasam, Chutney and Sweet Chilly sauce go well with paneer spring roll dosa.


7 Family Dosa

Family Dosa is big enough to feed a whole family of four. It is humongous in size. Dosa fans should try this Dosa at least once. It is rich in taste. You can have it at Green Restaurant. Green Restaurant is at


8 Chilli Paneer Dosa

With its proximity to North-East India, Lucknow acts as a perfect bridge. The people of Lucknow are great food lovers and enjoy experimenting with various cuisines. The dry Chilli Paneer is first cooked and put as a stuffing inside a plain dosa to give it a new taste.


9 Special Dosa At Marksmen

Marksmen is present in the heart of Lucknow, Hazratganj. It has a long-standing history of serving the best Dosa in Lucknow. Even after so many years, they make no compromise in food quality. The dosa is crisp and has a topping of butter.


10 Cut Dosa

Cut Dosa is a variant of the plain masala dosa. These are cut into smaller portions and are easier to eat. Cut Dosa normally have the filling of potato. They taste delicious with the green chutney. The flaky Dosa is a delight to eat.


11 Special Dosa At Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf is a new establishment in the center of Lucknow. Present in the locality of Hazratganj, it offers authentic South Indian Cuisine. The filter coffee here is delicious. When here always ask for their special dosa. The special Dosa not only tastes great but also has a unique display.


12 Mewa Dosa

North Indians love rich food. Most of the dishes prepared here are oozing with heavy dry fruits. The dosa is no exception to it. The dosa comes filled with dry fruits and tutti fruity. Instead of oil, desi ghee is used for the preparation. Mewa Dosa is a royal dish. It is almost like a dessert made out of dosa.


13 Special Dosa At Moti Mahal

Tandoor is not the only thing Moti Mahal is famous for in the town of Lucknow. The Dosa served here is loaded with condiments and cheese. The portions are large. The dosa and the chutney are fresh and tasty. The orange chutney made out of Dal is a super hit.


14 Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is unlike any Dosa normally made. It is not cooked to golden perfection but is white. The Dosa is moist and soft. It has a melt in the mouth texture. They taste best when eaten warm. The Neer Dosa is usually served with traditional South Indian curry.


15 Special Dosa At Aryan

The eating venue is perfect for an outing with family. The quality of food served at Aryan is supreme. The portions may be a bit small.


16 Tiranga Dosa

The Tiranga Dosa is inspired by the Indian Tricolor. It is a special treat to the eyes. Food coloring is used to give this Dosa a unique look. It tastes best with some filter coffee. The Dosa is extremely humongous. It is distinctly pretty.


17 Special Dosa At Royal Café

Royal Café is the most famous place in Lucknow. The South Indian food is their specialty. The Rawa Dosa is well-known. The semolina added to the batter makes the Dosa extra crispy. The Onion Rawa Dosa is another much-loved dish served at Royal Café. You can hear the crunch of a Rawa Dosa while eating it for real.


18 Chowmein Dosa

The Chowmein Dosa is again and Indo-Chinese blend. The Dosa has a stuffing and a filling of chow mien. It is not just appetizing but also very filling. The Dosas are lined with Schezwan sauce too. The taste of the Dosa is simply International.


19 Special Dosa At VTW

VTW serves set Dosa. Set Dosa are like pancakes. They are very soft. Set dosa comes along with a dollop of white butter and potato sabzi. Green Chutney also taste amazing with Set Dosa. Due to the tenderness of the Dosa, it is also called Sponge Dosa. The Set Dosa is a public favorite.


20 Chicken Dosa

Chicken Dosa is when the stuffing of the dosa finds a replacement with minced chicken. Lucknow is known for its love of meat. Chicken Dosa is every meat lover’s delight. Some outlets in Lucknow also stuff the Dosa with Chicken Gravy. It is high in proteins and is a satisfying meal.