20 Variations Of Rice Recipes

20 Variations of Rice Recipes

1. Rice Bowl With Fried Egg And Avocado

We are talking about the lunch which can be listed among the ones with power. This is one of the protein based foods, when consumed by children can make their day. Fried Egg and Avocado contribute to the rich protein.


2. California Chicken, Veggie, Avocado Rice Bowls

One thing is sure that whenever you mix avocado to any dish, it has to be the best one in context to taste and nutrients. This also includes a mixture of fresh veggies and hence taste can be experienced best when eaten fresh that is once it is ready. Have it and chill out rest of the day!


3. Spicy Italian Sausage Rice Bowl

Name itself gives you an idea of the combo comprised in the dish. It has to be a combination of Indian and Italian spices. This dish reminds you of the fusion that gets created in your kitchen. It is a must try for spice lovers.


4. Pumpkin-Pistachio Fried Rice Bowl With Tofu Cubes

Pumpkin has to be the main ingredient as understood from the name. The rice here is fried in combination with pumpkin extracts and also later mixed with pistachio for getting that garnished feel. One of the dishes to be must try especially in autumn.


5. Slow-Cooker Coconut Brown Rice Pudding

Pudding is something that is really famous when it comes to rice variations. Here brown rice is used for making this unique pudding which is made on a slow dim flame to let each bit cook to its fullest extent. Coconut turns out to be the adage of this dish. This can also be served as sweet dessert by adding few flavors.


6. Detox Fruit With Veggie “Rice” Bowl

How about rice and fruit combo? Have you ever imagined yourself eating your favorite fruit as a part of rice? The fruit has to be taken into consideration for flavor before you directly end up cooking rice. The signature dish includes detoxing garlic and ginger along with lime juice with honey to get that instinct yummy look and feel. This can be your perfect weekend meal.


7. Pineapple-Sriracha Chicken Bowls With Wild Rice

This is an unusual combo of fruit and non-veg. People usually don’t think of such odds, but when tried, they turn out to be real delicacies. Spicy Chicken and the sweet and sour pineapple go hand – in – hand to make this one perfect.


8. Island Rice Bowls With Coconut Ginger Rice

Coconut and ginger smashed together to form this elegant gravy which is further cooked with rice. Pineapple also adds to the flavor. This rice can also be served as a sweet dish after your main course meals to give you that feeling of completeness.


9. Summer Peach Marinated Salmon With Avocado Rice Bowl

How about fresh seafood in summer? Also addition of fruity flavor to dimly cooked seafood in bright white rice cooked to make it fluffy and taste like a heavenly ride in just one bite. You can prefer this on weekends to have an imaginary coastal ride right from your home balcony.


10. Brown Rice Bowl And Tomato Romesco Sauce

The name tells you that brown rice has to be the major ingredient. This is very rich in the usage of spices. Also tomato gravy adds to its mesmerizing look and keeps you tempting for the almond garnish all over.


11. Tofu And Chickpea Curry With Green Peas

Rice being raw initially and gradually turning into the fluffy texture, a huge amount of water is absorbed. In its preparation when cooked with curry, a perfect amount of curry is absorbed to deeply soak the rice grains in the taste of curry making it take a look and color of the curry ingredient and also mixing in the taste. Green peas curry is quite famous and commonly used on various occasions to give it that elegant green look.


12. Steak Fajita Rice Bowls

This rice contains lot of cheese to justify its cheesy name. A few of steak fajitas is used to give the dish a lighter tint. Usually, rolls are the base, but when it comes to cheese, everything gets mixed like they were one right from the start.


13. Fried “Rice”

All-time favorite, originating from Chinese ground, never denied by people of any age group, all these words fall short to tell you the popularity of fried rice. This is rich in various sauces along with variations in chutneys. It also gains its shady brown color from the onion flames. A rich combination of fresh veggies adds to the look and taste. Use of Cauliflower is comparatively more but it can vary from person to person.


14. Chicken And Egg Rice Bowl

Let’s come back and find out something easy and fast to cook especially in the non-vegetarian list. This is simply made by cooking chicken on a dim flame for it to mix with rice and as an adage egg tops are used to garnish.


15. Black Rice Bowl With Orange Chicken, Cashews And Feta

Another dish in the list of non-veggies. In the making of this rice,oranges, tomatoes and avocados are used by smashing them together. This rice is also rich in salads.


16. Shrimp Puttanesca Rice Bowl Capers With Tomatoes

Tomato gravy is something that needs real cooking to make this dish taste perfect. Slight proportion miss in the gravy content could land up inventing blunder all over. This is known for its Italian flavors. Not always can every dish be given Indian influence. Some continental extracts have to be reserved. Same is the case with this rice invention.


17. Cauliflower Rice Fish Taco Bowls

The name itself tells you that Cauliflower is the main stuff used. But this is also cooked in the combination of fish tacos to make it turn into one of the tasty sea foods. But yes, the Indian spices are the ones adding flavor.


18. Roasted Veggie With Curried Avocado And Coconut Rice Bowls

Coconut is something that lets your mouth watery whatsoever. Here, curried avocado is also in the competition. Imagine the magic that gets created! Many veggies can be added to make this one a meal course.


19. Ben’S Chicken, Bacon With Rice Bowls

This dish has marked its place in the list of healthy rice dishes of all times. The major healthy factor is the adage of Spinach which is full of nutrient content. Of course we cannot forget the bacon added. This is best when served hot.


20. Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl

Last but not the least, is the traditional age-old cultured rice. It is a form of sushi rice directly fetched from village harvest. Teriyaki acts an eye-catcher in this dish. It not only enhances the look but also enriches the taste in total.