Top 20 Types of Lassi You Must Try

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Lassi is beverage with its origin in India, Punjab. The Yogurt is mixed well with Salt, Spices and Water until it becomes a foamy drink. It is garnished or layered with thin sheet of Cream (Malai) or ground roasted Cumin. It serves as an amazingly refreshing and healthy drink. It also helps you beat the heat during the summer time. Lassi is a Drink which is rich in protein and helps in gaining muscles. The presence of Calcium is what helps in building sturdy bones and teeth. Yogurt being probiotic develops healthy bacteria in the body minimising the dreadful bacteria. It also lowers the BP and cholesterol levels in the body. This drink is authentically being served in tall supersized metal glasses. Nowadays it is sold in packed cans and bottles. Here are the top 20 types of Lassis that should be tried out.

1. Salty Lassi

The salty Yogurt drink is traditional and thicker. It is spiced up with a variety of ingredients and Spices, mostly with ground Cumin Powder served on humid afternoons during summer time.


2. Mint Lassi

It gives a very chilly and refreshing flavour and helps to beat the heat of summer and also appease your digestive system. The chilled Lassi is sprinkled with finely chopped Mint leaves and served.


3. Sweet Lassi

This is a spanking new variation of the traditional salty drink. But lately this drink has become popular among the people. The perfume of the rose water added to it makes it delectable. Saffron Lassi is also a type of sweet drink that is heavy and quite famous in and around Gujarat and Rajasthan and Sindh in Pakistan.


4. Mango Lassi

This has gained a lot of popularity lately. It is made with fresh Mango Pulp, Water and Yogurt. This turns out to be one of the most wonderful combinations because Mango is a fruit loved by one and all so is Lassi. Tastes best when served chilled.


5. Banana Lassi

This might sound like a Milkshake but tastes heavenly. The thick consistency topped with Nuts and Kismis makes it a favourite, in fact, most ordered lassi among the people.


6. Strawberry Lassi

If you are a Strawberry lover then you must try out the Strawberry Lassi. The flavour will make you fall in love and crave for more. The pink colour tends to attract the kids and also happen to be their personal favourite.


7. Chocolate Lassi

This is the second flavour which the kids would love to try out along with the adults because chocolate is something which is everyone’s favourite irrespective of their age. This drink is creamy, thick, sweet, and yummy to taste.This is also makes an amazing Dessert .


8. Kesar – Pista Lassi

Dry fruits are healthy and nutritious. The Punjabis love using these dry fruits which include Almonds to Walnuts and Pistachios to Raisins. They use these for garnishing several dishes like sweets and Halwas. Using them to make Lassi turns out to be a great drink which is not only good for health but also flavoursome.


9. Cardamom Lassi

This is a fusion of sweet and salty Lassi flavoured with Elaichi which is served during the lunch or as a snack by the Punjabis. The Cardamom Lassi is garnished with Pistachios and the zest is awesome to savour.


10. Grape Lassi

Curd and Black Grapes blends beautifully and carries a lot of fibre which makes it a great combination. This drink is an excellent thirst satisfier, refreshing and healthy.


11. Lassi With Ice-Cream

Enjoy the summer heat with a cold touch of flavoured ice cream Lassi. Various flavours of choice are available. Keeping it light during the summers is better so the recommended flavours are rosy or fruity.


12. Orange Lassi

This is just similar to the Strawberry flavoured Lassi. All the Orange fanatics would love to try out this one. This drink is rich in source of vitamin C and healthy. It tastes better when served chilled.


13. Sweetened Honey Lassi

This drink is healthy, tasty and refreshing. Sugar replaced with Honey is a healthier option and gives it a better taste. The Basil leaves used for garnishing adds an amazing flavour to it.


14. Pink Lassi

This is more like an energising drink than Lassi. The ingredients added are healthy and nutritious. It is creamy and smooth and best served chilled.


15. Spiced Milk Lassi With Kiwi and Mint

This is the fusion of Curd with the spiced Milk, boiled with Spices – Cardamom and Cinnamon – and the Rose Water and Pureed Kiwi. The blending of the flavours done makes it even amazing and yummy to drink.


16. Jeera Lassi

This works as a great digestive drink. The fusion of the Curd, Cream, Lemon juice, and Cumin (Jeera) powder turns out to be a wonderful mix and when served chilled tastes fantastic.


17. Vanilla Lassi

These sweet flavoured Lassis are new in the market. Almost tastes like the Milkshake. The Vanilla essence used gives a superb aroma and taste.


18. Caramel Espresso Lassi

This is more of a Dessert than a drink. The fusion of Caramel with the Coffee of your choice and the Yogurt, sweet Syrup and Milk when blended gives rise to the final output that is topped with Sea Salt and whipped Cream.


19. Masala Lassi

This is different from the mainstream Lassis that you have been hearing about lately. Basically it is Salt based and no amount of sweet Syrup or Sugar used in this. The Green Chilli and the Mint or Cilantro Leaves with a pinch of ground Cumin Seeds make the drink completely spiced up and grand.


20. Masala Lassi 2

This is a standard lassi on the Holi list. Here some spices are used to make the Lassi and hence it is called as Masala Lassi. Palm Jaggery is one ingredient which gives the heavenly taste to this Lassi. You can blend the Masala Lassi and then serve it.