Top 20 Dishes Made Up Of Moong Dal

Dishes Made Up Of Moong Dal

1. Dhaba Dal

The Indian Dal, famous in Indian Dhabas. The dhaba’s located at the highways serves spicy Dhaba Dal. The dal is served with both butter roti and rice. The dish is filled with desi ghee which increases the taste and the texture of the dal. The dal consists of the main ingredient which is moong dal.


2. Maa Ke Hath Ki Dal

The Maa Ke Hath Ki Dal is not a well-known dish in the restaurants and hotels. The dal is made by the mothers of the houses. The dal is mixed, and the Ghar ka special tadka is given to the dish which makes it tastier. The dish can be served with both rice and roti. This is the main course dish can be served at dinner as well as lunch.


3. Punjabi Dal

By the name only the dish specifies about its quality. The dal is a special dish of Punjab. The dish is made by the moong dal and some more dals and the main and the special ingredients which are added to the dal are garam masalas. The garam masalas increases the taste of the dal and give the of Punjab.


4. Gujarati Dal

As India is popular for diversification that is why the taste of every state food is different. The dish is served with the chawal as well as roti. The main difference between the Punjabi and Gujarati dal is that the Punjabi dal is spicier and the Gujarati one is bit sweet because the Gujarati food is sweet.


5. Panchtantri Dal

The Panchtantri Dal is the dal made up of five different dals. The dals are full of proteins and minerals. The Panchtantri dal is a bit spicy and it is very good for the children. The dish is generally not available in the top restaurants. It is only available or common in the dhaba’s.


6. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is the popular dal which is made all over India. This dal is also the mixture of two or three dals which are rich in proteins. The dal makhani is served with the naan. The naan is the Indian bread made up of pure maida. The dal makhani is served with the garnishing of dhania and Makhan that is butter.


7. Chironji Dal

Chironji is the charoli seeds which is like dry fruits. The dal of chironji is made on the special occasions. The dal is somewhat expensive and very tasty. The dal is not common. The dish is made by mixing the moong dal in it. Then this dal is served hot with the roti generally.


8. Amti Dal

Amti Dal is the type of curry which is very popular in the state of Maharashtra. The curry’s texture is thick and it is served hot with the chawal. The spicy curry is loved by all in the country.


9. Panchmati Dal

The pretty Rajasthani dal which is green and red in color. The dish is made up of moong dal and rich Indian spices. The dish is served with both roti as well as chawal. The dal is very much popular in the mahal’s of Rajasthan.


10. Carrot Moong Dal Pulao

Carrot Moong Dal Pulao is the type of veg. biryani. The carrot moong dal pulao is made up of the ingredients like chopped carrot, boiled moong and some seasonable vegetables. The garam masalas is added to the dish to give it the desi flavor.


11. Moong Dal Sev

The Moong Dal Sev is the common snack which is served all over in India. The sev is tasty as well as healthy. The dish is made using moong dal. The dal is soaked in water overnight and then it is deep fried in the oil and served at the room temperature with chaat masala.


12. Cabbage Moong Dal Khichdi

The Cabbage Moong Dal Khichdi is the healthiest recipes of all the time. Khichdi sounds so boring but this moong dal khichdi is awesome. The cabbage moong dal khichdi is tasty as well as healthy.


13. Moong Dal Paratha

Parathas are the Indian bread in which the particular stuffing is done. So in Moong Dal Paratha the stuffing or the masala is made up of the smashed moong dal. Then the parathas are made normally like the another one’s and served hot in winter.


14. Moong Dal Kachori

The Moong Dal Kachori is the famous dish which is very popular in the states of India. Kachori is a snack which is served at the time of breakfast and evening refreshments. The stuffing of the kachori is made up of moong dal and Indian spices. The kachories are deep fried in the oil and made crispy. Then it is served with the imli ki khatee meethi chutney.


15. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is the full main course thali. The combo is very popular in the states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The thali includes the dishes like the dal which is made up of moong dal. The bati is the dish made up of wheat. Then all the three items are served together.


16. Masala Sprouts

The Masala Sprouts are made up of different types  of dal. The healthiest dish made up of the different types of dal are sprouts. The brilliant breakfast recipe which is preferred by the fit peoples.


17. Moong Dal Handvo

The Moong Dal Handvo is the basic cake which is made up of moong dal. The cake is straight out of the oven and served with the different types of sauces. The dish is very famous in Gujarat and originally originated from the state.


18. Masaledar Dal

The Masaledar Dal is the dal which is the mixture of some dals. The dal is made up with some special Indian spices like garam masalas and all. Then the texture of the dal can be according to the consumer. If the texture of the dal should be kept thick then it can be eaten with roti or on the other hand if the texture will be thin then it can be served with roti or naan.


19. Moong Dal Dhokla

The Moong Dal Dhokla is well-known dish of India. The dish is made in special sancha or can be made in the idli box. The Dhokla batter is made up of moong dal then it is steamed in the box. Then the dhokla is cut into pieces and served hot as the snack dish.


20. Moong Dal Chilla

Chilla is the Indian bread which is normally made up with the liquid batter. The Moong Dal Chilla is the dish which is made up of the ingredients like moong dal which should be soaked in water for one hour, tomato and onion. Then the moong dal is grinded in the mixer and all the ingredients are mixed with water and shallow fried in olive or vegetable oil. Then the chilla is served with the tomato ketch-up or green chutney.