Top 20 Unique Dishes During Ramzan In Hyderabad

top 20 unique dishes during ramzan in hyderabad 1
top 20 unique dishes during ramzan in hyderabad 1

Hyderabad, present capital of Telangana state is founded by the Qutb Shahi Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 CE and it became an important centre for trading practices at that time. The Qutb Shahi dynasty was one of the prosperous kingdoms. In the late 1940s, seventh Nizam was the richest man in the world. Many west Asian dishes were introduced into the city, such as Afghani, Mughlai, and others. Though Telangana is a Telugu-speaking state, people were blended into one community. Here are some of the dishes one can find during Ramzan season in the city premises.


Pista House is must mentioned place in the list of best places to eat haleem in the city during Ramzan. This point has a simple and decent infrastructure in many areas of the town, serving tasty and highly authenticated haleem. This house also delivers its dishes to other major cities. Haleem was prepared by mincing mutton or chicken with a wooden spoon, and cooked on Bhatti.


2.Double Ka Meetha

A trendy popular dessert of the city, which is also found on more significant occasions. But during this time, this dish flies high as the best Ramzan food in the city. This dish can be made with bread, sugar, ghee, milk, and dry fruits. Some call this Shahi tudka. We can find this dessert on the streets around Charminar.

double ka meetha


This dish is a traditional middle eastern dessert that is very pleasing, delicate, soft, and creamy. The kunafa station in malakpet serves the best kunafa dessert. This dish is made using a entire shredded pastry or semolina dough.



This dessert is one of the specials of Ramzan, which is served in clay pots. Shah Ghouse cafe in Toli Chowki and The Grand Trunk road in Madhapur are the best places to phirni. This dish is a rice and milk-based dessert, which gives the treat to your mouth.


5.Nombu Kanji

This is a dish of nutrients made with rice and lentils. The porridge is quite popular in south India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Generally, this is served with Kahara boondi.

nombu kanji

6.Boti Kebab

These are some of the iconic street food in Hyderabad. Any franchise of Bawarchi and paradise serves the best delicious kebabs, which can turn any bad day around. The marinated meat burnt on the coal is a must-try dish during this time.

boti kebab

7.Kashmiri Mutton Tujji

This is one of the celebrated Ramzan foods of the city. This popular dish in Kashmir is cooked on seekh. Generally, these are served with green chutney and special Kashmiri bread called Lawasa. Though this is costly, it is worth every penny.

kashmiri mutton tujji

8.Qubani Ka Meetha

The best and authentic Qubani ka meetha one can get is in twin cities. This dessert is made with dried apricots and topped with dry fruits. It gives the best taste when eaten with ice cream or with malai. The best version of this dessert is found at this time.

qubani ka meetha

9.Delhi’s Nihari

This dish originated in old Delhi is famous in the city, especially during this time. Hotel Shahab near Charminar serves the best Nihari with halwa puri or rumali roti. It is a braise that is slowly cooked with mutton and is prepared with goat’s bone marrow.

delhi’s nihari

10.Gosht Pasinde

Ohri’s Tansen in Necklace Road serves this dish only during Ramzan month. This dish is made with leg of lamb, marinated, and seasoned with cumin, pepper and cardamom, garnished with almonds and chopped tomatoes. It is served with rice or roti.

gosht pasinde

11.Lakhnavi Galawat Kebab

This is an Awadhi recipe is top-rated dish in Lucknow and another best-served Ramzan food in Hyderabad. As the name suggests, it melts in our mouth as soon as it enters our mouth. This is made with minced mutton, papaya taste, and many traditional spices.

lakhnavi galawat kebab


This is a salad which is popularly eaten in the middle eastern region. Spice 6 and Aqasa Arabic kitchen in Banjara Hills serve the best salad. This tasty dish is made with tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, and other vegetables and is served with toasted pita bread, which gives a crunchy flavor.


13.Kheer Puri

This dessert is a Hyderabad special dish. Kheer is a classic rice pudding made with milk, nuts, and other flavors, whereas puri is a pastry filled with lentil stuff together they make an amazingly delicious dessert.

kheer puri

14.Bheja Fry

This dish is a classic recipe made with goat brain, and freshly grounded seasonings paste, which intensifies the taste even more. This is a popular dish one can find during Ramzan times. Cafe Bahar, paradise biryani, and Santosh Dhaba are the best places to try Bheja fry.

bhejha fry

15.Murgh Paigah

This dish is a special dish of Ramzan, which is an orange-colored chicken served with lip-smacking gravy. One can taste the best version of this dish on the streets of Charminar. This dish can stand as the spotlight of the season.

murgh paigah

16.Paaya Soup

The paya soup is the brainchild of the Muslim cooks who migrated from Lahore to Hyderabad. They fused the central Asian Soup Made of goat leg with some traditional techniques and spices of the Telangana region, creating the famous and healthy Paya soup, which continues to be the most cherished broth among the population.

paaya soup

17.Baida Roti

This dish is a stuffed paratha with kheema, sealed and then fried till crisp. We can get the best roti in the stalls near Charminar during the festive month. Every piece of this paratha gives us bliss.

baida roti

18.Fish Fry

Unlike the regular fish fry, this dish consists of exceptional flavors and spices. The whole fish is tossed into the oil and served hot and crisp. They call the fish Hyderabadi pomfret. One can easily find this dish on the roads of Charminar.

fish fry


This starter is a favorite for almost all the none vegetarians of Hyderabad. These are samosas filled with spice-infused minced lamb meat and covered with a crispy outer layer. Charminar market and Alpha Hotel and Restaurant in west Marredpalli are the best places to try Lukhmi.



Finally, and importantly Biryani is regarded as the yummiest dish that Hyderabad offers. There are many places which provide the best biryani some, of them are paradise restaurant, Shah Ghouse cafe, Meridian Café, and others. The delicious meaty meal with the right amount of spices and flavor is every Hyderabadi paradise.