Top 20 Mouth-Watering Foods In Begum Bazar Streets Of Hyderabad

top 20 mouth watering foods in begum bazar streets of hyderabad 1
top 20 mouth watering foods in begum bazar streets of hyderabad 1

Begum Bazar in Old City can be regarded as the most prominent and biggest wholesale market in Hyderabad. We can buy a variety of things at wholesale and retail prices. This market was established 400 years ago by Nizam Ali Khan Nijamul Mulk. As this bazaar is the biggest commercial market covered with huge crowd of people, it serves the best street food for its speculators. This place was regarded as the best vegetarian spot in Hyderabad.

1.Paneer Dosa

Scoops tiffin Centre located on the right on the main road of Siddiamber bazaar beside the masjid is famous for different types of Tawa dosas, and lots more. Paneer dosa served with coconut chutney and sambhar is the best food one can get at a low price.

paneer dosa


Sir Jodhpur Mithai Ghar, located the right opposite the Aziz Plaza, serves the best kachodis in the twin cities. The size and taste of these kachodis are astounding. They serve the kachodi with two types of chutney at INR 25.


3.Dahi Wada

Shyam Singh chats Bandar located right at the end of Begum Bazaar Chatri, serves some amazing chaats like Dahi Wada, puchkas, and others. Wada made with urad dal is soaked in curd with some spices.

dahi wada


Kamalabai ka kalakand is a small food cart with zero branding that has become a landmark in the area which can be found near the Hanuman temple. This cart also serves other types of kalakand such as Ajmeri Kalakand, Doodh peda, gajar ka halwa, rabid and others. This sweet is made of milk and sugar which takes you to the taste of amma.



The whole road at Begum Bazar Chatri would be lined with sellers of Ghewar. This is a Rajasthani dessert that is made of different kinds of materials such as Wheat flour, maida, milk, and others. They serve the dish with sugar syrup, rabid, dry fruits and kova.


6.Dry Fruit Pakoda

Sir Jodhpur Mithai Ghar, located at the right opposite the Aziz Plaza, serves a different kind of pakodas such as bread pakoda, paneer pakoda, dry fruit pakoda, and others. They use badam, cashew, raisin in dry fruits pakoda plated on potato stuffing. They serve the pakoda with a spicy chutney, which is one of the best combinations.

dry fruit pakoda

7.Upma Dosa

Jail Bhavani Tiffin center located opposite Ashok Dj in Chudi bazaar, serves one of the best dosas of the city. A mixture of yummy upma, spicy powders, and other kinds of chutney is filled in the dosa at INR 25. There are other kinds of dosas as well, such as paneer dosa, cheese dosa, upma cheese dosa, and others.

upma dosa

8.Bun Malai

Chattu Ram Yadav milk shop at Gowsala Nagar in Begum Bazar, one of the famous and oldest milk shops in twin ccities, having 80 years of history. Presently the fifth generation of the family is running the store. Bun malai is a famous dish in the stall, along with bun masks, Kesari doodh, special lassi, and other dishes. They serve the bun malai for INR 35.

bun malai

9.Button Idli

Babaji button idli center is located beside jaju saree center in Begum Bazaar, do the smallest idlis of Hyderabad since 1958. They serve a plate of 20 units at INR 20. These idlis are as small as buttons, so got the name button idli.

button idli

10.Fusion Dosa

Thalaiva Rajni Pizza Dosa is located at Begum bazaar serves some of the best fusion dosas. Masala dosa with paneer and some gravy on it will melt in our mouth. This dish is budget-friendly too, which costs INR 40.

Fusion dosa

11.Pizza Dosa

Lakshman ki Bandi is a small food cart in the Ghyan bagh colony. The owner has set up the cart 50 years ago and they sell some of the best dosas and idlis at a cheaper rate. One can easily find the location of this food cart, as it turned into a landmark. They start the cart at 7:30 in the morning, which will stay till 4’o clock in the evening.

pizza dosa

12.Vada Pav

Jashan pizza zone in begum bazaar is famous for Mumbai style vada pav. As the city is a fusion of all people from the country, it has to serve all its people different kinds of foods. One can taste the authentic Mumbai-style vada pav here at INR 30. They serve the vada pav with onion, green and red chutney.

vada pao-

13.Veg Manchuria

The pizza zone at begum bazaar is a roadside food court that provides Chinese fast foods at a very reasonable price. They also prepare veg noodles, veg fried rice, gobi Manchuria and other dishes.

veg manchuria

14.Special Masala Dosa

Rajasthani dosa center located at Chandanagar in begum bazaar is 25 years old, which serves different types of dosas and bondas. The location is famous for particular kinds of Mysore bondas and fusion dosas at a very reasonable price. The place would be crowded at weekends with families and on weekdays with employees and bachelors.

special masala dosa

15.Sambhar Vada

Bai Ji ka choka in eaten towers, opposite to each petrol pump in Feelkhana, is the best food court which provides taste and hygiene to its customers. They serve different types of dosas, uthappam, vada, and other dishes. Vada with sambhar is a must-try dish here and is worth INR 50.

sambar vada

16.Dahi Puri

Jai Bhavani chat bandaar is a roadside stall in begum bazaar, which serves impressive chaats such as bhel puri, Dahi puri, Samosa, papdi chaat, and others. A special kind of Dahi puri is done here, which is different from the routine one.

dahi puri

17.Butter Paneer Dosa

Pavan tiffins special begun bazaar dosa is a roadside stall in begun bazaar with no branding has created its style if dosa making. They use the best quality ingredients to maintain the taste and trust of customers.

butter paneer dosa..

18.Nizami Biryani

Santosh Dhaba at Goshmahal road in Begum bazaar dates back to 1969. They had set up the dhaba to serve up the flavours of north India in the Deccan. They serve the best north Indian food in the twin cities. This Nizami biryani was invented by the chefs of the Nizam kitchen, which is now loved by all over the world.

nizami biryani


Laxmi jalebi center located at chandanagar in begum bazaar is famous jalebi center. This stall provides some special kind of ghee jalebi which has its style. They also serve the jalebi with Kova at INR 40.


20.Chocolate Bread

Jail Bhavani chaat center located in begum bazaar serves special kinds of chaat. Chocolate bread is a famous and unique dish. It is a dish made of bread and chocolate syrup with some toppings.

chocolate bread