Top 20 Varieties of Grapes You Must Know About

20 Varieties of Grapes You Must Know About

You might think you know a lot about grapes, but given the versatility that it is pressed into beverages and desserts, there is a lot to know more about this fruit.

Grapes have been cultivated for many years, typically traded in the areas of Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and Iran. Now, it is grown and cultivated all over the world.

Check out the 20 popular varieties of grapes:

1 Moon Drops

Moon Drops are elongated purple skinned grapes that have just made their way in the markets. It was developed by Dr. David Cain who is a scientist and plant breeder. The flesh of these grapes is crunchy and firm which makes them easy to store for days. Their taste is not too sugary, but taste like grape jelly.


2 Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is used to make wine. It was made popular by the French, but now growers all over the world cultivate this variety. This grape is also used in making champagne. They have a flavor like ripe cherry and strawberry. They are mainly grown in the regions of California, Oregon, New Zealand, and France.


3 Sweet Jubilee

Sweet Jubilee is big as an apple. You can consume them raw or grill them to give a smoky flavor to your salad. They are large black ovals with a sweet taste. They are usually available from August to September.


4 Champagne

Champagne is another variety of grape, but it should not be confused with the grapes that are used to make sparkling wine. Its official name is Zante Currant and is also called Black Corinth. They originated in Asia and are extensively grown in the United States and Europe. They are small in size, more like a pea, which is used to decorate a plate by chefs. They are tender and sweet.


5 Kyoho

Kyoho is large-sized grapes grown in Japan. They are as big as plum and are the largest grapes that one can find. The word “Kyoho” means Giant Mountain Grape. These were bred in the 1930s and are a cross between Centennial and Ishiharawase grape varieties. They have a big inedible seed and are  served for dessert and juices.


6 Riesling

Riesling grows in the areas having cooler climates. They are a versatile variety, which means they are used to make wines and desserts. The taste is sweet, and the level of acidity is high. The fruit also picks the terroir of the land, which implies that if the soil is rich in minerals, the grapes reflect that.


7 Moon Balls

Moon Balls are round, green hybrid grapes having thick and supple skin. The taste is bit sugarier as compared to the other varieties. They are grown only in the regions in South Africa, so their production is limited.


8 Fry Muscadine

By looking at the picture you might not consider it like grapes, but we assure you it is. They have a size of cherry tomatoes, and when they are ripe, they have a nice gold color which adds to the sweetness.


9 Concord

Concord was developed by Ephraim Wales Bull, a Boston native. The Concord variety is sweet, bright, and full of dark grape flavor. They have large seeds, and their skins are easy to peel. They also smell fantastic. They are usually available from August to September.


10 Lemberger

Lemberger, also known as blaufränkisch, is used to make dark tannic wines with subtle spice notes. These grapes have a dusty, blue color with an essence of tannic berry. They have originated from Württemberg, a wine region of Germany, but in the last few years, New York and British Columbia have also started growing this variety.


11 Valiant

Valiant varieties of grapes are grown in the regions having harsh soil conditions and freezing temperatures. They are extensively grown in Alaska, Canada. They are large blue grapes which are used as jams and juices. They are on the sweeter side.

Valiant Grapes

12 Crimson Seedless

Crimson Seedless is a popular variety of grapes that are found all over the world. They are sweet and firm with a long shelf life. They have a pleasing tartness which keeps the juiciness alive. They have a pale brick red color with greenish streaks.


13 Cotton Candy

This variety of grapes doesn’t look like cotton candy but taste just like cotton candy but in a natural and healthy form. They are grown in Central California, and their season is Mid August to late September.


14 Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer are tastiest grapes in the vineyard that you consume raw. White wine comes from these pink-red skinned grapes. The flavor is less grapy and has a hint of stone fruit. They are grown all over the world and are available from July to September.


15 Sultana

Sultana is also known as Thompson Seedless. They are small white grapes originating from the Ottoman Empire. They are small, oval-shaped grapes that have a lot of sugar. Once these grapes are dried, the sugar concentrates and produces a raisin flavor. Next time, whenever you see a darker raisin, just assume that it is a Sultana variety.


16 Merlot

Merlot is a black grape having dark blue skin. It was originated in France in 1784. It is the third most grown grape in the world, and is  found primarily in the areas of France, Chile, US, and Australia.


17 Muscat Ottonel

Muscat Ottonel is a white grape used to make dry and sweet wines. It is also consumed raw. It grows well in cooler climates and damp soil which makes it lose flavor. They are extensively grown in Eastern Europe.


18 Calmeria

Calmeria are green colored, seeded grapes. They have meaty and crispy flesh that has a rich, tangy sweet. It ripens late, so it is available from late fall to winter.


19 Perlette

Perlette is also green skinned but is seedless. They are medium size having sweet and juicy flesh. They are used for desserts and raisins.


20 Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose is large, oval, dark red variety having a lot of seeds. They are quite crunchy with sweet, juicy flavor.