Top 20 Vrat Dishes To Eat During Navratri

Top 20 Vrat Dishes To Eat During Navratri
Top 20 Vrat Dishes To Eat During Navratri

Fasting has always been in the culture of India and has been practise on a large scale for both spiritual and health reasons. As per Ayurveda, fasting once in a week or fortnight helps a person to live a healthy and disease free life. Traditionally people used to fast either on fruits or water, but in present times people find it difficult to restrain them from eating quite filling meals. Navratri is one of those festive in India, in which huge masses keep fast for eight to nine days and open it on Ashtami or navmi. We have bought the 20 vrat recipes that you can have in this fasting period of nine days during Navratri.

1.Farali Suran Khichdi

It is a dish prepared by cooking Suran along with spices, oil, crushed peanuts, dry coconut, and some coriander for topping. The lime juice is an essential ingredient in the recipe as it helps to avoid the itchy effect of Suran.  The addition of peanuts and coconut gives it a nice nutty flavour and smooth texture.

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2.Vrat Kadhi

It is a quick and easy recipe that requires Amarnath or Rajgira flour for its preparation instead of besan. It is also very delicious and doesn’t make you feel that something is missing. You can enjoy this dish along with sama rice, khichdi, and other fasting items.

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This is a dosa recipe that requires no fermentation and is super easy to prepare. It is a high in fibre ingredient, which is also diabetic friendly. You can enjoy this kuttudosa with green mint chutney or sweet vrat tomato chutney.

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5.Dahi Arbi

Combining this root veggie Arbi with curd gives rise to this delicious vrat recipe called ‘Dahi Arbi.’ You can add rock salt along with little bit of spices except turmeric and cook it for few minutes, and your delicious vrat sabzi is ready to be served.

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5.Farali Samosa

Samosa the all-time favourite snack of most of the people, which they like to have along with a hot cup of tea, is now also available to eat on fasting days. The stuffing of this samosa is similar to that of a regular one, the only difference is in the covering, which is made up of Samvat Rice Flour. It is crispy and delicious when served hot.


6Farali Potato Chips

This recipe of Farali potato chips is no less tasty than regular potato chips. They are seasoned with rock salt and black pepper, making them delicious and flavourful. They are crunchy and can be relished in the morning during fasting.

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7.Rajgira Puri

The dough of these puris is made up of Rajgira flour and then fried into oil, resulting into soft puffed puris. They are tasty, and you would love to eat them every time you fast. You can serve them along with green chutney any vrat sabzi like aloo ki sabzi.

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8.Badam Halwa

It is a healthy and tasty sweet dish, which can be prepared during fasting. This recipe requires soaked and peeled almonds that are cooked along with ghee, milk or water, and sugar after blending up in a grinder. It turns out to be  a super delicious recipe.

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9Sama Khichdi

This particular vrat recipe is very famous in each household in India and is prepared very often during Navratri Season. In this recipe, the usual rice are replaced with sama rice and cooked with chopped veggies by pouring some water into a pan. Similarly, you can prepare other rice recipes by replacing them with sama rice and them during fast.

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It is an Indian sweet dishes mostly prepared in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. It is basically a sweet version of condensed milk that is prepared by boiling milk at low flame until it reduces to half of its initial quantity. You can also top it with nuts and rose petals.

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11Kuttu Khichdi

This recipe is very simple to prepare and similar to other khichdi recipes. In this recipe, you have to just cook the kuttu atta with two times more quantity of water. You can add veggies of your choice and do add rock salt to it. This khichdi can be consumed with dahi.

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12Rajgira Sheera

It is a dessert, which is made by Rajgira flour. The rajgira flour is first roasted with ghee with addition of milk and sugar to it. You can add cardamom powder for flavour and almonds for crunch to it. It is also called ’Rajgira Halwa.’

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13.Sweet Potato Sabzi

This vegetable made up by using sweet potato, or ‘Shakarkandi’ can be eaten during fasting days. It is a very quick recipe that just requires to the addition of certain spices like rock salt, chilli powder, and dhaniya powder to the boiled sweet potatoes along with some oil. It just takes two minutes to prepare them.

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14.Banana Walnut Lassi

What will be more exciting than starting your fasting day with a filling and tasty lassi with flavours of banana and walnut? Just add banana to your milk and grind it to the consistency of lassi and top it with chopped walnuts or you can even grind them too. There is no need to add sugar as it is naturally sweetened by Banana.

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15Sabudana Khichdi

This vrat khichdi recipe is also very simple to prepare; just keep in mind to soak the sabudana for a few minutes before cooking so that they absorb water and become soft. Add the chopped veggies of your choice like tomatoes, potatoes, paneer and cook them. You can even add nuts like peanuts to the khichdi.

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16.Sweet Potato Halwa

Usually, the halwa which is prepared at our homes is either made up of Whole wheat or sooji. But to prepare a fasting halwa recipe that too with a vegetable is something we never thought off. It is definitely possible by using mashed boiled sweet potatoes. It is a quick dessert that takes around 15 minutes to get ready.

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17.Sabudana Thalipeeth

They are Indian versions of pancakes that are crispy and soft, and require ingredients like sabudana, peanuts, mashed potatoes, and spices. They are a tasty and a good option to eat with green chutney.

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18.Makhana Kheer

Makhana is very often eaten during fasting in India. This makhana can also be used to prepare kheer, which is fine to be eaten during fast. For this dish, you just need to add makhana to the boiling milk with sugar and let it cook for some time until they get softer.

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19.Singhare Pakora

Yes, you can even prepare crispy hot pakoras during fast. You just have to replace the besan with singhare ka atta, and the rest remains the same. You can make pakoras of potato, paneer, and other veggies also.

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20.Pethe Ki Sabzi

Petha is one of the few vegetables that can be eaten during fasting. The petha sabzi is very easy to make and is a little sweet in taste. It goes well with kuttu ka paratha, singhara poori, or even with items prepared with Rajgira flour.

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