20 Traditional Indian Dishes To Try On Diwali

20 Traditional Indian Dishes To Try On Diwali
20 Traditional Indian Dishes To Try On Diwali

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India as it marks the welcome of Lord Ram after completing his exile of 14 years. Since that day, Diwali has been celebrated by lighting up diyas and sharing gifts and sweets with each other and maintaining a happy environment and loving nature with everyone. It is true that no festival is complete without offering and sharing delicious sweets and snacks. There are many Indian recipes can actually be made during this festive season, but some dishes that tops the list and stands out as the necessary feasting dishes are listed below. You can look at them and try some of them by yourself.


They are crispy and sweet snacks made up of four essential ingredients that are easily available. They can be made of any size, either small or big, as per your convenience. They are fried in oil and usually are in trend during Diwali.


2.Dahi Vada

This favourite North Indian recipe consisting of vada made up of dal dipped into creamy Dahi and added chutney and spices to give flavour to it is the most famous recipe eaten during Diwali in North India. It is easy to prepare and loved by all.

dahi vada

3Spicy Bombay Potatoes

This dish is perfect for serving as a snack after the busy day of decoration of Diwali. This dish is an all-rounder as it is loved by people of all ages. They are small balls of potato that are seasoned with spices and then fried in a pan. They are tasty and will please everyone eating them.

spicy bombay potatoes


This authentic Gujarati recipe is also a trending dish during the Diwali days. They are soft rolls made up of chickpea flour and flavoured with mustard seeds to add taste to them. They can be eaten up along with green chutney.

khandvi 1

5Papdi Chat

After Dahivada, North Indian brings you again a dish of dahi, but this time replacing the vadas with crispy papdi. This recipe can be prepared by adding papdi and spices to dahi. You can add even sev, pomegranate and a few almonds to make it even more delicious.

papdi chaat


Poha is an ideal breakfast recipe that is famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is also prepared even on regular days, but it is also an excellent option to serve this light and healthy snack with a tangy flavour of lemon. Also, you can make it to save your time in cooking in the midst of festive preparations.

poha 1

7.Kaju Katli

It is impossible to resist yourself from eating this all-time favourite kaju katli sweet. It is true that all of us love this dish, and Diwali is such time that we actually has an excuse to munch on this sweet dish and satiate our craving for this particular item.

kaju katli 1


Samosas are the ideal option or choice of Indians in every get -together or festive season. They are best tasted when served hot and crispy along with green chutney or saunth, which is usually eaten with samosa. They are filling and delicious snacks to be served.


9.Aloo Bonda

It is a popular South Indian snack and a street food. They are basically prepared with mashed spiced potatoes coated in besan and then fried in hot oil in a pan. They are quite big in size, though you can make it according to you. They are super delicious and an awesome snacks item.

aloo bonda

10Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is literally that one sweet dish that finds its place in each festive season. Ultimately why not? They are one of the most liked sweet dishes of India that is very easy to prepare and looks tempting when served hot. Now you can even make vegan Gulab Jamuns.

gulab jamun 2

11.Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is an all-rounder dish that goes well with every occasion, and is one of the most liked starters among all Indian starters. It is prepared by grilling medium-sized chunks of Paneer into the tandoor. It is usually spicy, but one can customize it if preparing themselves.

paneer tikka


Murukku in Tamil means ‘Twisted’ and this dish is twisted in shape; hence it is called so. It is a dish originating from South India, and is a recommended snack to have during Diwali. It is made up of rice flour, urad dal flour, salt, and oil. It is a crispy and delicious snack loved by all.



Namakpare are a traditional Indian snack that goes well with a hot cup of tea. They are prepared either with whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour. They are usually of long shape with conical ends, though you can even make them of cube shape. They are salted snacks and very famous in India.


14.Rice Kheer

Nothing comes in our mind other than kheer for celebrations and occasions. Kheer is a very simple and easy recipe that requires a cup of rice, milk, sugar, and Kesar for colour and flavour. You can even use jaggery or desikhand instead of white sugar.

rice kheer

15.Moong Dal Halwa

It is one of the most delicious halwa variation that you might have eaten. It is prepared by using the most healthy moong dal, which is roasted in ghee and cooked for some time by adding sugar. It is yellow-mustard in colour and can be topped with chopped nuts.

moong dal halwa

16Soan Papdi

Isn’t it true that all of us receive at least one pack of this sweet every year during Diwali? Probably it is one of the most shared sweet during the season of Diwali. It is made up of besan, milk, ghee, and sugar, and has a crispy and flaky texture.

soan papdi 1


Rasgulla is basically chashni filled sponge balls made up of chenna, sooji, and sugar. The balls are made of chenna and the chasni is nothing but sugary water. They are burst of sweetness in the mouth and is a traditional Bengali sweet famous all over India.

rasgulla 2


These are actually used during the pooja of Diwali and are given as Prasad. They are small sweet sugar puffs that are a crunchy and round in shape. They are white in colour and can be eaten all alone.


19Dry Fruit Sandesh

It is a Bengali sweet dish, which is prepared with milk and sugar and is best tasted when served at room temperature. You can even have it plain, but the addition of nuts make it even more delicious and gives crunchy texture to it. At some places, chenna is also preferred instead of milk.

dry fruit sandesh

20Mango Shrikhand

Shrikhand is a sweet dish, which is prepared with addition sugar to curd, and tastes delicious. Though, it is preferable to eat flavoured shrikhand as it makes it more delicious. The top flavour used in preparing it is mango and the resulting dish is absolutely worth tasting.

mango shrikhand