Top 20 Must Try Indian Desserts


Well many people think that India is famous for its spices. But many of us do not realise that India is also famous for more than 1000 mouth-watering Desserts.

In any lunch or dinner, Dessert is what gives the finishing and which completes a full meal. And it comes in the variety of mouth-watering forms.



It is one of the famous Desserts which melts with any item added to it. The outcome will always be satisfactory. The easy way of Barfi’s blending is the main cause why we have a distinct quantity of Barfi’s like ‘Coconut Barfi‘ and ‘Saluda Barfi’.The reason behind Barfi being so famous is that it is soft and has stable appearance.


Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa is the Dessert which is a mixture of ground Carrot, Sugar and Milk. Carrot Halwa includes Almonds, Cashewnuts and Pista. Sometimes even Curd and ‘Kova’ are added for good flavour.



It is one of the all time favourite and famous Dessert of India. Jamun is one of the most mouth-watering Desserts that you want to taste again and again. They are the small balls which are prepared by Milk powder and flour. And then finally these balls are dipped in the sweet sauce of Sugar dissolved in boiling water. This mouth-watering Dessert will make you crave for more.



Rasgulla is one of the famous Desserts of India. Basically,they are dumplings dipped in Sugar syrup. The Rasgulla is made by ‘paneer’ and ‘soojee’. They are usually served in marriage functions and small parties.Rasgulla a Dessert will make you eat again and again once you have tasted it.



Basundi is one of the famous Desserts which originated from North India. Basundi is prepared with Milk. It is cooked in a closed vessel until it becomes half cooked. Sometimes even Custard is added to make it tastier. This Dessert will surely make you have more.


Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak got its name because Mysore Pak were first prepared in Mysore Palace of Karnataka. It is similar to Laddu, but it is rectangle in shape. Mysore Pak is prepared with Gram flour and Sugar.


Soan Papdi

Soan Papdi is most famous in the south of India. It is dry and fragment. It is made using Bacon-flour. It is also one of the mouth-watering Desserts which will satisfy your taste buds. Sohan Papdi is served in a variety of ways.



It is also one of the south-Indian Desserts. Hoorn is made from Rice flour. Thin layers of Rice flour applied on the powder of Sugar and rolled to form an oval shape. They usually look like a folded sheet of paper.



It is one of the Bengali Desserts prepared with Paneer and Milk. The thick mixture of flour is made on a soft flame forming the mixture. There are many varieties of MasurPeda available in the market.



Kheer is one of the famous Desserts in south India.Kheer is a sweet cooked dish prepared with Rice, Sugar and Milk. Almonds, Pista and Cashew, are decorated on it to make it even tastier.



It is also one of the most loved Desserts in India.Kulfi is an Indian Dessert Icecream. Kulfi sometimes is also made out of Milk. Kulfi is usually served in a stick and sometimes in small pots.



It is round in shape and is very delicious. Once tasted will make you have one more Laddu. Laddu is dry and consists of ball-shaped sweet garnished with Almonds, Cashew, and Pista.

Laddu is served in temples.



Rasmalai is the kind of mouth-watering Dessert which is similar to Gulab Jamun. Rasmalai is also small balls made with flour and Nuts. Rasmalai is dipped in a syrup of Milk. Rasmalai is decorated with Nuts to give the desired taste.



Obbattu is the one of famous Desserts originated from the state of Karnataka. It is a dish of flour Bread. A layer of Butter is added on the Bread, and then the Bread is rolled. It is one of the mouth-watering Desserts that you will surely want more.



It is famous in Agra. Peda are made from Pumpkin and powder of Alum. Finally garnished with Pista, Cashew and Almonds which makes it taste good.


Mishra Doha

The Mishra Doha Dessert is one of the famous mouth-watering Desserts in West Bengal.Mishra Doha is nothing but a sweet yoghurt which is placed in a pot and served. It is prepared with boiled Milk and added with a huge quantity of Sugar. The ingredients are then excited to get the necessary Mishra Doha and served in pots.



It is also a famous dish of India which is prepared by wheat flour and dipped completely in a syrup of Sugar which gives the sweet taste for the Jalebi. They are made in a spiral shape. Once tasting the Jalebi will surely make you addicted to it. You should try it once.


Paper Unde

This Dessert is one of the musts try Desserts. It is cylindrical in shape. They are prepared with flour and then completely dipped in a syrup of Sugar. They are decorated with Cashew, Almonds, Pista for mouth-watering taste which will make you wanting more. It is famous in north India.



It is one of the very soft and tasty Desserts made of Paneer and Milk.It is one of the musts try Desserts. It is hugely famous in India. It is added with Cashew and Almonds which make it even tastier.



It is a Dessert originated from West Bengal and is one of the must try Desserts. Sandesh is usually prepared with Milk but sometimes it is also made with Paneer. It is a thick mixture of flour and made as a paste. The softness makes it more famous and tastier.