Top 21 Dishes To Get The Feel Of The Assamese Culture

Top 21 Dishes To Get The Feel Of The Assamese Culture

1. Jolpan

If you love eating rice, then this delicacy is custom-made for you. Served as a popular traditional dish for breakfast, Jolpan is a mini meal consisting of four types of rice topped with curd and jaggery. Sounds yummy, isn’t it? As simple as it sounds, this exciting dish is also a crucial part of the Bihu festival and wedding celebrations.


2. Pitha

Pitha is the most scrumptious dessert of the Assamese cuisine. It is based on rice and can be made in sweet, salty, savory, and even barbequed styles. The most fascinating aspect of this dish is that it is available in many forms namely Til Pitha, Ghila Pitha, Narikol Pitha, Hutuli Pitha, Bhaat Pitha, Sunga Pitha, and Tekeli Pitha. The reason for a dish to have such varied manifestations can only be one – It’s taste must be out of this world!


3. Laru

Who doesn’t love little balls of heavenly sweetness? Larus are traditionally prepared during the Bihu festivals and are an absolute delight. They are simply made by just two ingredients namely black sesame seeds and jaggery. In addition to this, the Narikolor Laru is also quite popular which is made from grated coconut and milk. Quick to make Larus are a must-have dish of Assam.


4. Poita Bhat

Adhering to a healthy diet may seem impossible to a few people. However, this naturally rejuvenating delicacy of Assam makes it a child’s play. Poita Bhat consists of fermented rice with curd, finely chopped green chilies, and onions with a dash of mustard oil. Generally, it is accompanied by ‘Aloo Pitika’ (mashed potatoes) to be served as everyone’s favorite for breakfast.


5. Khar

A truly ethnic Assamese meal is incomplete without Khar. It is a mouth-watering curry made with a key non-vegetarian ingredient combined with a seasonal vegetable such as papaya, water gourd or mustard greens, and fresh pulses. What makes Khar unique from other curries is that it is filtered through dried banana leaves which paves way for a freshening taste. Interestingly, it is good for digestion too!


6. Ou Khatta

Ou Khatta, as the name suggests is sour and sweet chutney. It is made from moderately mashed elephant apple (Ou), mustard seeds, and jaggery. Full of tangy flavor, this chutney is sure to enliven your taste buds. It is served as a compliment with rice.

khatta meetha kaddu

7. Masoor Tenga

This is another signature dish of the Assamese cuisine. This authentic fish curry is made in a tangy broth (Tenga) comprising of tomatoes, lemons, and elephant apple. The lightness of the fish mixed with the bold outburst of the sour Tenga surely leaves a long-lasting smile on every eater’s face.

masoor tenga

8. Paro Manxho

Paro Manxho is a famous delicacy for non-vegetarians in Assam. Quite interestingly, the main ingredient of this dish is pigeon meat. Eaten in winters to keep the body warm, it is served with Koldil (banana flower) which enhances its taste to a great deal. As surprising this dish may sound, it is bound to leave you craving for more!


9. Baanghjor Lagut Kukura (Chicken With Bamboo Shoot)

Bamboo is a common plant found in Assam. This dish essentially revolves around the mystifying flavor of bamboo shoot entwined with the good-old-chicken. With the use of spices and lentils, this dish provides a satisfying taste to every palette.


10. Fish Fried Rice

Rice and fish is always a great combination; add to that the cookery magic of frying and voila! The result is an extremely delicious dish, full of nutritional value too. This dish is commonly eaten in Assam for lunch.

fish fried

11. Tamul Paan

The aboriginal Assamese culture considers the offering of Paan as a sign of devotion and friendship. It is made up of beetle leaves and areca nut mixed with a tinge of gulkand. It serves as a sweet bundle of freshness after a heavy meal.


12. Kordois

This extraordinary looking snack is best served with tea in Assam. Kordois can be made in both sweet and savory styles. For the latter, nigella seeds (Kalonji) or caraway seeds (Kala jeera) are used with the dough whereas for the sweet version, the fried dough is simply dipped in sugar syrup. Moreover, if you are health-conscious, this snack can even be baked. However you may eat these, they are worth trying!


13. Dil Pasand

Dil pasand is a traditional deep-fried sweet puri filled with scrumptious coconuts and raisins. With the right amount of stuffing, it proves to be a delicious addition to every platter.


14. Laksa

The Assam Laksa is not for those who are sensitive to spicy foods! It is an exquisite spicy noodle soup comprising of shrimp paste, tamarind, and rice vermicelli cooked in a coconut milk base. The dish is garnished with chopped pineapple, thus adding a nice color and taste. It is easily available as a part of the street food.


15. Labra

Labra is basically a blend of vegetables cooked to perfection. They constitute as an essential food item in every day meal and religious events. The main ingredients include pumpkin, aubergine, potato, and moolah/daikon radish cooked in an onion-garlic-chili paste.


16. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is the Assamese version of ‘Bhelpuri.’ Found in every street, this snack constitutes of puffed rice, onions, nuts, chillies, tomatoes, and a few nuts and spices mixed with a little mustard oil. This is the best snack to have while roaming in the beautiful streets of Assam.


17 Luchi

Another name for the commonly eaten poori; Luchi is a bread prepared by deep frying a roti made up of white flour. It is served with various curries on special occasions.


18. Ghugni

This spicy, delicious dish is prepared by mixing boiled peas with onions, coriander, tomatoes, green chilies, and tamarind chutney to give it a truly unique flavor. It is a frequently eaten street food by the Assamese.


19. Lao Paani

Lao Pani is prepared by using fermented rice on the shell of a bottle gourd (lauki). What’s more enthralling is that Lao-Paani has been declared as Assam’s ‘Heritage liquor’ by the State Government in 2016. So, the next time you visit Assam, don’t forget to clink your glasses filled with Lao Paani. Cheers!

lao pani’

20. Komolar Kheer

Similar in preparation to the common Kheer, this dish’s special ingredient is orange pulp. The orange color not only increases its taste but also makes it a delight for the eyes.


21. Saah

One simply cannot forget to mention the world-famous Assamese Tea while talking about the state. Known as ‘Saah’ in Assam, tea is almost a part of their staple food. Varieties of teas are grown in Assam which renders a unique ambience to its cultural entity. Till the time we cannot taste the other 19 delicacies, at least we have the blessed tea to enliven our spirits!