Top 21 Favorite Breakfasts Of North India

21 favorite breakfasts in north india

A plate of hot heartwarming breakfast with your morning cup of tea is the way to begin your magnificent day. It is considered to be the most imperative meal of the day, and one should certainly have the most luxurious and glorious feasts every single day. To brighten your day, even more, we present to you the list of the most breathtaking breakfasts of North India because we want you to have your favorite meal of the day, feeling like a king!

1.Aloo Kulcha With Chana

Aloo Kulcha with Chana is the specialty of Punjab, and it is one dish being served at every restaurant, hostel, hotel and even cantonments across the nation. It is a solid mixture of taste and nutrition, which fills your tummy and gets you all geared up for your day ahead.


2.Chole Bhature

Now, what can represent a genuine North Indian meal better than a plate of steaming hot Bhaturas served with a spicy, mouthwatering bowl of Chole. Onions covered in mint sauce beautifully accompany this dish. It is fiery and filled with the authentic Indian masalas. Just like many other breakfast dishes served in North India, it is very rewarding and makes you fall in love with it with every bite you eat.



Unlike the other two dishes mentioned above, Poha is deliberated as a rather light breakfast. Now this is one recipe that is made in many ways. You can add roasted peanuts, potato, onions, capsicum but the star of this dish is the hint of lemon added to it, which only enhances the taste.


4.Moong Dal Paratha

Nobody loves their Parathas like the North Indians, and that is why they have such a wide range of Parathas available for all to enjoy and appreciate at any occasion or at any time of the day. The Moong Dal Paratha is any mother’s favorite as it has the nutrition of the Dal, plus it’s tasty.


5.Aloo Paratha

Now coming to the most beloved Paratha of every person who has any knowledge of the existence of this magical dish, Aloo Paratha. Us Indians love everything that has Aloo(potato) in it and this paratha is nothing but pure excellence!


6.Chana Masala

Chana Masala is yet another lip-smacking dish, which is accompanied by naan, paratha, rotis and even bread. It is not only beautiful looking but also perfects in taste. Just like most of the North Indian dishes, it is filled with masalas and will leave you awestruck with every bowl.


7.Bajra Roti

Bajra Roti is the favorite breakfast of all during the winter season as it keeps you warm and fills your stomach with all the goodness of Bajra. It is not that easy to make, but once you get the hang of it, you would want to make it every single morning and enjoy it with the rest of your family.


8.Cheese Paratha

Cheese or Paneer Paratha is the preference of almost every kid as it is fulfilling and exceptionally appetizing. Every child wants to wake up to a plate with this Cheese Paratha covered in melting butter and a glass of cold milk.


9.Methi Thepla

Methi Thepla is one the most nutritious and healthy breakfasts on the list and therefore it is preferred in many homes. But, it is also a treat that the little ones crave as it is so enchanting, especially when it is being served with butter and homemade pickle.


10.Poori Bhaji

Poori Bhaji consists of a mesmerizing bhaji usually made of aloo and exquisitely fried pooris. It is a bit oily, but it compensates in the taste as one cannot stop before at least seven pooris. It may be served with pickle and is one of the most famous breakfasts in North India.


11.Gobi Paratha

These delicate looking Parathas will unquestionably win your hearts any day as they are not only super easy to make, but also they are also one of the best Parathas out there, taste-wise. Nothing beats a Gobi Paratha with butter, pickle as a piece of green chili.


12.Moong Dal Cheela Stuffed With Paneer

 Moong Dal Cheela stuffed with Paneer is very healthy as well as fun to make. This Cheela is one dish that the entire family can make and eat together. It is vibrant, colorful and equally enticing. The Moong Dal Cheela is even more enjoyable with pickle and curd. Any sides may not accompany it, as it is the star of the show.


 13.Paneer Toasty

Paneer Toasty is one vegetarian delight that you will never refuse. The Toasty contains finely chopped vegetables and a delicious layer of paneer(cheese) right in the middle of it. To make this treat even more enjoyable, an extra aloo patty can be added to the many exotic layers.


14.Masala Omelette

The egg is absolutely one of the best ingredients for any breakfast, and these Masala Omelettes are better versions of your everyday omelet. You can always be creative with your omelets and prepare them with your favorite constituents.


15.Dal Bhari Poori

Dal Bhari Pooris are light, fluffy and extremely nutritious. They can be served with gravy or even pickle and are a delight to eat. They have a beautiful golden brown texture, and they are very easy to make at home. Dal Bhari Pooris are pooris with a unique and remarkable twist.


16.Aloo Rasedaar With Poori

Aloo Rasedaar with hot pooris is yet again a morning favorite in many households as it only takes around 10 minutes to prepare the Aloo Rasedaar and the Pooris are an all-time favorite. The Pooris compliment the spice filled Aloo Rasedaar very well.


17.Dal Kachori

 Dal Kachori is a light snack, which can also be served as breakfast as it is certainly available all over the country and people of all ages enjoy this tasty delight. A sweet sauce accompanies these masala filled pooris, and they are a blast of many extravagant flavors.


18.Chole Kulcha

Again, Chole served with any bread or roti are just fabulous. But Kulchas are even more tempting than your everyday naans. Kulchas are light and therefore you can have more of them with your favorite Chole. Onions, lemon, and the mint sauce compliment this dish altogether.


19.Besan Ki Masala Roti

Besan Ki Masala Roti is a very well known specialty of Haryana, and this is what you will be given every single morning in the local household, but you would never complain. It tastes amazing, and it is also wholesome. It is served with homemade pickle or curd.


20.Sattu Paratha

Sattu Paratha is a very admired dish of Bihar, and now it is slowly becoming a part of the daily lives of people belonging to metropolitan cities as well. They are not only good for your health but also brighten your day when served with the scrumptious pickle.


21.Sheer Chai With Bread

Sheer Chai with Bread is the authentic breakfast of Jammu and Kashmir. The sweet Sheer Chai keeps you warm in the cold winter mornings, and the bread fills your stomach. It is light and refreshing. It is considered as the perfect breakfast as it wakes you up and it gets you going for the day ahead.