Top 8 Street Food Of Bhubaneswar

Top Street Foods Of Bhubaneswar

1. Gupchup

This is one of the very famous street food of Bhubaneswar. It is enjoyed by people of all age group. Its spherical in shape filled with spicy mashed potato and tamarind water which gives it a tangy taste. Its tangy and spicy taste tickles the taste bud. Its garnished with coriander at the end. It’s one of the most easily available delicacies amongst the other street foods .


2. Rolls

The most wanted street food amongst all the college going students. Rolls are made of Indian bread as the base its filled with juicy chunks of chicken/mutton, egg, cheese, mushroom, vegetables with roasted onion and a pinch of lemon juice with gives a twist in the taste. Hot rolls are pure bliss with a glass of Pepsi.


3. Dahi Bara aloo dum

Another famous street food of Bhubaneswar. These are yummy brown bares dipped in thick and creamy yogurt blended with tangy potatoes curry and onion and coriander toppings are extremely delicious and irresistible. This item is also healthy and good for appetite. Health cautious people can freely enjoy it.


4. Chaat

The all-time favourite street food. The chaats of Bhubaneswar are not like the rest of the states of India. The all-time favourite “jhaal muri” it’s made of muri which is mixed with pink onion, fresh brown potato, blood red tomato, green coriander, peanuts, sav, blended with imli(tamarind) chutney, mustard oil. The topping is done with coriander, coconut, sev. Its fat free and at the same time. The mere sight of it can ring bells inside the stomach.


5. Chicken Pakoda

Juicy chunks of chicken deliciously marinated and covered with a coating of cornflour deep fired and served with freshly cut onions and with spicy pudina chutney. The tenderness of the meat makes your heart melt and makes the taste buds go to trance This item is more enjoyed during the monsoon season.

chicken pakoda

6. Bara with ghoogni

Bara is a deep fried pulpy paste made of black gram and served with a mesmerising gravy of matter (chick peas) topped with green chillies, coriander and onion too which is called “ghoogni”. This spicy snack sets your taste bud on fire. This item sells like hot cakes in the city. Stalls can be found all around the city.


7. Choole Samosa

Samosa is also popularly known as “shingada” here. Thin pockets of Maida are made which are filled with choole. These pockets are later deep fired and served with a chilly chutney. These small pockets surely create a big thunder on your taste buds.

chole samosa

8. Chena Poda

One of the tastiest sweet of the city. This delicacy is a must try if one comes to Bhubaneswar. It’s a cheese desert. Chena means cheese, this dish is made of Chena and brown sugar. The Chena is roasted until it turns brown. This is served with rasgulla or rabri. This dish tantalizes your taste buds it will surely give you a piece of heaven inside your mouth.