Top Twenty Delicious Ahmedabadi Dishes


Ahmedabad is one of the best paradise places for food lovers. Ahmedabad is famous for the sweetness, the people of Ahmedabad are said to be a food lover. The food of Ahmedabad involves the sweetness of the Ahmedabadi. The food and desserts are really tasty, and the sweet, spicy taste is loved by all. Ahmedabad has a huge variety of food. Not only Ahmedabadi’s but all over the countrywide people used to love it.

Here are some of the perfect delicacies from Ahmedabad. This will increase your love towards Ahmedabadi food:

1. Dhokla


Dhokla is the most famous dish among all over a country. Though, Dhokla symbolizes Gujarat. People of Gujarat love Dhokla. It is said to be a special dish of Gujarat. Dhokla is made up of rice flour, chickpeas. It is boiled and deep fried, served with green Chutney and garnished with curry leaves and meethi. They are so soft, and sponge, and the taste is sweet namkeen. The most famous Dhokla in Ahmedabad you’ll have in Das New Surti Khaman House. The spices and sweetness are amazing and very well served as they should be.

2. Handva

handvaHandva is the most famous dish of Ahmedabad; it is from the similar family of Dhokla and though famous for its taste. Handva is unique to its taste; it is thickly layered bread, the tadka in this dish is delicious. The tadka is of cumin seeds, coriander leaves, peas, garlic which makes it delicious and spicy. Handva is the most famous dish of Gujarat and people use to love it for its taste.

3. Thepla

theplaThepla is the most famous and delicious dish of Ahmedabad, Ahmedabadi’s thepla are famous for its taste. Thepla is a form of paratha which is made up of flour wheat, green leaves of fenugreek and the spices which are very well mixed. It is mostly served with pickles. The spices water ups your mouth, you can stop at one while eating thepla.

4. Undhiyu

undhiyuUndhiyu is the famous Gujarati dish made on the occasions and festivals. The People of Ahmedabad love it. A sweet Gujarati dish with lots of spices and dry fruits which are a little bit oily. The spices used in it are delicious in flavour.

5. Khandvi

khandviKhandvi is a dish for those who love light flavoured food. It is the most famous dish from the origin of Gujarat; Khandvi represents the texture of Gujarat. It is made up of gram flour and curd. It is served with green chilli chutney. This light flavoured dish will freshen up your mouth and gives you an amazing taste of curd.

6. Khakra

khakraIf you want the healthy and delicious dish, then khakra is the love for you. Every Ahmedabadi loves it as it is delicious and relates to health. It is thick bread made up of cumin seeds and spices. It is both flavour and fitness conscious. Khakra is best for health.

7. Ganthiya

ganthiyaGanthiya is a tea-time snack of Gujarat. It is not too much spicy and served with chutney. The ganthiya and chutney is amazingly combined, and people use to love it. Ganthiya is loved by the people of Gujarat.

8. Locho

lochoLocho is one of the finest dishes of Ahmedabad. Locho is special dish for the one who loves spicy. Locho is boiled street food. Ahmedabadi loved it more when it is served as for chutney and sev; the taste is really delicious and spicy. Locho is a dish for those who love spicy.  One of the special dishes of Ahmedabad.

9. Dalwada

dalwadaDalwada is Ahmedabadi’s most famous special dish. Dalwada is the  type of dal pakode. Dalwada is delicious and amazing. It is served with green chillies and onions. Dalwada is full of spices with amazing filling inside it. You can’t stop at one, as they are so delicious and tasty.

10. Sev Tamata nu Saak

sev-tamata-nu-saakWhen we talk about snacks of Ahmedabad, the top listed are sev tamata nu saak. It is an Indian tomato curry made up of tomatoes and garnished with green coriander leaves. The sev tamata nu saak is a snack that will fill your stomach with bubbles. Its delicious in taste and yums up your mouth.

11. Matla Undhiyu

matla-undhiyuMatla Undhiyu is a delicious dish made up of roasted ground nuts, ginger garlic paste and some chilli. Those who are health conscious will love this dish. Matla Undhiyu is Ahmedabad’s dish which belongs to the family of Undhiyu. It is deli and health appetizing. One of the most famous dishes in Gujarat.

12. Ghughra

ghughraGhughra is a special dessert of Ahmedabad . The one who loves desserts and sweets would love this sweet dish. Ghughra is made on special in Gujarat. Ghughra is made up of maida and a sweet filling inside it.

13. Daberi

daberiDaberi is a special dish from the origin of Kutch. It is a lip smacking snack of Gujarat. Daberi has a filling of tomatoes and spicy in taste, it is also known as kutchi daberi. Daberi is one of the most popular street foods of Gujarat.

14. Dudhpak

doodhpakDudhpak is the finest dessert from the cuisine of Gujarat. It is a sweet dish of Gujarat loved by all. It is an Indian Recipe of milk, rice and saffron. It is amazing in taste and said to be a Royal Dessert in Ahmedabad.

15. Muthiya

muthiyaMuthiya is a tea time snack; Muthiya is a type of snack which is never rejected by everyone. It is a mixture of chickpea flour, bottle gourd and spices. It is little bit juicy and fluffy inside and had a good crisp outside, the flavour is amazing and delicious.

16. Mohanthal

mohanthalMohanthal and Gujarat are the most famous combination; it is a signature dish of Gujarat. Mohanthal is special dish made on the occasion of Janmashtami. It is served as a prasad to Krishna. Mohanthal is made up of gram flour, nuts, almonds and saffron. It is sweet and delicious.

17. Gujarati Samosa

gujarathi-samosaSamosa’s are well known countrywide. Samosa’s are spicy in flavour and stuffed with chunky filling and served with green chilli Chutney, it is spicy and lip smacking snack. Gujarati samosa’s are delicious in taste and this is really spicy.

18. Dal Dhokli

dal-dhokliDal Dhokli is for daal lovers. It is really delicious in taste and has a flavour of dal and spices. Dal Dhokli is one of the famous recipes of Gujarat, loved by all.

19. Fajeto

fajetoFajeto is a special recipe prepared using Mango. It is type of curd prepared with mangoes and served with roti. It is amazing in taste and has a taste of methi and mangoes. It is mouth watering dish.

20. Lilva Kachoori

lilva-kachooriLilva kachoori is the most popular dish of Gujarat, Gujarati’s love it. Kachoori’s are the most famous dish in all over India. Kachoori is spicy in taste; it has a spicy filling and served with Chutney. Ahmedabad is best for Kachoori’s.