Top 20 Dishes Containing Beetroot

Dishes Containing Beetroot

Beetroot is a root vegetable that has a distinct red color. It is highly nutritious and extremely beneficial for those lacking in blood and are anemic. It can be eaten raw or cooked. It is used in both savory and sweet dishes and is delicious in both types. Beetroot can also is used as a coloring agent dishes as it gives a red color to dishes. Beetroot is recommended by doctors as it is highly beneficial for a person with low hemoglobin.


Beetroot Halwa

I know it sounds weird but this dish is the best when considering this vegetable.Like the famous carrot halwa,which is liked by many,this dish also tastes delicious. It is cooked in the same way as its orange counterpart. With milk, sugar and ghee this Halwa is absolutely luscious. And the best part is its distinct crimson hue. Garnish the dish with dry fruits for best results.


Beetroot Puri

Presenting you another equally weird sounding dish, the Beetroot Puri. As you can see, this Puri is crimson in color as the beetroot is puréed and put in with the flour when kneading. Some other spices can also be added according to the taste. Some people add ‘Ajwain’ to help in digesting excess oil in the Puri. This Puri is tasty the way it isbut could be accompanied with any stew, pickle or curd.


Beetroot Pickle

When I gave a countdown of carrot dishes, I added one with the carrot pickle and here is another pickle dish. Beetroot pickle is scrumptious. This pickle has that distinct sweetness that can be only owned by beetroot. Put it along with the spices and there you have an awesome dish. It forms a medley of flavours. It’s sweet, salty, spicy and also sour. Do try some, if you haven’t had some yet.


Beetroot Tikki

Tikkis are a favorite among Indians. Nothing can beat them. Their smokiness and the flavor is unbeatable. Beetroot tikkis are good, compared to how we react when we first hear about them. They have the smokiness as well as the flavor that a real tikki should have. Garnish them with some fresh onions and lettuce leaves for an indelible  experience.


Beetroot Kebab

Ooh, Kebab! This is how one reacts when one hears the word Kebab. The name is mostly associated with the one made with meat, but now-a-days vegetable Kebabs are a huge plus to the vegetarians who haven’t tasted one. This  is a new dish in the world of Kebabs, and is gaining popularity among both non-vegetarians as well as vegetarians.


Beetroot Pav Bhajji

Who loves Pav Bhajji? I do! I absolutely adore them. They are the most delicious thing ever. The Bhajji in this dish is the highlight. There is a new Beetroot Bhajji that is becoming popular among people mostly because of its color. Bhajji is nothing but a mix of boiled vegetables that are later mashed with some spices added. Beetroot is a new ingredient that is being added. It does not alter the taste of the Bhajji at all. All it does is giving the Bhajji a beautiful crimson hue.


Beetroot Soup

Soup is a course in the western countries, but in India, it is viewed as something that is good for the body and should be had by people who are sick or are health conscious. It is only now that the mindset of the people is changing. Beetroot Soup is really beneficial because of its medicinal value. It is fulfilling and hence can also be had as a course.


Beetroot Juice

This glass of goodness is full of nutrients and in other words is full of life, as it helps to increase the blood in the body. Even I have to drink this every morning as a part of my diet. I am anemic, you see. To make this drink more delicious, you can add palm sugar to the drink as it is also rich in iron.  To increase the nutrient level, you can also add carrots, apples and Amla. It becomes more nutritious and is more than enough to complete your breakfast.


Beetroot Burger

In beetroot burger, the patty that goes in the burger is made of beetroot. Them again I mentioned before, it does not change the taste of the burger, and merely the color is changed. Add coleslaw and lettuce leaves and viola a colorful burger.


Beetroot And Choc Brownies

I already told you about brownies before. I’ll anyway mention about them again. They are a cross between a biscuit and a cake. They are delicious. In this dish, beetroot is added as an extra ingredient but it just makes these babies tastier. They give the brownies that extra edge and crunch that makes them worth a try.


Beetroot Coleslaw

Coleslaw is mix of vegetables in a creamy sauce or in mayonnaise. Beetroot coleslaw, as it is obvious from the name, has beetroot added to it. You can have this coleslaw along with bread or as it is.It is luscious and mouthwatering just by the look of it.


Beetroot Salad

As I mentioned earlier, beetroots can be eaten raw and what better way to eat them then as a salad. Slice them up, add other veggies and then squeeze some lemon and viola an awesome salad. Beetroots are sweet to taste when you have them raw with a slight hint of earthiness that is delicious.


Beetroot Bonda

Bondas are a past time snack of the south Indians. They are a type of stuffed vada with vegetable in the middle. In Beetroot Bonda, beetroot is stuffed in the middle. They are the best snacks with your evening tea. The best experience of eating aBonda is in the rainy season. They feeling of standing near a tea stall having tea and Bonda is something that is heartwarming.


Beetroot Pachadi

This is a dish from the hills of Kerala. This is a dish that is a must in Sadya, which is eaten by the Keralites during special occasions. You will never see a Sadya without a Pachadi. Beetroot Pachadi is nutritious as well as luscious. Do look up the recipe in the net and try it at home.


Beetroot Kurma

Kurma is a type of stew that is eaten by the South Indians with chapattis. It is a mixed vegetable stew cooked with coconut milk and is served with hot rotis.  They are really popular in the south Indian homes and the best tasting version of this dish can be found in a south Indian home.


Beetroot Raita

Raita is a dish made with curd and raw or cooked vegetables. There are various variations in it. In Beetroot Raita, beetroot is added after boiling it and sometimes other spices are also added, mostly cumin powder is added. It is a delicious side dish.


Beetroot Sandwich

In beetroot sandwich, beetroot slices are added to the slices along with other ingredients giving the sandwich fresh taste. It is a healthy alternative to a regular sandwich and cheese can also be added to enhance the taste of the sandwich.


Beetroot Milkshake

Milkshake is something that a kid has as a leisure food. It really lifts up spirit. And since children don’t like to eat veggies, there is an alternative. And that is to add veggies to milk and make them into a milkshake. Beetroot milkshake is delicious as well as looks beautiful. It has that pinkish tint to it that make your mouth water.


Beetroot And Chocolate Pancakes

Pancakes are heartwarming. I love pancakes. And add chocolate to it, it makes them best and then on top of it add beetroot for that extra edge and viola you have a delicious and healthy breakfast. You can also add some fruits and cream to break and give the dish some freshness.


Beetroot And Fish

Fish is course in itself and beetroot helps to provide some relief to the fishy taste. Beetroot is often paired off with fish and it helps to provide some extra dimension to the plain dish. You can add a nice salsa of beetroot to the dish.