20 Different Ways Of Having Cotton Candy

20 ways of having cotton candy

Cotton candy is one of those treats that no matter how messy it makes you it’s worth eating after all it’s just made out of sugar and some food colours whether eaten from a brown paper bought at a carnival or off form a candy stick, it always takes us back to our childhood days and to all those carnivals and fairs we used to go to with our parents oh those sweet memories.

From the most exquisite cupcakes you have ever tasted to the sparkling mock tails, we bring to you some very wicked ways, of trying cotton candy in twenty various ways and we assure you these will satisfy your cotton candy cravings like nothing before.

1. Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Tired of having the same old chocolate ice-creams and want to try something new? This ice-cream is exactly what you should try out. It’s a vibrant funky colored ice cream; that tastes like cotton candy.


2. Cottony Candy Meringue

Meringue is a type of dessert that is often associated with the French, Swiss, or Italian cuisine, which is made from whipped egg whites and sugar. The cotton candy meringues are easy to make and hardly require many ingredients.


3. Strawberry Cotton Candy Cocktail

This is for all the cocktail lovers out there; it’s colourful and different and yet at the same time it serves the purpose, this is the ultimate drink that every girl should treat herself to. When a mixture of rose and champagne is poured on the strawberry stuffed cotton ball, the candy dissolves and gives way to a delicious drink.


4. Cotton Candy Dip

Is your child’s birthday coming up and you want to try something new? Why not ditch the chocolate dips and try something different. Make a candyfloss dip and serves it with some hot graham cookies or Aunty Kay’s Chocolate cookies.


5. Cotton Candy Doughnuts.

Doughnuts and candyfloss are a premium classic and this dish cleverly combine the two into one! For the glaze, the cotton candy mix is added, and sprinkles are garnished on top, and cotton candy balls are put in the middle to cover the doughnut holes.


6. Candy Floss S’mores

S’mores are a traditional night-time campfire food that is most commonly eaten in the United States. This version of s’mores substitutes the roasted marshmallows and instead lighter, fluffier candy floss is sandwiched in between the chocolatey graham biscuits.


7. Cotton Candy Cupcakes

When in trouble try these beautiful cupcakes with a candy floss icing and a ball of candy floss on top.


8. Cotton Candy Milkshake

Nothing brings out your inner child then this thick and creamy milkshake with sweet fluffy cotton candy. All you need is a cotton candy ice cream or vanilla ice cream, heavy milk and cotton candy from the market or freshly spun-ed and you’re all set to go!


9. Cotton Candy Macaroons

This sweet pastel coloured cotton candy macaroons, will take you back to your childhood summer holidays; these macaroons are made the same way any other macaroon is, all you need to add is a pink food colour and cotton candy.


10. Cotton Candy Cake Pops

Every day a new invention is taking place in both the food industry as well as the technology that surrounds us. The taste buds of human beings are also advancing; every day we need some new food to hog on, and these cake pops serve the purpose. The cotton candy balls are dipped into white chocolate with pink food colour and garnished with sprinkles.


11. Cotton Candy Pinwheel Cookies

Want to throw a baby shower, and you are still looking for dishes to go with the decor well this is the perfect dish especially if the gender of the baby is unknown. These pastel colours of the candy will be the highlight of the baby shower.


12. Cotton Candy Salad

We all love sugar and what better way than having a salad that doesn’t have vegetables and instead has cotton candy, heavy cream, milk and a few fruits.


13.  Cotton Candy Whoopie Pies

Whether you prefer to eat cotton candy from a bucket, cone or a packet whichever may it be, this is a must try dessert. The cookie is made from cake mix, and a candy frosting is put in between the two cookies making it a whoopie.


14. Cotton Candy Apple Pies

Tired of coating your biscuits and fruits with chocolate, try coating your apples with white chocolate mixed with candy floss and pierce in a stick in each apple and top it with a poof of candy floss.


15. Cotton Candy Fudge

Want to satisfy those sweet cravings, try out this cotton candy fudge. Fudge has a tendency to be messy to make at home, while this is true making a cotton candy is so simple that it breaks this reputation of fudge.


16. Cotton Candy Puppy Chow

These pretty blue and pink, cotton candy flavoured puppy chows are perfect for celebrating holidays. You only need a few ingredients to make these delicious chows.


17. Cotton Candy Popcorn

This popcorn will satisfy the sweet tooth of not only kids but also adults.  Who wouldn’t want to try, candy coated popcorn garnished with sprinkles. You can serve this dish at baby showers, Easters or any time of the year.


18. Cotton Candy Cookies

These cookies are so light and fluffy that the moment you put them in your mouth they melt, these can be served at birthday parties.


19. Cotton Candy Popsicles

These Cotton Candy Popsicles are perfect for a Disney themed ‘Frozen’ party or for those hot days in summers when all you want to do is hit the beach and have a few popsicles.


20. Cotton Candy Jam

No fun filled day at the amusement park is complete without having cotton candy and what can be better than having cotton candy and bread together, bring back those carefree days of having cotton candy now without messing you hands anymore with this jam.


We assure you that these 20 cotton candy dishes will take you back to those warm country fair days which were incomplete without candy floss.