20 Best Recipes With Meat, You Need To Cook Now!

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1.Amritsari Murgh Makhani

This is a dish from the land of Punjab with the exotic and local flavours from Amritsar. It is known to be a Punjabi favourite of all. This recipe is not only tasty but also quite easy to prepare and will definitely charm those visitors you have all the time. To make this dish, boneless chicken chunks are first marinated. And then the chicken is cooked in tomatoes, spices and loads of butter and cream. To garnish, coriander leaves and chillies are added.


Teekha Murgh

This is a dish for all of you who love a lot of spice and heat in their dish. So beware those of you, who cannot take so much heat. To prepare this, you have to first marinate tender pieces of chicken first with a rich mixture of the marinade with spicy and hot masala. Then the chicken is cooked with tomatoes and chillies in mustard oil. The tomato adds the sweetness in contrast to the heat of the chillies.


Murg Malaiwala

We all love the mention of malai itself. So why not have malai in our favourite non-vegetarian meat? Thus, Murg Malai Walla is a great recipe if you intend to please your malai cravings over the weekend. To make this, drumsticks of chicken are first marinated in milk, saffron, cream, and spices and then cooked in a semi-dry gravy, for best results.


Kerala Chicken Roast

There is something very unique and different about non-vegetarian recipes from down South. Which is why each and every of those recipes feels so refreshing in taste. One such dish is the Kerala Chicken Roast, which is a crispy chicken recipe from Kerala. The chicken is first marinated and then dipped in a crunchy batter which is then deep fried. The final product is served with a lime juice garnish on top.


Chicken Chettinad

Chettinad is a type of cuisine which arrived from Tamil Nadu and is known for the heat and spice in the food. So if you love heat, then this is no less than a paradise for you. The chicken is cooked in Chettinad masala and a coconut paste which gives it the authentic taste and flavours.


Kadhai Chicken

A very common dish, which is a home-cooked dish as well as a restaurant dish. It is a tasty and flavourful chicken dish cooked in a kadhai. The chicken is cooked in a variety of flavours which give it the sweet, sour and spicy taste, all at the same time to the dish. Tamarind, Lemon, Jaggery and spices are added to the chicken, which is then cooked to a semi-gravy consistency.


Khatte Pyaz Ka Murg

A unique dish by all meanings, Khatte Pyaaz Ka Murg is a delicious dish! For this dish, onions are first pickled with tamarind, to make an achaar. The modern versions even use onions dipped in vinegar. The chicken is then cooked with these onions and chickpeas.


Chicken Lollipop

What’s there to not love in this luscious dish? Chicken Lollipop happens to be an authentic Indo-Chinese dish with a desi twist. The chicken drumsticks are mixed with spices and then fried until crisp. This is a great dish for parties.


Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken has gone from India and found love and acceptance all over the globe. Foreigners love this desi dish just as much as Indians. Other than being tasty, it is also quite easy to prepare and a common dish; it is seen in Punjabi households. The chicken is first marinated overnight. Then the marinated chicken is sautéed with tomato puree, spices, cream and butter. For the garnish, melted butter and coriander leaves are added to the dish.


Chicken Biryani

No matter wherever you go in India, you just cannot escape the bounds of this dish. In fact, you will find versions of this dish in the Middle-East, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In India, other than the fact that there are probably more than 20 variants of this one dish, it is also a reflection of what royalty tastes like. Biryani is a crowd pleaser and gem of the Indian cuisine. To prepare this, chicken is first marinated, and the rice is half-boiled. Then in a container, alternate layers of chicken and rice are added until full. Then rose water and saffron water is added to the container. The container is then sealed with a flour dough and cooked on low heat. The steam from within the container cooks the chicken and the rice and makes this amazing dish.


Palak Chicken

This dish is healthy and tasty at the same time. The spinach leaves are first boiled with salt. The leaves are then blended in a mixer with garlic onion and necessary spices. The chicken is sautéed and then this mixture is added. Makes for an amazing yet nutritious dish at the same time.


Methi Murg

A similar dish as that of Palak Chicken, where Methi is used instead of Palak, although the consistency of the leaves differs. In the case of Methi Murg, the leaves are not entirely blended to the consistency of a mixture. Rather you can see the chicken covered in methi leaves when the final product is done.


Chicken Vindaloo

This dish from the Goan land is the show stopper of all dishes. The dish arrived from the natives of Goa who belonged to Portuguese descent. The dish reflects native as well as international flavours.


Malabar Chicken Curry

Malabar Chicken Curry is an extremely delectable curry where the chicken is prepared in flavours of the Malabar cuisine. The dish uses a lot of coconuts. Thus the flavours of coconut are quite dominant in the dish.


Chicken 65

It may seem that this is an oriental dish, but it probably originated as a result of Indian intervention of the Chinese cuisine. A dry appetizer, this is a total part food.


Chilli Chicken

A chicken dish that is loved by all. Boneless pieces of chicken are first fried in a corn flour batter which gives it a little crispiness. Then the chicken is cooked in oriental flavours with soy sauces, vinegar, onions, garlic and chillies.


Dhaniya Chicken

If you love Coriander then this is an amazing dish. The boneless pieces of chicken are cooked in a gravy of coriander and other spices.


Chicken Bharta

This is a common non-vegetarian dish in which shredded pieces of chicken are cooked in essential spices and onion and tomatoes.


Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma is a curry dish, with minimal spices where the use of pepper is a must.


Tandoori Chicken

Leg and breast pieces of Chicken are marinated in tandoori masala and then slow cooked in a tandoor.