20 Best Recipes You Ought To Try With Bread!

20 Best Recipes You Ought To Try With Bread

1.Bread Sandwich

One can make so many different types of sandwiches with stuffing. One may use a paneer or corn or mashed potato stuffing. If you want a non-vegetarian dish, then you can easily use a chicken and cheese stuffing. One may use a salami stuffing to add that extra meaty taste to the dish.


2.Bread Pakora

If you have lived in the Northern part of the country, then this is a dish you could not have escaped the bounds of. The crunchy bites of bread pakora during the morning hours is a special feeling in Delhi! All over India, this is a special breakfast item which is basically triangular bread slices dipped in a besan batter and fried.


3.Bread Upma

Bread Upma is the alternate version of the normal common dish- upma. Upma is a popular dish which is a prepared for breakfast. Instead of suji, bread is used as the main component to prepare this marvelous dish.


4.Bread Pudding

We all love desserts, don’t we? One of the desserts that can be made is a pudding. Not only is it easy to make, but also is incredibly delicious.


5. Tadka Bread

India is a country of mixed flavors and tastes. Thus, there are so many unique dishes which can be made with common household ingredients. Enjoy the combination of the common but delectable tadka and toast.tadka-bread

6.Bread Rasmalai

Just like bread pudding, bread rasmalai is a dish which uses bread as the main component. An extremely delicious dessert of many textures.


7.French Toast

French Toast, the answer to all midnight hunger cravings. There’s very little French in this extremely Indian dish. To make this dish, all you need are bread slices, salt and eggs. You can even make other additions to make this dish even better. So why wait more?


8.Bread Poha

Bread Poha is a great dish for breakfast. This is a popular dish that is prepared for breakfast.


9.Garlic Cheese Bread

The sound of garlic cheese bread just puts a dreamy look in our minds, doesn’t it? Try the wonderful combination of cheese and garlic and the goodness of a freshly baked bread.


10.Bread Roll

The Bread Roll is an easy attempt, which tastes just as good as it sounds. The bread roll can use any stuffing according to choice.


11.Chilli Cheese Toast

This dish is similar to garlic cheese bread. But instead of garlic extracts, chilli flakes, and chopped red chillies are used with melted cheese as a topping. You can also add olives or jalapenos to make this further delicious. They can be a great party snack, as long as it is served fresh and hot!


12.Pav Bhaji

The perfect snack to devour! Pav Bhaji is the perfect snack if you are looking to enjoy the best of Indian snacks. The delightful bhaji is full of flavors and can be even served with paratha or roti, in case you do not have bread or paw. The bhaji is prepared by sauteing mashed potatoes with stir-fried tomatoes, onions, capsicums, and spices. The spices used are common spices that are available in any Indian household. Due to the increasing love for this snack, you even get readymade Pav Bhaji masala in the supermarkets. This results in no efforts at all. Stir fry the ingredients with the masala, and you will have the bhaji ready. The only step remaining will be toasting the pav/bread with hot butter for that ultimate delight. The bhaji and the pav are then served together along with chopped onions and salad.


13.Vada Pav

This common snack from Maharashtra is so popular that it is difficult to find someone who hasn’t had this dish. Although a simple snack, it is known to be quite a famous state-wide and across the country. Maharashtra and Vada Pav are in fact known to be synonymous with most people residing in this country.


14.Misal Pav

Another immensely popular snack which can be found in the coastal state of Maharashtra is the Misal Pav. Be it Pune or Mumbai or any other city in the state, this snack is a common one that can be found easily at any of the snack corners of the city. This delicious dish is not only tasty but also quite fulfilling.


15.Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a dessert which is prepared with bread. The dessert is unique because it uses such a different ingredient as the star of the dish and yet manages to be the perfect dessert which is not too sweet.


16. Grilled Sandwich

A delightful dish of sorts is the grilled sandwich. We love a great grilled sandwich with just the perfect ingredients suited to choice. You can experiment with different ingredients to make your favorite kind of a grilled sandwich. But for commonly set standards, the best kind of grilled sandwich which is loved by all is the very amazing grilled cheese sandwich. Calls for some experimentation in the kitchen, doesn’t it?


17.Bread Halwa

Bread Halwa is just the good old halwa which uses bread as the main ingredient.



How could we forget the amazing burgers that we all love so much! There are an increasing number of stores day by day which sells this amazing treat for both the eyes and your taste buds. The combination of the sesame crusted buns with lettuce and patty along with a lavish serving of mayonnaise is the answer to all sorts of hunger pangs!


19.Bread Cutlet

This unique dish is an easy make, especially for snacks. Bread Cutlets can be made in the similar way in which normal cutlets are prepared.


20.PBJ Sandwiches

This one is a surprise, isn’t it? But there is just so much love in this dish. The easiest snack that can be made with some simple ingredients- Peanut Butter, Bread, and Jam. Layer them alternatively and make a tower as tall as you want it to be.

pbj sandwich