20 Most Popular Vegetarian Dishes Of India!

20 Most Popular Vegetarian Dishes Of India!



Dosa is the most common Indian snack of all time. Owing to its popularity, outlets like Saravana Bhavan have found its way into popularity in the international markets! Dosa has many varieties in India, all of which are loved and appreciated. It may have started with the plain Dosa which did not have a stuffing and a Masala Dosa, now went on to create multiple varieties of itself! Now, there are varieties like Mutton Dosa,Paneer Dosa, Butter dosa where the stuffing is replaced. Sometimes, flavours like Tomato and Hariyali Dosa also find its way where Tomato or Coriander is added to the Dosa batter for the colour and taste within the batter itself. It is served with side dishes of Coconut Chutney and Sambhar!

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Idli – Vada

Another favourite dish from South India is Idli-Vada which is a common snack item. The Idli, which is a steamed rice dumpling, is soft. The Vada is a rice batter and is fried in shape of a doughnut with a crunch exterior but a soft core. The combination of the crunch of the Vada and moist Idli is what makes this such a great combination! It is served with sambhar and coconut chutney too.

idli vada


Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is the most favourite North-Indian delicacy for all Indians! People might love Paratha, but there’s something heavenly about the right Aloo ka Paratha served with Pickle and Curd. To make this, Rice flour is kneaded in the same consistency as that of a Paratha and a separate stuffing of mashed Potatoes Are made. The Stuffing is put inside balls of the batter and rolled with a rolling pin, and fried with Desi Ghee!

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Kanda Poha

Kanda means Onion, while Poha is a dish with flattened Rice. The flattened Rice is washed and softened before frying. It is then sautéed with Potato, Vegetables, Onions and Spices! This is then further tempered with Dry Chillies and Peanuts! It is an absolute delight to taste and barely takes minutes to cook!

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As one of those classic breakfast recipes, no one can deny their undeniable love for Upma. It is made by cooking Sooji with vegetables and tempered with Mustard Seeds and KalaJeera. Although now, all of this is much easier since pre-cooked varieties are available in the market today. There are packets available which need to be boiled in hot water before being served.



A list cannot be incomplete without the much loved Maggi. Hostel students survive on meals of Maggi for days on end and do not complain. Being the easiest to cook, it takes a little more than 2 minutes! For a little variety, you can make this with Veggies and Spices and even additions like Paneer or Cheese!


Aloo Sandwich

Aloo Sandwich is a classic but simple dish which requires a stuffing with Potatoes. The Potatoes are stuffed with the bread which is then grilled on a flame to produce the much-desired Aloo Sandwich.



Khichdi is a meal for a rainy day! Being extremely easy to cook, it is used to be one of the dishes one learnt to cook before Maggi existed. For the easiest method of preparation, all you need to do is add Rice and Dal in the pressure cooker with the appropriate amount of Water and Salt, and you will have this delicious dish! Even with such simplistic ingredients, Khichdi tastes amazing especially when it is topped off with ghee and served with Pickle and Papad.


Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a holiday meal for all of us. A simplistic Bhaji is prepared with mashed Potatoes, Spices, Tomatoes,Onions, Bell Peppers and Chillies. The Bhaji is then served with Buns which are toasted with butter on a Tawa. This delightful combination is easy to prepare and serve!


Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is the Indian answer to one bowl continental meals. For this dish, Kidney Beans are pre-soaked before preparation and cooked with Onions, Tomatoes, and Spices in a pressure cooker. It is cooked in a pressure cooker to ensure that the beans are cooked as they are quite hard and would otherwise require a lot of cooking time. This delectable Rajma curry is then served with steaming hot Rice.


Kadhi Chawal

Kadhi Chawal is another one bowl meal of India. To make this, the Kadhi is prepared which is a Gravy with Koftas. The Koftas are none other than a fried ball of batter which is made from Chickpea flour and Yoghurt. The Koftas are then cooked in a Yoghurt based Gravy and served with hot Rice.


Luchi- Alurdom

The most common festival dish of West Bengal, Luchi Alur Dom is an absolute delight. Lucchi is the Bengali alternative to Puri which is prepared with a batter of flour and not rice flour. Alur Dom is the Bengali alternative to Dumaloo which is a little spicy and provided contrast to the crunchy Luchis.



Litti- Chokha, a favourite from Bihar is a dish, where Litti which is a Dollop of fried Sattu in a ball is served with simplistic yet tasty Aloo Chokha.



The Rajasthani delight, Dal- Bati- Churma is a dish with three main constituents. The Bati is round ball like thing which has to be broken and eaten along with piping hot Dal and sweet Churma.



The Gujarati delicacy Dhokla is a classic Indian snack and has many varieties now. It is commonly available and very fulfilling. The finished product is usually served with tempered Curry Leaves, Mustard Seeds, Grated Coconut and Dry Chillies and a Sweet Chutney.



Dabeli is a common Chaat dish which is indigenous to both Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is easily available in most of the Chaat stores in Mumbai.


Chilly Paneer

As the vegetarian rendition of the famous Chilly Chicken, Chilly Paneer has a huge fan following amongst the vegetarians in the country.


Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is a Bengali dish which is the preparation of Potatoes with Poppy Seeds. This dish is so delightful that people of other cultures are also a huge fan of it.


Tamarind Rice

Tamarind Rice is a common South Indian dish where the rice is cooked much like a Pulau except with different flavours. The Tamarind is the hero of the dish which makes this dish a little too tangy and sour for many!



The famous CholeBhature is a combination of the huge Puri otherwise known as Bhatura and is served with a side of lip-smackingly delicious Choley!