20 Dishes Girls Make By Their Own In Banasthali University

20 Dishes Girls Make By Their Own In Banasthali University


Maggie is the favourite dish of students all over the world. The students of Banasthali also makes late night Maggie and have it with all their friends. The recipe is made in two ways; one is soupy Maggie and the other is the veggie Maggie. The veggie Maggie takes time to get ready that why mostly Banasthalites prefer soupy Maggie. The veggie soup is added to it add boiled with Maggie and served hot with some snacks.



Pasta is an Italian food well-known in India. It is the dish of choice for all college students. The Cheese Pasta is the dish loved by all in Banasthali. It is a quick recipe made by the girls here in the campus. They only have to boil it and have to put some Indian spices to give it the flavour of India. The cheese improves its taste and it is served hot.


3.Aloo Pyaza

Aloo Pyaza is the simple vegetable or the type of Chutney which is made by the girls. The dish is made up of ingredients like the potato, tomato, and onion. The Sabzi also consists of the Indian spices and fresh green chillies. First of all the potato is boiled, then remaining ingredients are shallow fried in the desi ghee. After all the ingredients turn brown they are mixed. Then served hot with roti.


4.Tamatar Chutney

Tamatar Chutney is the Tomato Chutney. It is the dish which is made as a side dish. The recipe of Tamatar Chutney is very simple and is ready in 8-10 minutes. The ingredients needed in this are tomato and Indian spices. The tomato is cut into small pieces, and then in desi ghee, it is fried. Wait till the colour of the tomato becomes brown, after that the spices are added to it, and stir it for 1 minute. Then served hot with Butter Roti.

Tamatar Chutney

5.Tamatar Pyaaz

As the name of the dish says it is also a side dish but students eat it as a Sabzi. The vegetable is made up of the two basic ingredients, Tamatar and Pyaaj which means tomato and onion. The dish is served hot with the simple or butter roti. Both the ingredients are fried, and Indian spices are added to it.



Poha is also a simple dish made by the students in Banasthali. The Aloo Poha is the famous dish of Madhya Pradesh. The dish is made up of the ingredients like Poha, tomato, onion, potato and Indian spices. The Poha is soaked in water for some time, then the remaining ingredients are fried until it goes brown. Then the Poha is mixed with it and the Indian spices are sprinkled upon it. Then it is served hot with the sev.



Bhel is the simple snack which is all time favourite of all. It is an instant dish ready at the blink of an eye. The Bhel is made up of the ingredients like a different type of namkeen, onion, and tomato and lemon juice. All the ingredients are mixed and served with a cold drink or tea.


8.Sweet Corn

Corn is easily available in the market. After buying that, the Indian spices and the butter is added to it and mixed well. The hot sweet corn is ready to eat. The 2 minutes recipe is enjoyed by the students in Banasthali.



Pulao is the type of vegetarian rice made by the Banasthalites. The cooked rice is available in the mess; the only thing the girls have to do is that they have to make it spicy and tasty. The ingredients which are used for this are tomato and onion. The fresh green chillies and the coriander are added to it for more Indian flavour. Then Tamatar Pyaaz Chutney is made and it is mixed with rice. Your instant Pulao is ready.



Noodles are a very famous Chinese dish and very easy to make. Only the noodles take some time to boil, otherwise it is a recipe which is prepared in half an hour. The noodles are made up of the ingredients like all the seasonable veggies like tomato, onion, cabbage, capsicum, green chillies and the different types of sauces. The dish is served hot as an evening snack.


11.Fruit Chat

This is the perfect combination of health and taste. The dish is ready in 2 minutes. The Fruit Chat consists of the ingredients like all the seasonal fruits like apple, banana, kiwi, strawberry, mango, watermelon, etc. All the fruits are cut in small pieces, then it is served with the Chaat Masala sprinkled on it.


12.Bread Jam

The Bread Jam is instant universally constant food of the students. It’s method of preparation is very simple; only they have to apply the jam over bread. And it is 1 minute recipe eaten by all. The simplest dish can be made instantly. Generally, it is eaten in the morning as a breakfast. It is light and healthy.


13.Bread Roll

The typical Indian-style Bread Roll is made by the students. The Bhel is wrapped in the bread and served as an evening snack. The home made instant bread roll is loved by children. The dish is made by the students and doesn’t need to be hot. It is served at room temperature.


14.Aloo Chat

Aloo Chat is a simple recipe that is instantly made. This dish does not need cooking. Only the ingredients which are in need for the dish are boiled aloo, tamatar, onion and fresh green chillies. All the things are cut into small pieces and served with the sprinkles of Indian spices. Then it is eaten as an evening refreshment.



The soup is the light dish. It is served hot before dinner or lunch. By drinking soup, the digestive system starts working properly and then it generates hunger. The soup packets are available in the market in various flavours. Then it is boiled in water for 2-3 minutes and served hot.



Oats are one of the healthiest food of all time. Oats are available in different flavours in the market. The only thing you have to do is mixing it with water and boiling it. When it is boiling put some masala in it to make it tasty. When the texture becomes thick, serve it in a bowl hot.



The tea is made by almost all the students not only in Banasthali, but it is also made all over the country. Some people are so addicted to the tea that they need it twice or thrice a day. So they make it and enjoy it.



There are many Coffee lovers you will meet. They love coffee without any reason. Coffee increases the metabolism of the body but excessive coffee is dangerous to health. The coffee is made in two different ways, hot coffee and the cold coffee.


19.Bread Bhel

The Bread Bhel is also a very simple dish which is made by the students instantly. At the same time, the dish is very healthy to eat. The bread Bhel is made up of the ingredients like the seasonal salad onion, tomato, cucumber, etc. After cutting it into smaller pieces the mixture is mixed with the fresh bread crumbs, then it is served at room temperature.


20.Aloo Sandwich

Aloo Sandwich is also a dish which can be made instantly in the hostels. The best way which Banasthalite use to make the tasty sandwich is that. They prepare the Aloo Pyaaz Tamatar Sabzi and put it between slices of bread and shallow fried in desi ghee. The hot sandwiches are served with tomato ketchup.