Top 20 Street Foods In BurrabAzar, Kolkata

Top 20 Street Foods in BurrabAzar Kolkata
Top 20 Street Foods in BurrabAzar Kolkata

The city of Joy has a lot to offer when it comes to food, culture, and heritage. The best part about this place is the diversity in traditions and culture. Street foods in Kolkata are also very famous and one of the street foods hubs is the Burrabazar area. It is located very close to Howrah and is primarily influenced by the businessman. This place is known for its street food along with variety and quality. It has a perfect mix of antique shops and upcoming food ventures which makes it a must-visit for those who are in search of good delicacies.

1. Aloo Tikki Chat

A patty of potato which is deep-fried, crushed, and then mixed with curd, spices, chutneys, and sev. It is one of the signature dishes of the Tewari Brothers in Burrabazar. This place is ancient but still maintaining its quality and taste, which makes it popular among the people.Aloo-Tikki-Chaat61

2. Samosa

Samosas are common everywhere in India, but these samosas are not ordinary. An age-old secret recipe cooked to perfection in ghee. It is none other than Tewari Brothers. Thick and crisp outer covering with perfectly spiced mashed potatoes and aroma of garam masala, ginger makes it outstanding.61050397

3. Ghoti Garam

A street food which you will only find in the streets of Kolkata. Bhujiya spiced up with green chili, dry coconut, onion, dry mango, lots of spices and served warm. This is a go-to snack for everyone out here after a busy day at the office or market.1582111002-Ghoti-Gorom-2

4. Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji

The shop is located near Mahatma Gandhi Metro Station and is famous for buttery Pav Bhaji. Vegetables cooked with lots of spices, butter, served with onion and Pav. This place is serving Pav Bhaji for more than 30 years and has set a benchmark.group_3403_0

5. Suji Puchka 

In Kolkata, most places sell puchkas which are primarily made with wheat flour, but you can find Suji(semolina) puchka here. Deep-fried puris filled with spiced mashed potatoes and two types of flavored water. It gives puchka a different dimension which makes it worth craving for.8157ovBIchS._SX679_

6. Chilla

Kalakar Street is one of the prime locations at Burrabazar. Located here is a chilla seller who sells chilla made of moong-dal served with garlic chutney. The most striking feature of this is the simplicity. The chilies are burst of flavors and feel like a celebration in itself.besan-cheela

7. Kadhi-Kachori 

For over 100 years, Chunnilal Bhujiyawala is serving bhujiyas, kachoris, and samosas. Kadhi-kachori is the most popular dish here. Sour and tangy curry made out of besan served with crispy khasta kachori is a must-try. It is not very common in Kolkata but very popular.kachori_with_kadhi

8. Onion Kachori

In Amartalla, Ambika is very famous. It serves flaky kachoris stuffed with onion served with garlic and sweet chutney. The taste is traditional and no manipulations have been done whatsoever. The place is mainly influenced by the Marwari community, and hence this dish stands out amongst them.Pyaaz_Kachori

9. Badri Kachoriwala

This place serves peas kachori throughout the year. It is served with spicy potato curry with sour chutney on top. The stuffing is simple and a slight sweetness tinge in it makes it delicious. This place is situated in Sri Hari Ram Goenka

10. Bhel Puri

Puffed rice tossed with green-chilly, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onion, peanuts, coconut, sweet chutney(tamarind and dates) and lots of sev on top. It is very cheap, roughly around thirty rupees, and locals enjoy it a lot roaming in the streets of Kolkata.Bhel1

11. Bundiya 

Kaligodam at Central Avenue is famous for both sweets and savory items. The dish that trends the most is Bundiya. It is dipped in saffron-flavored sugar syrup served hot with bhujiya. It is sweet and savory (bhujiya) at the same time.Sweet_Boondi__Meethi_Boondi

12. Gulab Pak

This sweet is made out of khoya flavored with rose petals and syrup. It is sold at Kandoi Sweets in Canning Street. This place is also old. It also serves Urad dal ladoo which is also very tasty. Sweets made from chenna are mostly popular in Kolkata but this dish has its charisma.Gulab-pak-e1528877693849

13. Gajar Ka Halwa

It is located at Amartalla. Panditji Halwawale sells gajar ka halwa during the winters. Pudding with lots of dry fruits and ghee. The shop sells Lassi throughout the year which is also very famous. It is run by a very sweet older man and we hope he continues to serve the delicious halwa.gajar-ka-halwa-recipe-848×424

14. Changani Kachori

This place is also very famous for its crisp, flaky club kachoris. Perfectly spiced potato curry with bhujiya and chutney on top is a must-try. It is located in the Jorasanko area. People come here to try their delicacies from a very long distance. It holds a special place in people’s (1)

15. Yadav Milk Supply

Located in Narayan Prasad Lane. It serves Mathura’s traditional Malai roll. It is made with unsweetened malai with a stuffing of mawa. They do not add extra sweetness, which makes the flavor and texture tremendous. The originality that they have maintained is outstanding.


16. Kulfi

Tewari Brothers is one of the most popular joints and needs no introduction. Kesari Kulfi is one of the popular desserts here. It is served with falooda and rose sharbat. The richness of slowly cooked milk, flavored with saffron, dry fruits is terrific.thumb__700_0_0_0_auto

17. Ralli’s Kulfi 

It is one of the showrooms of Ralli’s. It serves tasty milkshakes of different flavors. It is very good in maintain hygiene, taste and texture. This place has a lot to offer to those who love desserts. It also can maintain the diversity in flavors which is impeccable.C7F4525D-BE57-4A88-AA55-5F74746288CF

18. Sukla Pan

Pan is West Bengal is very famous. Both traditional and sweet pan is famous here. Betel-leaf stuffed with different spices, gulkand, and mini candies. It is very tasty and popular mostly among the aged people consisting of businessmen, traders, and (2)

19. Pappu Sandwich

This shop is famous for sandwiches, burgers. There is a lot of variety of sandwiches. Soft buttery bread with tasty sauces and chutney. It has a substantial hold over the market here and people love their food here.unnamed

20. Gopal Kulfiwala

Located at Mahatma Gandhi Road, this places traditional malai kulfi. They also make different flavors like orange and mango but one has to order it in advance. Kulfis are filled with lots of richness and goodness.2021-03-08